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Large Felt Tipped Striker
Sale price$24.98
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Linen Singing Bowl Cushion
Sale price$24.98
The Little Ohmies Cushions
Sale price$16.98
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The Galaxy BundleThe Galaxy Bundle

Inner Space

Moon in Sun

The Galaxy Bundle
Sale price$295.00 Regular price$325.00
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Cosmic Connection
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The Infinity BowlThe Infinity Bowl


The Infinity Bowl
Sale price$119.97
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Bright Toned Handheld Bronze Bowl
Size: 3.9 in
A Masterpiece, Blending Crystal and Tibean Copper
Size: 6 in
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Singing Bowl CourseSinging Bowl Course
Singing Bowl Course
Sale priceFrom $125.00 Regular price$150.00
13 reviews
The Motherhood Bowl
Sale price$665.00
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The Mother's Path
Size: 9 in
7 Bowl Curated Chakra Set
Sale price$3,200.00
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5 Palo Santo Sticks
Sale price$25.00
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Sandalwood Incense
Sale price$28.00
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Ginger Pear Incense
Sale price$28.00
Tomato Leaf Incense
Sale price$28.00
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Olive Branch Incense
Sale price$28.00
Summer Scent Incense
Sale price$28.00
White Sage and Lavender
Sale price$21.00
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White Sage and Orange
White Sage and Orange
Sale price$22.00
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Balance Bundle Plus MalaBalance Bundle Plus Mala



Balance Bundle Plus Mala
Sale price$95.97 Regular price$103.97
47 reviews
Complete Balance
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Open-Heart BundleOpen-Heart Bundle


Open-Heart Bundle
Sale price$77.97 Regular price$84.94
12 reviews
Open Mind, Calm Hard
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The Buddha and The OriginalThe Buddha and The Original



The Buddha and The Original
Sale price$79.97 Regular price$88.00
24 reviews
A Bright Duo