The Chakra Connection: What's With Singing Bowls and the 7 Chakras?

The Chakra Connection: What's With Singing Bowls and the 7 Chakras?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means 'wheel' but metaphysically signifies the wheel of energy.

There are seven major chakras in our body spanning from the pelvic area to the forehead. They're the reason why healing vibrations of Mother Earth, sacred herbs, celestial bodies, crystals, and singing bowls can influence us.

So, what's the connection between chakras and singing bowls? Can you use singing bowls for chakra integration? How do you do it?

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The Chakra Connection: What's With Singing Bowls And The 7 Chakras? 

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means 'wheel' but metaphysically signifies the wheel of energy.

There are seven major chakras in our body spanning from the pelvic area to the forehead. They're the reason why healing vibrations of Mother Earth, sacred herbs, celestial bodies, crystals, and singing bowls can influence us.

So, what's the connection between chakras and singing bowls? Can you use singing bowls for chakra integration? How do you do it?

There's a solid connection between the two.

Singing bowls can unblock, cleanse, and activate chakras. You can use the bowls to do so by playing or striking the bowl in gentle motions. Specific healing frequencies and vibrations are emitted to clear and charge chakras when you do so.

Let's simplify, so you can understand the chakra link, as ways to align charge them today.

An Outline Of The Chakra Connection of Singing Bowls

Our universe was born with a big bang. 

It's not too far-fetched to say sound is the bedrock of life. Almost all of us have shed tears, or felt good while listening to our favorite artists, their music, and their sounds.

Live musical experiences can be powerful, state altering events. 

Kelly Clarkson said "Music isn't just heard, it's felt."

It can be better explained metaphysically.

Sound vibrations affect us because they connect to the energy points in our body, referred to as Chakras.

Acoustic healing instruments like singing bowls (and all instruments) can open and clear these chakras using specific sound vibrations.

That's also how binaural beats and solfeggio frequencies help with relaxation and healing. 

What Are The Seven Major Chakras?

Chakras are invisible wheels of energy that bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. We have 114 total chakras outside, below, and above our bodies. Out of this, seven are the most important ones and are called major, or primary chakras.

Let's look at their locations and benefits at a glance.



Area it affects



End of the spine


Grounding and stability


Pelvic area

Reproductive system

Creativity and vigor

Solar Plexus



Vitality and luck




Love and compassion



Lungs and Thyroid

Expression and communication

Third Eye

Between brows

Sinus and Eyes

Clarity and intuition




Divination and enlightenment


What's The Connection Between Singing Bowls And Chakras?

You now know the body areas affected by, and benefitted by major chakras.

Each chakra is also connected with distinct organs and vibrations. That's why every chakra has a natural resonant frequency.

All objects have a natural resonant frequency or a series of natural frequencies they correspond to. Hence, every singing bowl has a natural resonant frequency too!

Likewise, our body parts have natural resonant frequencies they vibrate to when in total health. Whether you call it a vibe, wavelength, or essence, it's a defining part of us.

Different organs match this natural resonance of the body to make us physically healthy. Vice-versa, these frequencies can also go off-key when we are sick, sad, or stressed out.

Perhaps that's why good vibes (good vibrations) make sense as the modern equivalent of wellness and positivity.

Take a quick look at chakras frequencies below before we move on.


Frequency in Hz








Solar Plexus









Third Eye






As you can see from the table above, specific notes correspond to each primary chakra.

And just like chakras have a specific note, each singing bowl will represent a particular frequency.

Wait, Do I Need To Know Which Chakra Is Out of Alignment In Order To Pick A Singing Bowl?

There's a common misconception that there is a "right" chakra, or not, to select for your first singing bowl.

After helping more than 350,000 people welcome their first singing bowl into their lives, we've learned that for the first singing bowl or two, it's best to choose a general resonance rather than targeting specifics. 

Think of this like a new exercise program. When you first begin, your goal is likely to have general positive body composition changes. To accomplish this, you will make broad and sweeping changes, like starting to walk for 25 minutes per day.

Later, when you are getting to the point of diminishing returns, you will change up what you do, to get more targeted results.

That same transformation arc exists with singing bowls. First integrate your new practice will a bowl that you love the sound and look of! After committing to the practice for months at a time, then you can choose to change or up-level your practice. 

What really happens when you play a singing bowl?

Sound vibrations and their specific tones coming out of the healing bowl pitch into areas of your body that are out of tune. The vibrations will automatically reach exactly where your blocked chakras are. (resonance)

It also clearly explains why vibrations from singing bowls can make you feel relaxed, composed, and peaceful.

Psychics say the serenity induced by singing bowl vibrations transcend your physical body into its spiritual self. It does so by unblocking underlying chakras to create harmony from dis-harmony, ease from dis-ease, and (cosmic) connection from dis-connection.

At their most primal, singing bowl sounds offer an easy way to attain meditative states. There must be something innately calming about their tones and frequencies. This inherent and invisible link is the chakra connection.

What Are The Effects Of Singing Bowls On Chakras?


Energy change practices are some of our favorite rituals because they require nothing more than you + your favorite singing bowl. All you need to do is visualize healing vibrations emanating from your singing bowl and diffusing into your chakra points while you play it.

Beyond this, by simply experiencing the sounds, you are experiencing their impact  (note that you don't have to "try" to be impacted by a song that moves you deeply. It just happens)

You can also combine healing bowls with other energy healing rituals like yoga, smudging, Reiki, and chanting mantras to amplify the healing vibrations.

Because one singing bowl can affect several chakras at once, you can use a single bowl in a session to balance your chakras from root to crown too. It's a great way to realign and balance different chakras simultaneously.

The Most Common Misconception In Singing Bowl Lore

Metal singing bowls are not made, nor tuned to a specific frequency. 

For hundreds of years and into the present, craftsmen have been and are, forging metal instruments with nothing more than: fire + tools + raw metal

These processes do not lend themselves to the fine tuning possibilities of a musical instrument like a Steinway Piano or a Gibson guitar. 

But wait, why have I seen metal singing bowls that are advertised as "C#", for example. 

It's because makers make singing bowls according to their craft and tradition and then only AFTER the fact can they go back, and measure the tuning and notes of each bowl.  

A craftsman might make 50 singing bowls, and discover after that they've made zero singing bowls with a C note! Or they might discover that there are ten C's in this particular grouping!

Find The Frequency Of Your Singing Bowl

We learned the chakra connection of singing bowls is how each bowl corresponds to seven major chakras via frequencies and musical notes.

As a result, you'll feel calm, at ease, positive, joyous, and unburdened when a singing bowl is played or struck repeatedly.

As we've mentioned, you don't need to use bowls representing specific chakras to activate the respective chakra. In simpler terms, you can even use random bowls to activate particular chakras or bowls associated with specific chakras.

Moreover, notes of a singing bowl aren't hard and fast. The musical note can change with the pressure difference, the way you strike it, and the length of time you play it.

When it comes to energy healing, being mindful of your own personal goals in the most important piece of the puzzle.