Singing Bowls

We believe there is no right way to choose a singing bowl, rather - let the singing bowl choose you!

Our humble suggestion is to close your eyes, and listen to the recording of each bowl, paying attention to what you feel, and where in your body you feel it.  You will likely find that one speaks more loudly to you than the others. You can hear a sample sound clip on each individual product description page. 

Just in case you need a little more guidance - check out our YouTube Channel and these great Blog Posts: Singing Bowl Personalities , How to Choose a Singing Bowl , Why Are Singing Bowls Used?

And don't worry about making the “wrong” decision - we honor our 100% Love it Promise, a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on every single product! So if you receive a bowl and find it's not the one for you, we will make the return or exchange it to be sure you get the right one!

Watch this video to learn more! 

Maybe you have been to a friend's house and their singing bowl caught your eye (or ears!). Or, perhaps you heard a recording and thought “I think I want one of those!” Maybe you have even been to a Sound Bath performed by a master practitioner and decided you would benefit from incorporating a Singing Bowl into your daily routine.

In our 5 years of experience bringing singing bowls to the western world from Nepal, we have had the distinct pleasure of seeing all types of people use our bowls, and in all sorts of ways. 

Here are a handful of quick examples from people, just like you, and how they have chosen to use their singing bowls:

“I bought a singing bowl to use with students during a Godly Play session (hands on bible storytelling). I am the Director of a Preschool and wanted a way to help preschoolers settle and be ready to listen to the story. 

The singing bowl is mesmerizing to them and they almost immediately sit still and listen. It has worked wonders and now the children look forward to coming into the room to hear the singing bowl and then the story. 

Many of the parents have asked about it since their children come home talking about it. Amazing resource for teachers. 

Every morning I have a routine of reading three daily devotionals from different writers. Afterwards, I take my singing bowl and make a joyful noise to the Lord as I am praying.”

“I love how it will make the sound go up into my arm… I am delighted with my singing bowl. I have incorporated ten minutes of the bowl sounding into my daily practice. I believe it assists me in staying present in the moment andI have read it helps to raise vibrations.

What I do know is that my practice has deepened and I feel more relaxed immediately. My singing Bowl is a symbol of peace and love.”

“I created a class called Mindful Movement where I teach mindfulness, yoga & mini-meditation to children in my school, ages: Preschool thru 6th grade.

I have been using a small singing bowl in conjunction with working with the kids! I am graduating from a 200 hour yoga teacher training on Friday and these are gifts from myself and fellow classmates to our 2 teachers.

These ladies and students have truly taught us the beauty of being perfectly imperfect. With that said, I just felt that these 2 bowls were the perfect fit. I now feel that much more confident in my choice!”

“I purchased the bowl for my yoga class I teach. I get a beautiful sound when I hit the outside with the mallet, and I play this sound during savasana.”

“ I just purchased one of your Tibetan singing bowls, and it is wonderful! Such a great tone!

Even my Reiki Master-Teacher loves it, and she has several of her own.”

“I am a Mandarin Chinese teacher who just purchased the Original Ohm Bowl to use as a calming influence with my overly-stressed students.

This little bowl fits very well into my evening routine and I am VERY pleased with my purchase.”

“I had never used a bowl before. But within moments of opening this package, I was enjoying the ritualistic tactile experience of prolonging a resonant tone with small simple movements.

It really has an addictive quality! If you have room in your life for such a small but impacting item, this is the real deal.”

“OHMG, I'm so happy with my bowl. I was able to play it right out of the box and I had the most awesome experience afterwards. I raised the vibration in my house and charged my crystals. An hour later, I could still hear the tone in my ear and I went over to my meditation area where I had charged my crystals and they were all vibrating!”

“Wow, I had never experienced this before. I noticed that I have been very happy over the last couple of days and it has to be because I raised my vibrations and I have felt really good.

This is the best thing ever and I’m totally obsessed with how it looks, how it sounds and the way it somehow brings out the silliest and fun bonding moments with my daughters!

From teaching them to find their own sounds, to using it  as an instrument while one of my daughters sings on a mic and we both dance around horribly and beautifully and experience that pure joy that’s often hard to find in life.”

Absolutely, yes! We are constantly doing our best to keep our community updated with as much information and as many resources that we can make available! 

To start, here is our Guide for you!

This is our How-to-Play Video with our friend, Mindful Luna. You can also find this video and many more on our YouTube Channel for some additional videos and resources (including a How-To-Play video en Español!)

Additionally, our Blog offers a library of resources! 

We love this article on our Blog about Getting Acquainted With Your New Singing Bowl, you might find this helpful to read before you begin!  You will find several other helpful articles on the Blog like "Getting to Know Your Singing Bowl" and "You Just Can't Do Them Wrong" while you’re there! 

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Our singing bowls are made in Kathmandu, Nepal. Every one of our bowls is hand-hammered by our artisan-partners in Kathmandu.

The Tree of Life and Inner Space bowl begin their journey in India and are finished in Nepal. 

Watch this video to see more!

Each singing bowl has its own product description page where you can find exactly what material that specific bowl is made from. Most of our smaller bowls (5” and smaller) are made from Brass, and the larger (6” and bigger) sized bowls are made from Bronze.

“Machine-made” bowl is actually a misnomer. None of our singing bowls are created in a machine.

To begin, the brass used in our smaller bowls is super-heated beyond its melting point. Then, one at a time, they are poured into an iron forge (not unlike a waffle maker) to give the bowl its distinct shape. 

The bowl is then removed and allowed to cool. Later, a “machine” is used to create the distinctive rings around the rim of the bowl, to engrave, as well as to shine the bowl.  

To finish, each bowl is completed one at a time by hand-hammering the final details.

For our larger sized bowls, the bronze being used is a type of metal that requires 100% of the work to be done by hand- shaping and hand-hammering the bowl. Some of the larger sized singing bowls will take over 8 hours for an artisan to complete a single bowl! 

Watch this video to see more!

Definitely! Each singing bowl from The Ohm Store will be accompanied by a cushion and striker similar to that shown on the product description page/photos. 

If you believe your singing bowl came without a cushion - take a look inside the bowl underneath the bubble wrap! That’s where they like to hide :-) and of course, if it’s definitely not there - please email us at so we can send you one asap!

While every bowl of the same type will generally look and sound very close to the sample sound clip, each hand-hammered singing bowl that you choose will be unique in its own way.

Due to the nature of these bowls being made by the hands of numerous artisans, they will each take on their own characteristics and personalities and sound. Although these singing bowls are made by the same team of artisans, working in a rhythmic fashion, each individual bowl will exert its uniqueness through slightly different shapes and markings.

Beyond just the process of making them; temperature, light, humidity and other factors will influence how they sound and how they look. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that the bowl you receive will sound exactly the same as the sample clip on our website.

We believe this is a representation of us, as humans, and is why we are so passionate about sourcing items made by hand to share with the world. Their uniqueness and imperfections can teach us a lot about ourselves!

At this time, our bowls are not specifically tuned to any note or frequency. The nature of a bowl that is hand-hammered for a very friendly price will be that it is not expertly tuned to a specific frequency. 

You can hear a sample of our bowl being struck on each product listing and you can watch videos of all of our bowls being played on our YouTube Channel and Instagram Page. Every bowl is inspected by hand after the hammering process is complete and is tested for purity of sound quality. 

Each singing bowl that we make is 100% unique and made by the loving hands of one of our artisans. Due to the nature of this handmade process, all sound captured on our website are samples only and may be slightly different than your own special bowl. 

In fact, we have come to find our bowls will often play several different notes based on how hard and where you tap it and also if you play by circling around the rim vs. tapping like a bell. It can be such a fun discovery process once you receive your new singing bowl at home!

It is important (and interesting!) to know that, beyond just the process of making them; temperature, light, humidity, the striker, and other factors may influence how they sound or play at any particular time.

For these reasons, we cannot guarantee that the bowl you receive will sound exactly like the photo or sound sample on our website. Every singing bowl we share with the world will be one of a kind.

We completely understand how important the sound of each bowl will be a personal experience and will honor our 100% Love it Promise to you – so if you receive a bowl and find it's not the sound or tone you hoped for, we will make the return and exchange until we get you the right one!

If you are interested in learning more about singing bowls and Chakra connections, we recommend downloading a free tuner app to discover the note of your personal singing bowl at home and then checking out our blog on Singing Bowls and the Seven Chakras Connection.

The short answer is, yes! You are able to put water into your bowls. We have found that this usually works best in singing bowls that are 6” or larger in order to really witness the vibrations of sound in the dancing water.

Many people do this for all sorts of reasons that make sense to them. We have these great videos on our Reels and  Instagram Page with additional information if you'd like to check it out! 

If you do choose to play your singing bowl with water, be sure to dry completely when finished to 

prevent any staining from happening.

The scripture inside our Ancient Self, Purity, Inner Space, Dharma and Moon in Sun bowls is Sanskrit for "Om Mani Padme Hum" which is a Buddhist chant that translates to  "Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus." 

𝐎𝐌 - Symbolizes the practitioner’s impure body, speech, and mind. ⁣⁣And the path to transform into pure body, speech and mind is indicated by the next four syllables. ⁣⁣

𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈 (meaning jewel) - Symbolizes the factor of method. ⁣⁣The altruistic intention to become enlightened, compassionate, and loving. ⁣⁣Just as a jewel is capable of removing poverty, the altruistic mind of enlightenment is capable of removing the difficulties of cyclic existence.⁣⁣

𝐏𝐀𝐃𝐌𝐄 (meaning lotus) - Symbolizes wisdom.⁣⁣ Just as a lotus grows from mud but is not tarnished by the faults of mud, so wisdom is capable of putting you in a situation of non-contradiction where as there would be contradiction if you did not have wisdom. ⁣⁣There is wisdom realizing impermanence, wisdom realizing that persons are empty of self-sufficient existence, wisdom that realizes the emptiness of duality, and wisdom that realizes the emptiness of inherent existence. ⁣⁣

𝐇𝐔𝐌 - Indicates indivisibility. ⁣⁣This indivisibility of method and wisdom refers to one consciousness in which there is a full form of both wisdom affected by method and method affected by wisdom. ⁣⁣

You can also see some of this information and more on our Instagram Post and Reel

The simple (not so simple) answer is, no. Most of our suede wrapped strikers are made from animal product or a synthetic blend. The red felt-tipped mallets are made of wool. 

We really understand how important this issue is and are completely open to hearing your voice in the matter. 

Our aim is to do better every day and are actively working towards making options available to our vegan friends and family.

We are not doctors or certified to make any specific health recommendations.

If you are interested in hearing the sounds and see how they might feel in your body, we recommend listening to the singing bowls on our website and experimenting with which feels best to you! You can listen to all of our bowls here

Please consult a doctor before doing this if you are concerned in any way regarding your personal health.

You may also enjoy reading our 5 Part ‘Healing Sound’ Blog Series starting with How Sound Impacts The Body to learn more! 

We honor our 100% Love it Promise, so if the singing bowl you choose doesn't work in the way that you had envisioned, we will work together to coordinate a return or exchange. Let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at - we are here for you!

Fair trade is a program that various agencies offer, and it is a pay-to-play certification.

The question that we ask ourselves is: “How can we invest in communities, create jobs and be more than certain that our entire team in Nepal is being paid a fair wage for their money?”

Over the past 6 years, there have been many lengthy discussions with our team managers in Nepal regarding our artisans there. We have come to agree that creating consistent and reliable opportunities for our artisans to remain employed, while serving the world their generational trades and skills, is overall what is most important to everyone involved. 

In 2021and 20222, we raised our prices in order to continue paying our artisans competitive wages while providing great working conditions and will continue to do so as needed along the way.

Shipping and Returns

Our standard shipping time frame is 7-10 business days. We also offer an expedited 2-3 day shipping option for an additional cost. 

Please note, our warehouse does not ship on the weekends. Purchases made on Saturday or Sunday with expedited shipping will ship first thing on Monday. 

See additional Shipping information here.

We require you to share either your email address or phone number at checkout and depending on what information you chose to share with us - that is where you will find your confirmation details!

If you are unable to locate the confirmation emails in your primary inbox, please double check your spam folder and text messages, first.

In the case that you still cannot find this information, please contact us at

We honor our 100% Love it Promise, a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on every single product we sell. Our aim is that, with some gentle maintenance of your bowl, it should last a lifetime -- and we stand behind this idea.

See our Refund Policy here.

As of right now, we are only able to ship within the United States directly from our website.  

If you live outside of the US and desire anything from The Ohm Store, please email us with the exact items and best shipping address to and we can help you out! 

See additional Shipping information here.

Our Saturn and Jupiter Bowls will be shipped directly to you from Nepal via DHL. Delivery typically takes around 3 weeks. 

If you need to manage your DHL delivery please visit: and follow the necessary steps to make any changes or update your address.

See additional Shipping information here.

You can absolutely leave a personalized Gift Note! We love that you want to leave your special person something sweet to read in addition to receiving a beautiful new singing bowl!! You will find that Gift Note option available at checkout.

Please keep in mind, The Ohm Store will not receive the messages left in this box and should be specifically for Gift Notes. Discounts or promo codes entered into this box will not be applied at checkout. Any support or delivery related questions/concerns will need to be resolved by contacting us at

The price is not included on our packing slips! The only information printed on our packing slips will be the name, shipping address and item(s) included in the package. 

At this time, we are unable to offer gift wrapping. However, we do have two great gifting options available: The Original Ohm with Gift Box and Truth Ohm and Journal Set that are packaged in a handmade Lotka Gift Box and perfect for Holidays and special occasions.

Customer Service

If you wish to cancel an order please email us at as soon as possible! We will try our best to cancel the order and stop it from getting processed by our fulfillment center - we process orders daily so that we can guarantee timely shipping.  

Please note: we cannot cancel an order once it has already been shipped. You would have to return the package after delivery.

At this time, we do not have a physical store location and may not always be immediately available by phone. In this digital era, we are grateful to have the opportunity to work remotely and be the creators of our own unique, harmonious and balanced lives. 

Your happiness is our priority and we are available to support you during reasonable business hours Monday through Friday. Emailing us at is the best way to contact us regarding any questions or concerns and the fastest way to receive a response.

Our team is highly skilled and trained to fully support you via email at and will be happy to assist you! If required, we will absolutely be able to schedule a time to speak with you on the phone.

Product Care

First and most importantly –  do not use artificial cleansers and scrubs that you might have around the house! These can be extremely damaging to the delicate sound and potential your singing bowl carries. 

How To Clean Your Singing Bowl:

1.) Fill one bowl with water and gently squeeze lemon juice into the water

2.) Fill a second bowl with pure, slightly warm water

3.) Grab 3 clean towels

4.) Submerge the first towel in the bowl with water and lemon juice and wring the towel out well. Use this to clean the areas that may have become dirty or dusty

5.) Submerge the second towel in the bowl with just warm water and wring the towel out well. The key here is to remove all of the citric acid from the lemon that may be on the bowl from the first towel

6.) Use the third towel to gently buff and dry the bowl, be sure to remove all traces of water and completely dry the bowl to prevent any water stains from happening