The Ohm Store's Promises To The World

The Ohm Store's Promises To The World

Immersing yourself into the world of Tibetan Singing Bowls, and heirloom quality handmade items requires more from you than the world requires of other purchasing decisions. 

You deserve to not only invest in the absolute best quality instruments, but to know the people and the story behind the name. 

The Ohm Store began in 2015, when Frank + Nikki Mocerino (you can read more about their story here) decided to pursue a simple idea...

That idea was to democratize access to singing bowls, by working with trusted craftsmen in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The goal?

Bring to life a small, hand-hammered singing bowl with ethereal + elegant sound quality for less than $35.

At the time, the majority of singing bowls available for purchase online were large, antique bowls that cost hundreds, or thousands of dollars.

The original mission was to empower hundreds of thousands of people to experience the transformative power of sound, by building the best $35 singing bowl in the world.

At the time, some of the traditional singing bowl companies considering our work and mission as "less than" since we were creating a type of singing bowl that was considering "cheap." 

Our idea was that not everyone starts with a baby grand piano -- most people needed a starting point. 

To date, we have reached nearly 400,000 people in service of this cause.

We feel that the world requires our work now more than ever, and our small team wakes up every day with one simple question in mind.

What can we do to help people achieve peace, harmony and happiness in their lives?

After 8+ years, our mission is just now really getting started.

It’s our pleasure to now offer three different classes of singing bowls: 

As we continue to bring new items and experiences to the world, we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you in more detail what we really stand for, so you can know if you’d like to stand with us.


1. Lifetime Guarantee On Every Item 

Commodities are freely and cheaply available all over the internet. It’s easy to access throw-away products for throw-away prices.

Connect with something that is meant to last beyond your lifetime, and is made by the hands of a practiced expert. 

In short, our philosophy is “If our products don't exceed your expectations, then we don’t deserve your money.”

2. Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Partnerships With Craftsmen

We work synergistically with the craftspeople in Nepal and India and our relationship with them is the result of nearly a decade of collaboration. 

Our prices are reflective of our commitment to our partnership with them.

Why are Ohm Store bowls expensive? 

Because we buy the most expensive bowls from Nepal, from the best makers. 

3. Peace, Harmony and Happiness on the other side of any interaction with The Ohm Store.

We believe we can fulfill on our mission, without you ever being a paying customers.

You deserve peace, harmony and happiness in any interaction you have with us.

Have you lost a little faith in dealing with customer service in other organizations?

Feeling that they don’t care. That you’re just a person to get dealt with. That you aren’t really dealing with someone who sees you as a real person?

You deserve to be seen, felt and understood. You deserve custom solutions to your challenges. You deserve personal attention.

Our focus has expanded to free events, workshops and challenges that we offer 100% for free.

Peace comes on the other side of many things, not just a singing bowl.

4. Founder-Forward Culture

Nikki and Frank (we) want to be personally accountable to you, our beloved customers.

We want to be in front of you, available to you and ultimately to make you feel that we personally have your back.

Our inspiration comes from really hard interactions with many companies, who’ve made us feel that no one really cares, and no one is really responsible for our experiences, even though they’ve taken our money.

We, Nikki and Frank, have a moral obligation to anyone that chooses to work with, or be a customer of, The Ohm Store.

And we want to be in front of you, so you can tell us if we aren’t doing something right.

5. Tell The Truth, Not The Best Story 

There are so many myths and untruths in the world of Tibetan Singing Bowls. 

The Ohm Store's focus is on the use of singing bowls as incredible musical instruments that are rich in overtones --- creating a calming effect similar to long meditations. 

It's the science of the sound, and the "brain entrainment" that is possible because of the unique properties of these bowls. 

These are instruments made by hand, and guaranteed for life. Any religious or spiritual connection you feel with them will be developed by your own personal practice or experience with them ---- not by a story "sold" by us. 

The Ohm Store is a constant labor of love, and we welcome the chance to serve you. We welcome your questions. You can get in touch with us personally and will receive a reply quickly if you email us at