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Becoming Acquainted With A Singing Bowl

November 19, 2020

Becoming Acquainted With A Singing Bowl

There is a crucial distinction between learning, and consuming information.

Consuming information is something with which we are all intimately familiar.

Our current era is information rich. We’re drowning in it.

Being pulled constantly in different directions, there’s an endless amount of things we CAN be paying attention to.

What if we are drowning in information at the expense of true awareness?*

Earnest awareness and attention to what’s unfolding in front of us, PAID for with our most valuable asset (time), can yield insight, understanding, inspiration and gratitude.

Following is a lesson learned from paying attention to the process of becoming acquainted with a singing bowl for the first time. Learning can unfold from the sincerity of attention paid to almost anything, over a period of time long enough.

"When I first started out and followed the simple instructions from The Ohm Store, I still found the bowl a bit awkward to hold and play.

The only sound I could get from it was by striking it on the side.

When I tried to hold the bowl and play around the rim way, it didn’t sound good. So I sat the bowl down on a bed table in front of me, and was able to play it that way. I could actually hear it singing with the striker stick circling the edge, but it was not making a pleasant noise. And this had me convinced for a while that maybe something was wrong with the bowl.

So for day one's practice, I played it a little in the only way that I could, on a table, and called it a day. And I took a couple of shots at it later on in the night on the table. For a total of 3 tries on day one.

Now on day two, amazingly, I found that I was able to play it in my hand. Not well, but playing it. Now what happened? What was the difference between today and yesterday?

The difference was acquaintance. I was a total stranger to the bowl yesterday and more acquainted with it today.

So I found that you have to become attuned to the world of sacred sound. The effort you made on the first day isn't forgotten by the other side your connecting to. Okay, now on day two I'm playing it my hand, and it still felt awkward. And today, like yesterday, I put in a total of 3 tries and called it a day.

Okay, now on day three, I decided to use the ring with the bowl in my hand, with my hand opened, fingers not touching the bowl. To give it some height that may allow me to circle the striker more smoothly. And to my surprise, I was playing that bowl much much better. In fact, the sound got louder and louder as I was circling, like a symphony, and I started feeling a very strong vibration in my hand that flowed up to my forearm.

The difference as far as I can see, is an acquaintance. Each day brings you closer to the realm of sacred sound. And I found the bowl to feel comfortable in my hand with the ring.

Well that's all I have to tell you for now. I've been using it for 3 days. It's a great bowl, I love it, and are grateful to have it. Kudos to the Ohm Store for kicking out a wonderful work of art, and I highly recommend this bowl to everyone. Especially newbies."

*This is a paraphrased thought from Aldo Leopold’s work, “A Sand County Almanac”

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