Guide: How To Choose A Singing Bowl

Guide: How To Choose A Singing Bowl

A complete guide, on how to choose the perfect singing bowl. 

Most people have found The Ohm Store because they’ve simply heard the sound of a bowl and have become intrigued.

Choosing the right bowl is a personal journey, and we're here to guide you through the process. If beyond this article you'd like to speak more with us, please email us at for a personal consultation or join one of our weekly live events on Facebook. 

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A Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Singing Bowl from The Ohm Store

Authentic singing bowls are specialty musical instruments and playable works of art.

Their tone, their form and their very presence can evoke transcendent feelings

Handmade bronze singing bowls, in particular, are crafted in Kathmandu, Nepal and represent a nearly lost art form.

Most people have found The Ohm Store because they’ve simply heard the sound of a bowl and have become intrigued.

Choosing the right bowl is a personal journey, and we're here to guide you through the process. If beyond this article you'd like to speak more with us, please email us at for a personal consultation or join one of our weekly live events on Facebook. 

The Elegance of Choice

At The Ohm Store, our singing bowls have been made exclusively for you, by our long-time partners in Nepal.

A singing bowl is not a commodity, the same everywhere you can purchase it. As with most things in our life, the quality is determined by the skill of the people making them.

The work we do at The Ohm Store is one of collaboration and curation.

Each bowl is a work of art, designed by the Ohm Store Team, and brought to life by master craftsmen in Nepal.

The curation we do is a filtering process; we ensure that only the best bowls make it to our beloved customers.

The Types of Singing Bowls

The two main groups of singing bowls are crystal singing bowls and metal singing bowls.

Crystal singing bowls are made in proprietary processes involving the super-heating of quartz crystal and often the infusion of various types of minerals, gemstones and metals into them.

These bowls are known for big amplitude (loud sound), clear and focused tones and being a bit delicate to their nature.

Metal singing bowls have two main types; cast brass bowls and handmade bronze singing bowls.

Cast brass bowls are nice, bright instruments often available for price point under $50. Brass is a “harder” metal than bronze, and so cannot be fully handmade as the bowls are brittle and crack under serious hammering.

Bronze singing bowls, and particularly bell metal bronze singing bowls have been the dedicated mission of the Ohm Store.

Bell metal bronze is the term for the specific type of bronze alloy used in the making of these bowls. The ratio is one of 77% copper and 23% tin – this specific combination is known for producing the best sounding singing bowls.

A bronze bowl starts with a “disc” of bronze, that is then held over an open fire and heated and hammered, heated and hammered until it takes the shape that we’re looking for.

From there, the bowl can be finished in a variety of ways that create different looks for different bowls. The finishes can include: polishing to create a shine, applications of chemical solutions to darken or lighten the alloy and a variety of etchings, engravings or carvings.

Sometimes, bowls can be painted as well.

What about 7 Metals?

The idea of modern singing bowls being made with "a blend of 7 auspicious metals," is unfortunately a myth! The Ohm store has sent singing bowl for chemical composition analysis and have never discovered a modern bowl being made from the blend of 7 auspicious metals. 

The tonal quality of the most resonant singing bowls is made from bell metal bronze!

On The “Tuning” Of Bowls

Bronze singing bowls cannot be “made” or “tuned” to a specific frequency or particular musical note. 

There are general guidelines that hold true, like: 

  • The larger the bowl is, the lower and deeper the frequency will be as measured in hz
  • The smaller the bowl, the higher the frequency will be. 
  • Thicker rimmed bowls often have less “overtones”

The process of understanding what tone and frequency your bowl plays at, is one of discovery AFTER the fact of receiving your bowl. 

How To Choose A Bowl

The best way to choose your future singing bowl is simple; listen to the recorded sound samples on our website and pay attention to the way each bowl makes you feel. 

It’s a process of letting the bowl choose you, rather than you choosing the bowl. 

If it helps, it’s a bit like finding music you love. In the discovery process of music, you wouldn’t create a formulaic process like “I like when music has a lot of A Tones.” 

You like music, simply because it enchants you upon hearing it. 

The same is true of singing bowls, the sounds must move you in some way. 

Beyond loving the sound, there are practical considerations like 

  • Choosing a size that resonates with your space and the depth of sound you desire.
  • Selecting a bowl whose design and aesthetics you enjoy. It will be in your space and must add to your environment in all aspects. 
  • A price-point that works for you

It’s worth noting that singing bowls are heirloom quality items, one-time investments that will often last beyond your lifetime.

There are ways to purchase these items, like “Shop Pay” at checkout that allows you to pay in interest free installments. 

In a moment, we’ll turn into specific bowls, before that there are a couple main points to consider when choosing from The Ohm Store. 

Understanding Bowl Types

You will be able to choose from the following: 

  1. Individual Bronze Bowls – Part of our Regular Collection

These bowls are sold individually, and can often be the only singing bowl you ever purchase. 

Made in limited-runs of 10-150 at a time, these bowls are not “tuned” to a specific frequency, though your bowl will closely approximate the sound sample you listen to on the website. 

Our bowls carry a “love it” promise, so you can ensure that once you receive the bowl you will love and be enchanted by the sound, or we will work to ensure that you get one that does!


  1. Special Collections: Our One-of-a-Kind bowls. In these very limited bowls, each one is photographed, recorded and cataloged by our Co-Founder Frank, so that you receive the exact bowl that is recorded and pictured. 

These special collection bowls are best for those wanting to add to an existing collection and know what they’d like, or for someone looking for a bowl to play a specific tone or frequency. 


Each of these is truly one of a kind, that once it is sold, there will never be another like it. 

  1. Bundle Bowls: After years of learning which bowls pair best together, or which bowls other customers loved together, we have created some bundles for you. 

These bowls are often the best way to begin building a collection, and represent the best value in that they are discounted for buying the bowls as a set. 

The Bowls Available To You Now

Below we’ve shared the highlights of each bowl and most popular bundle. For each bowl, you can click directly to that product page to listen to the recorded sound samples of the bowl. 

We have grouped them by descending size, starting with the largest.

The progression you will see is 14 inch diameter bowl, 12 inch diameter bowl, 10.5 inch diameter bowl, 9 inch diameter bowls and 6 inch diameter bowls. 

Each bowl’s diameter size is approximated because of the handmade process, and may vary by ½ inch. 

The Aurora Bowl

Size: Approximately 14 inches in diameter

Crafted over six hours by a dedicated team, The Aurora Bowl is a 14-inch bell-bronze singing bowl with a long sustain and slow wave, deep resonance. With it's extra large size, The Aurora Bowl is an heirloom-quality masterpiece made by experienced craftsmen. The set includes a hand-sewn cotton cushion and two strikers.

Customer Love: "The Aurora Bowl is stunning! The slow wave and deep resonance are truly impressive. A work of art." - Customer

The Jupiter Bowl

Size: Approximately 12 inches in diameter

A 12-inch powerhouse of symphonic resonance, The Jupiter Bowl is a mesmerizing creation that will elevate your sound baths to new heights. Crafted with artistic precision and weighing 5.4 pounds, this bowl exudes potent energy. The matching aesthetics of the Universe Bundle, which includes The Jupiter, Saturn, and Tiger Bowls, create a powerful synergy, generating vibrations that ripple through every cell of the body.

Customer Love: "This bowl is a revelation! The energy it unleashes is truly potent. The matching aesthetics and hypnotic tones of the Universe Bundle elevate my space and energy. A truly transformative experience."

***The Jupiter Bowl Comes in Two bundles that are outstanding value, The Tibetan Sanctuary Bundle and The Universe Bundle. 

The Flower Of Life Bowl

Size: Approximately 10.5 inches in diameter

The Flower Of Life Bowl from The Ohm Store stands as a sonic masterpiece, meticulously fashioned from bell metal bronze. With an impressive diameter of approximately 10.5 inches, this hand-hammered singing bowl boasts long sustain and resonant overtones, creating an exquisite symphony that elevates your meditation and sound therapy experience.

Customer Love: "I've only had it a few days, but the Flower of Life Bowl looks and sounds spectacular. Much more ornate than my other bowls and has a multitude of sounds."

The Saturn Bowl

Size: Approximately 9 inches in diameter

In Ancient Times, Saturn was associated with renewal, and The Saturn Bowl resonates with that energy. With a diameter of approximately 9 inches and weighing around 3 pounds, this bronze bowl is a singing treasure. It comes with a hand-sewn cotton cushion and two strikers, offering a unique sound experience that you'll feel deep within your body.

Customer Love: "The Saturn Bowl is perfect! Magnificent sound, enchanting church bell tones. An excellent and gorgeous addition to my meditation practice."

The Planetary Bowl

Size: Approximately 9 inches in diameter

Musica Universalis, The Planetary Bowl is a statement piece, embodying the concept of musica universalis. Crafted from pure bronze, it features the Orion star constellation inside, making it one of the night sky's oldest constellations. With a diameter of 9 inches, it comes with a hand-sewn cushion and a mallet-style striker, producing deep and long-lasting tones.

Customer Love: "My favorite singing bowl! Outstanding sound with deep resonance. Could not be happier with this beautiful piece." 

The Motherhood Bowl

Size: Approximately 9 inches in diameter

A Tribute to Motherhood, The Motherhood Bowl is not just a singing bowl; it's an expression of the sacred bond between Mother and Child. Crafted to last beyond a lifetime, this bronze bowl, approximately 9 inches in diameter, resonates for minutes. It symbolizes the transformative journey of matrescence, honoring the divine feminine and the circle of women that stand together.

Customer Love: "The Motherhood Bowl is for anyone who has longed to be a mother. A beautiful sound bowl with a deep and lasting song."

The Purity Bowl Large

Size: Approximately 6 inches in diameter

The Purity Bowl, a 1.6-pound masterpiece, stands as an enchanting symbol of purification for mind, body, and soul. Carved with the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum," this 6 inch bronze bowl invites you to dissolve into pure consciousness. Paired with a suede-wrapped wooden mallet and a hand-sewn Tibetan cotton cushion, each Purity Bowl is a unique expression of artisanship.

Customer Love: "A stunningly beautiful bowl! The sound is amazing, and the energy it emits is even better. My favorite purchase from The Ohm Store. A true blessing." 

The Sunset Bowl

Size: Approximately 6 inches in diameter

Crafted in the swirling colors of sunset, The Sunset Bowl is a hand-hammered, pure bronze meditation bell. With a diameter of approximately 6 inches, this polished bowl creates longer and deeper healing sounds, resonating for more than a minute. Its unique design and pure bronze composition make it not just an instrument but a piece of history.

Customer Love:"Omg sweet! The vibration you can feel throughout your body is incredible. This bowl has a wonderful bright and light tone. A beautiful addition to my space." 

The Ancient Self Ohm Large

Size: Approximately 6 inches in diameter

The Ancient Self Ohm bowl is a portal to self-discovery. Approximately 5.5-6.5 inches in diameter, this bowl carries the mantra "Om Mani PadMe Hum" carved by a skilled artisan. The unique, etched design adds a personal touch, making each bowl one-of-a-kind. With a rosewood striker and a leather and silk cushion, this bowl connects you with your personal power.

Customer Love: "I cannot stress how beautiful this piece is. The energy and healing properties are immediate. A magnificent addition to my daily practices." 

The Tree of Life Singing Bowl


Size: Approximately 6.5 inches in diameter

The Tree of Life Singing Bowl is a testament to humanity's connection with nature. Weighing 1.7 pounds and approximately 6.5 inches in diameter, this bowl symbolizes our place in the grand eco-system. Crafted from pure, hammered bronze, each bowl comes with a suede-wrapped Saaj wooden striker and a hand-sewn decorative cushion made of Tibetan cotton.

Customer Love: "Another bowl I'm loving! Beautiful and beautifully sounding. It has become an essential part of my daily rituals." 

Inner Space Bowl

Size: Approximately 6.5 inches in diameter and 3.1 inches high, weighing 1.6 pounds

The Inner Space Bowl is a reflection of the cosmos within. Weighing 1.6 pounds and approximately 6.5 inches in diameter, this bronze bowl carries the mantra "Om Mani PadMe Hum." It serves as a reminder of your connection with the outer universe. With a suede-wrapped wooden mallet and a hand-sewn decorative cushion, it's a beautiful addition to your sound bath meditations.

Customer Love: "Beautiful look and sound! This bowl has added a magnificent touch to my sound bath meditations. Truly a great contribution." 

The Three Little Ohmies

Size: Approximately 3.5 inches in diameter (comes in a set of three)

Designed for the young ones, The Three Little Ohmies Collection introduces mindfulness in a playful way. Each bowl, approximately 3.5 inches in diameter, comes with a wooden striker and a hand-sewn character cushion. It's a screen-free tool to foster connection and mindfulness in children.

Customer Love: "My kids absolutely loved The Little Ohmies! A delightful addition to our sacred space." 

The Singing Bowl Master Course

Learn To Harness The Resonant Power Of Singing Bowls To Soothe The Anxious Mind, Train Your Brain and Access States of Pure Awareness

Developed in Partnership with long time professional musician and Sound Bowl Expert, The Sonic Yogi (Jonathan Adams)...

Through this 75+ lesson course, you will journey from learning the most basic and fundamental concepts requisite for using your bowl, through advanced understanding of frequency, vibration and sound, and leaving with complete mastery over how to use your singing bowls to create a true oasis of peace in your life.

Choose to take the course alone, or pair it with a 6 inch bowl for a great starting bundle. 

...The best value is in our bundle collection, and our featured bundle is...

The Tibetan Sound Sanctuary Bundle: 


In the pursuit of a holistic sound experience, The Ohm Store presents the Tibetan Sounds Sanctuary Bundle. This thoughtfully curated set combines bowls that complement each other, creating a harmonious symphony that resonates through your being. 

The Bundle Includes: 

The Jupiter Bowl: One of the largest and most resonant bowls, this 12-inch bronze masterpiece stands as a beacon of sonic magnificence. Complete with a cushion and two strikers, it promises an immersive journey into therapeutic resonance.

 Large Purity Bowl: Immerse yourself in the 6-inch handmade bowl adorned with etchings of "Om Mani Padme Hum." This intricately crafted bowl includes a cushion and striker for a holistic sound experience.

 Singing Bowl Course: Crafted in collaboration with The Sonic Yogi, a 20-year sound therapy master and professional musician, this course guides you through the intricate art of singing bowl mastery.

 $50 Promo Code: Delight in a $50 promo code, a token for future purchases or a thoughtful gift for a fellow seeker.

 Private Coaching Call: Enjoy a private, one-on-one singing bowl coaching call with our Co-Founder, Frank Mocerino, ensuring a personalized touch to your sound journey.

 Hand Strung Rose Quartz Mala Bracelet: Infuse your practice with positive energy with a hand-strung rose quartz mala bracelet, crafted by women in Kathmandu, Nepal.

 Digital Assets: Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge with digital assets, including 'The Ultimate Guide to Singing Bowls' and 'Meditation and the Art of Living Well.'

 Limited-Time Offer:

The total retail value of these transformative items is $1,550, now available at a special price of $795. This exclusive offer brings the therapeutic power of Tibetan sounds into your home and practice.

Customer Love "I can't get over the beauty of this bowl and the power of its vibrations. You really feel this one with your whole being. I'm so grateful to have this wonderful work of art sharing my home. It's the perfect accompaniment to my meditation practice and a joy to experience." - C.H.

And Lastly for the most discerning collector, or those looking for a special item for their collection or a gift: 

The One-of-a-Kind Collection

In a special and very-limited collection, The Ohm Store offers bowls meticulously selected, photographed, and recorded by Co-Founder Frank Mocerino. Each bowl in this collection is a unique masterpiece, ensuring that you receive the exact bowl you see pictured. These bowls are chosen based on matching "cents" measurements or being marked as "Pure Tone." Embrace a one-of-a-kind experience with a bowl that resonates with your soul.

You can sort this section by Small, Medium or Large and can also sort by musical note. 

Embark on a journey with these curated bundles and exclusive collections, and let the symphony of these singing bowls become an integral part of your pursuit of inner peace and harmony.

In Closing: 

We are always here to support you in the process of welcoming a bowl or singing bowls into your life. You can reach out to us directly for support by emailing us at or catching us on one of our weekly Facebook Live interactive events!

We would love the opportunity to serve you!