Our Story

This Is Our Story

The Ohm Store is a collection of handcrafted products that are intended to bring peace and connection to the lives of our customers.

We hope that The Ohm Store will bring a level of richness to your life and add a new dimension to your mindfulness practice. We wish for our products to bring a spark of joy from the other side of the world and remind you that we are all one great big world family.

Brother and Sister, Frank and Nikki Mocerino founded The Ohm Store in 2015 when they partnered with an artisan in Kathmandu, Nepal to bring ancient mindfulness modalities to the modern world.

For eight years leading up to the Ohm Store’s launch, Nikki and Frank experienced a series of escalating physical ailments that ultimately lead to Frank being bedridden for months at a time and Nikki struggling for her own health while supporting her older brother.

Their real life experiences of tremendous physical and emotional pain set them down the path of putting their health back together. This journey taught them valuable lessons, which became the foundation of The Ohm Store’s mission and purpose.

Physical health is strongly influenced by our emotional and spiritual state. As disease states unfolded, Frank and Nikki were able to trace back each major physical breakdown to emotional and spiritual dysfunction. Simply put, chronic worrying and stress, lack of full self expression, lying, hiding, not meaning what one says or saying what one doesn’t mean can pollute our emotions. Being mentally, emotionally and spiritually unwell was a recipe for physical degradation.

Technology’s promise to connect us can actually lead to real life isolation.  Although we can be in contact with hundreds or even thousands of people through social media, Frank and Nikki got the message that this is not a substitute for real life tribe building. During Frank’s darkest period, the only contact he had with people was through text messages and social media. Isolation and disease caused him to feel unworthy, weak and ashamed, leading to further isolation. It wasn’t until he was no longer able to take care of himself and had to move back into the family home that he realized the healing power of togetherness in real life. 

The things we touch, touch us. We are living in a time where gigantic companies are commoditizing everything in the world. As they are pushing for more automation and outsourcing the creation of every product to mass production in factories, we can end up living in a world of soul-less, faceless and potentially worthless items that are made to be cheap rather than last and provide value for generations to come. Frank and Nikki decided to invest in products that passed through the hands of individual artisans, and then made the move to bring these types of products to the world at scale. 

Going beyond its purpose as a powerful mindfulness tool, the singing bowl brought Frank and Nikki a sense of connectedness to something bigger.

There was something inspiring about practicing a Nepalese mindfulness ritual with a singing bowl that was hand-hammered by someone 7000 miles away. You feel connected to the artisans, real people who put thought and effort into every item they produce.

Wanting to share this feeling of connectedness with the world, the siblings began looking for different mindfulness rituals from around the world. Rituals that would help cut through the clutter, technological or otherwise, of life and allow people to enjoy the present moment.

Our purpose is to support people's spiritual development by sharing mindfulness rituals from different parts of the world. In today's environment it's easy to lose ourselves and be constantly looking for the next "thing" to keep us occupied.

It's not until we take a second apart from the hustle to enjoy the simple beauty of a  moment that we realize that's what we were missing all along, being present. Our mission is to empower 1,000,000 people over the next 5 years to establish a daily mindfulness practice, using tools and methods we bring to you from around the globe.

Our mission is to create a ripple effect in the way people relate to themselves and each other. 1,000,000 human beings each passing along their sense of peace, empathy and love to even just one person a day can change our world for the better. This, we humbly strive for each day. 

Real People. Real Products.

We're blessed to have 89 artisans helping to bring the vision of Ohm together, each one of them adding their own human touch to our Singing Bowls, Lokta Journals, and other mindfulness products. We believe that the quirks and subtleties in all of us are what make us beautifully unique. Our products are the same; beautifully imperfect.