What Are The Personalities of Our Singing Bowls?

What Are The Personalities of Our Singing Bowls?

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The things we touch, touch us back. 

My neighbor and I like to get into discussions around what it means to be a minimalist, which she puts great emphasis on, always reminding me that her Father was the first person in life who taught her this ideal. 

What we always come around to is this -- having less things by choice, creates a greater focus on what you choose to have. 

Once you've thrown out all you don't love, it's up to you to keep things around that bring joy. 

We are often asked which singing bowl is best. 

There's no answer to that, because each of us will resonate with a different  bowl for different reasons.  

Following is our fun experiment when we asked ourselves,

"What Is The Personality Of Our Singing Bowls?"

The Ancient Self Ohm

Wisdom. Tradition. Connection To Ancient Cultures.

You deeply appreciate spiritual traditions that stretch back millenia, and enjoy the mantras that are repeated over and over on this hand-etched bowl. 

Weekends for you include reading by the fire, enjoying museums and theater and experimenting with new cuisines from far-flung places. 

You probably still have a library card and use it on a regular basis. 

"I cannot stress how beautiful this piece is. The quality, the sound, and the enlightenment you receive just holding a bowl is remarkable.

I immediately began to feel the energy and healing properties of this bowl, just by touch. Once I begin to make my bowl sing… I immediately felt a connection and I can’t wait to become more acquainted with my bowl for it to truly unleash its healing properties!" - Martina L. 

The Ancient Self Ohm

The Sunset Bowl 

Artistry. Big Skies. Nature.

You are a modern-day seeker of nature-al beauty. You love stunning interior design, teach yoga on the side and go deep on journaling.

The weekend will find you at an upscale boutique resort, taking advantage of fresh pressed juices and their wellness program.

"It is a beautiful bowl and the sound was even better than the recording online. I tried it on my mother’s knee since she was having some pain and I heard it could help.

It did and that is amazing to me. Beyond that it is incredibly relaxing which is a big deal in today’s world. I highly recommend giving into the urge and getting one if you’re thinking about it." - Christine L. 

Balance Bundle: Lingam + Yoni

Community. Polarity. Strong Manifestation Energy. 

Of incredible importance to you right now is relationships, both inner and outer. 

In pursuit of your inner relationship, you find yourself seeking balance between the masculine and feminine energies that dance inside each of us. 

In your relationships with others, you begin to see the fruits of your inner work. Understanding now that we aren't "one or the other" but a wonderful mixture of both. 

Over the weekend, you might find yourself gathering with friends until very late one evening. Followed the next day by some "you time."

"I love the Balance Bundle! The sounds produced by the Lingam Bowl are clear, deep and rich, and the Yoni is softer but distinct. Their vibrations are wonderful.

Having a great experience getting acquainted with singing bowls and I'm so happy I've added them to my mindfulness practice. Thank you Ohm Store!" - Aimee H. 

The Original Ohm 

Simplicity. Practical. True Minimalist.

Seeking to master the step you're on before jumping to the next one, you are well-practiced at taking care of what's right in front of you. 

You believe in "earning your stripes" and enjoy the feeling of mastering something over a long period of time. 

The weekend will find you at farmer's markets, getting involved in the local food co-op, and attending lectures on topics galore.

"Beautifully crafted for a modest price. This authentic, hand-hammered, Tibetan singing bowl produces a strong vibration and warm tone to help center and enrich your life.

I am very pleased with the packaging, production and results, and you should be too." - Michael P. 

The Buddha Bowl

Understated Beauty. Curiosity. Pursuit of Knowledge. 

It's important to deeply understand a subject before sharing your opinions on it. You like to decide on something slowly, but will change your mind when you see more evidence.

The weekend looks like a group meditation in the morning, and a long walk through an urban area later in the day.

You feel inspired by city-life, the hustle and bustle adds to your energy.

"These bowls are like my children - all with their own moods and voices. I love them all.

I know I shouldn’t play favorites (they are ALL my favorite in their own way), but my Buddha bowl is so consistent, with a lovely song every time I play it." - Suzan K. 

The Tree of Life

You aren't in or out of nature, you are of nature. You are transcendent. 

Resonating deeply with holistic medicine and holistic land management, you feel intimately connected to the world around you.

You are a teacher - by profession or hobby. It lights you up to educate people about the choices we all make, and how that impacts the future of our world.

You care deeply.

"The sound of the Tree of Life singing bowl is so deep and enchanting. It sang for me immediately. I'm mesmerized by the sound." - Christine L. 

The Tiger Bowl

Strength. Raw Energy. Exploration.

You resonate with the idea of being an old-time explorer. Happening on to new landscapes, roughing it and sleeping on the ground sounds like a dream vacation to you. 

Your hands are calloused, because you enjoy the clarity of mind that physical exertion offers you. 

A weekend has you out camping, rock climbing or playing team sports.

"I absolutely love this bowl. The vibration, sound and resonance are impeccable and I am truly impressed!

It is so easy to sing, high quality, it’s the perfect size and is soothing to hear. Highly recommend to anyone on the fence." - Destinee J.

The Purity Bowl

Pure Mind. Pure Consciousness. Humility. Impermanence. 

Down the path of mastering meditation, you are a person to be reckoned with due to the radiant presence you carry.

Rooms change by virtue of the energy you carry with you. Your eyes sparkle because you know the secret to life. Live as if today were the last day gifted to you.

The weekend has you starting with an hour long centering meditation, followed by being at the center of the attention of those you find yourself with.

"I wrote in an email to you I am thrilled with my Purity Bowl. When it arrived and I unwrapped it I was thrilled because it was as beautiful as I expected. 

Your email and video tutorials gave me such useful information. 
I took the bowl in my hands and as I admired it I told it how beautiful it was.

How talented the person that created it is. All the while rubbing my hands and the surface. Thanking it for the beautiful music it was going to share with me in our journey together." - Alicia S. 

The Inner Space

Child of the Stars. Cosmic Wanderer. CandleLit Spirit. 

You are the microcosm, the smaller part of humanity, and by learning to heal yourself, you have also learned how to heal humanity. The cosmos and outer space are a large-scale reflection of you. 

Your weekends are spent star-gazing, listening to entire records in one sitting and deep long conversations with a small group of people. 

"This is such a beautiful bowl! It’s bigger than I expected and the sound is a very nice deeper tune. I learned how to make it sing so quickly, it was effortless! Love this bowl!" - Stephanie W.