Experience Peace and Harmony with Handcrafted Tibetan Singing Bowls

Handmade By Craftsmen In Kathmandu, Nepal. Each Bowl Guaranteed For Life

Singing Bowls

Experience the hypnotic tones of these special instruments. Designed specifically to bring tranquility and transformation to your brain and body.


The Little Ohmies Collection

Designed for one simple and powerful reason - to help the young ones in our lives embrace a mindfulness practice that is hands on, engaging and fun.

Benefits of Singing Bowls

🧘‍♀️️ Helps create states of deep peace and calmness

🤗 Creates an environment in your body receptive to healing

🌿 Brings one into the awesome nature of the present moment

💡 Use in breaking through creative and problem solving

🎶 Generate hypnotic tones for yourself, family and friends


Singing Bowl Course

Through 75+ lessons, you will journey from learning the most basic and fundamental concepts requisite for using your bowl, through advanced understanding of frequency, vibration and sound, and leaving with complete mastery over how to use your singing bowls to create a true oasis of peace in your life.

We LOVE all the love!

This beautiful bowl makes a lovely sound, but when it's just sitting on the shelf, it's equally lovely.

The Original Ohm - Tibetan Singing Bowl Set


This bowl is unique and absolutely beautiful. It has a rare authenticity. The tone is soothing and gently tapering.

The Ancient Self Ohm


True magic! It is magical. Instant calm, so easy to mediate with.

The Buddha Bowl


I love my singing bowl! I use it ALL the time and have become quite good at it!

The Buddha Bowl


Your singing bowls are excellent quality! I purchased 2 and have gotten so many to be interested in their importance.

The Original Ohm - Tibetan Singing Bowl Set


My new bowl arrived just in time for Thanksgiving. It gleams & has such a warm "E" tone. It's a good size to sit in my hand. I rang it for my each person in my music therapy group at a senior center. They truly loved its brilliance & soothing effect.

The Sunset Bowl

Alicia B.

I'm using my bowl therapeutically to help treat seizures and stress. I've only used it a few times, using my doctors instructions, and I'm excited to continue.

Tree of Life Singing Bowl

Author name

During the pandemic, my kiddo has had a difficult time focusing on positivity and being able to be quiet and mindful without worry. The little ohmie was a great gift for him, because it helps him to center and do meditation while being able to make music.

The Little Ohmies Collection


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