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Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions. Have a question not answered? Send us a message.

There is no right way to choose a singing bowl, rather, let the singing bowl choose you!

Our humble suggestion is to close your eyes, and listen to the recording of each bowl, paying attention to what you feel, and where in your body you feel it. I think you may find that one will speak more loudly to you than the others. On each product page, you will find a sound recording of that bowl.

And don't worry about making a poor decision - we have a lifetime guarantee, so if you buy a bowl and find it's not the one for you, we will make the return and exchange until we get you the right one!

We offer a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on every single product we sell. Our aim is that with some gentle maintenance of your bowl, it should last a lifetime -- and we stand behind this idea

Just like you, we are consumers. And we have experienced the feeling of “being burned’ by receiving a product that we didn’t enjoy, and then getting stuck with it. We will never let you “feel stuck” with something that does not exceed your expectations.

Our bowls typically arrive in 3-5 days time. 

Because of this, our fulfillment center will not pack and process your order for 12 hours after you receive it. This gives you a window of time to correct any address or order errors. If you have an error, you can email us directly at and we will gladly help you out! 

Special notes are welcome; our customers LOVE giving our products as gifts. As of now, the best way to do this is to email us after you order at and let us know what you’d like us to include in the content of the note! 

We cannot currently offer gift wrapping, but it’s coming! For now, if you are seeking to give something as a gift, our Original Ohm has an option to be purchased with a gorgeous handmade lokta gift box. The Truth and Om set also comes with a handmade lokta gift box. 

Absolutely! Just email us at and we’ll gladly remove the receipt from your gift.

As of right now, our standard fulfillment from ordering on the website only ships to the US. 

Fear not! If you live outside of the US and desire one of our bowls, please email us at and we will work personally with you to get your one of our products. 

Yes! Our team of artisans are highly skilled, and we are more than happy to accomodate special requests and custom bowls. 

If you would like to talk about a custom bowl for a gift, special occasion or because you require something that is not part of our standard offering, email us at and we will gladly work with you. 

Our singing bowls are made in Kathmandu, Nepal. Every one of our bowls is hand-hammered by our partner-artisans in Kathmandu.

Our original ohm, buddha bowl, truth and om and lingam bowls are made from brass. The ancient self ohm and sunset bowls are made from pure bronze. 

The nature of a bowl that is hand-hammered for a very friendly price, is that it is not expertly tuned to a specific frequency. Each bowl is inspected by hand and the hammering process is complete, and is tested for purity of sound quality. You can hear a sample of our bowl being struck on this product listing, and can also watch videos (and listen to them) of some of our customers playing the bowls. 

Our team in Nepal is hard at work on a project of being able to make expertly tuned bowls at scale, so please stay tuned for this!

“Machine-made” bowl is actually a misnomer. None of our singing bowls are created in a machine. For the brass bowls, which include the Original Ohm, The Buddha bowl, The Lingam Bowl and The Truth and Ohm bowl, brass is super-heated beyond its melting point. One at a time, they are poured into an iron forge (not unlike a waffle maker) to give the bowl it’s distinct shape. The bowl is then removed and allowed to cool. A “machine” is used to create the distinctive rings around the rim of the bowl, to engrave, as well as to shine the bowl. The end process of hand hammering the bowl is done one-at-a-time, and is by hand. 

The Ancient Self Ohm and the Sunset Bowls do not use a mold, the bronze is a type of metal that requires 100% hand beating and hand shaping of the bowl.

Fair trade is a program that various agencies offer, and it is a pay-to-play certification. The question that we ask ourselves is “How can we invest in communities, create jobs and be more than certain that our entire team in Nepal is being paid a fair wage for their money. After lengthy conversations with our team managers in Nepal over the last 4 years, the way that we can provide all of these things is to create regular, continuous and reliable work opportunities to keep artisans employed in these traditional trades. It is a self-selecting process. If our teams are not making competitive wages in great working conditions, they often will have to leave their families to travel to other countries for different styles of work. Paying our workers the best wages is the only way for us. 

Each craft is specific to a given region, with certain regions focusing on etching and engraving, others working on the creation of smoke-based-ink, and others on the tuning and hammering of these bowls. Each bowl is truly an amalgamation of different crafts, passing through many expert hands to get to yours.

First, do not use artificial cleansers and scrubs that you’ve got around the house! These can be damaging to the delicate sound potential your bowl carries. 

Use the third dry towel to gently buff the bowl, and be sure to remove all traces of water

If you are thinking about purchasing your first singing bowl, or starting a practice with a bowl you already own, congratulations! 

In addition to this, you will receive a guide upon your order and you can check out the video tutorial we made in partnership with one of our brand ambassadors here:

Maybe you’ve been to a friend’s house and they’ve pulled out their bowl. Or you’ve heard a recording of one and thought “maybe I’d like one.” And maybe you’ve even been to a sound bath performed by a master practitioner and decided you’d like to have one of these objects in your home. 

This is the best thing ever and I’m totally obsessed with how it looks, how it sounds and the way it somehow brings out the silliest and fun bonding moments with my daughters. From teaching them to find their own sound to using it as as an instrument while one of daughter sings on a mic and we both dance around horribly and beautifully and experience that pure joy that’s often hard to find in life.

While every bowl of the same type will generally sound very close to the resonance, and look very similar, each of a hand-hammered bowl that you choose to watch over will be unique in it’s own way.

Since each of these bowls are made by the hands of numerous artisans, they will each take on their own characteristics and personality.

Beyond just the process of making them, temperature, light and other factors will influence how they sound and how they look.

We believe this is a representation of us, as humans, and is why we are so passionate about sourcing items made by hand to the world. Their uniqueness can teach us about ourselves.

While the bowls are made by the same people, working in a rhythmic fashion, each bowl will exert its uniqueness through slightly different shapes and markings.