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Your Ultimate Guide To Singing Bowls - Confirmation

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This guide will help you discover how sound can help you life your well and love your life more fully. Here’s a quick reminder of what’s inside:

  1. How the right sounds can heal, evoke present moment awareness, and empower you to live your life more fully.
  2. How to use a singing bowl to master 21st-century living for more happiness, harmony, and deep fulfillment.
  3. Simple, yet powerful ways to use a singing bowl in your everyday life - even if you’ve never explored a spiritual practice before.

Check out these singing bowls recommended for you

The Original OM
Tibetan Singing Bowl

Sound can heal, ground, and inspire your meditation. It’s why more and more people use singing bowls to inspire their daily practice.

The Original OM is handmade by skilled artisans living in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Designed to sit in the palm of your hand, this bowl creates a resonating sound that lingers, heals, and inspires deep meditation and stillness.

The Ancient Self OM
Tibetan Singing Bowl

Prefer a limited edition singing bowl that’s crafted just for you?

Hand-hammered and handmade, this traditional singing bowl connects you to your sense of self.

Carved by a skilled artisan, the designs and mantras etched on your bowl are personal to you. It’s so unique, there will never be another Ancient Self OM exactly like yours.

Here at The OHM Store, we craft intentional, handmade products that inspire introspection and present moment awareness.

When you stop rushing to the future and sink into the here and now, you can deepen your experience of life. It’s the secret to living well in the 21st century.

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