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Singing Bowl Guide: Part 3- Uses and Applications Of Singing Bowls

October 01, 2022

Singing Bowl Guide: Part 3- Uses and Applications Of Singing Bowls

Singing Bowl Guide: Part 3- Uses and Applications Of Singing Bowls

Most professionals teach the uses of singing bowls before ‘How to play singing bowls.’ But here, we wanted you to know how to play sound bowls first so you can learn to apply their perks today.

So, what are the uses of singing bowls? How do you play a singing bowl for relaxation, anxiety, or sleep?

Singing bowls are proven to calm nerves by slowing the breath rate and heart rate. It’s great for winding down at the end of the day and before exercises like meditation or yoga to enhance their rewards.

This is the third part in a series of five articles aimed at decoding the complete guide on singing bowls for beginners and pros. Go ahead and check my earlier posts if you haven’t already.

For now, let’s get on with the diverse uses and applications of playing singing bowls.

Overview: Scientific Uses Of Singing Bowls

Sound is one of the senses that can easily aggravate or elevate us. That’s because the sounds emitted by singing bowls are harmonious and soft, like classical music. As a result, the more you play a singing bowl, the more positivity you radiate or get from the sound.

  1. Singing Bowls For Relaxation

Whether you tap, rim, or chant with a singing bowl, it lightens the mind from the second your ears pick up the sound.

So, why do singing bowl sounds instantly relax you? Because singing bowl sounds are unique and powerful, they can switch our brainwave state from alertness to relaxation.

Moreover, several studies published in NCBI and other popular scientific journals conclude that singing bowls can lower blood pressure and slow the breathing rate.

Next time you try to unwind after a long day, play your singing bowl softly or water charge the bowl for a few minutes for muted sounds.

  1. Singing Bowls For Clearing Negativity

Another perk of singing bowls is that they are quite popular in the spiritual community. Do you know the fascinating history of singing bowls?They were used for worship and prayer in Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas to clear negative vibrationssome time ago.

Scientifically, the sound of singing bowls helps with hormonal balance in the body (RO Health Guide).

You can walk around your home or office while playing a singing bowl to clear negativity in your home and body.

Learn more about it in this article on how to use singing bowls to clear negativity.

  1. For Cleansing Crystals

Just as you used the sound bowl for cleansing spaces, its healing sound can also dispel negativity absorbed by crystals.

All you need to do is place a crystal next to the bowl while playing. Doing this before or after using the crystal/ crystal jewelry will reset its properties to positive.

Here’s another article to help you with singing bowls for cleansing crystals.

I suggest against placing the crystal in your singing bowl for this. That’s because powerful vibrations may crack or shatter soft healing crystals (like amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, selenite, etcetera).

  1. For Opening Chakras

Singing bowls are good for cleansing auras and opening chakras as they do for crystals.

While some say you should use bowls of specific musical notes or frequencies for opening the associated chakra, it’s not a hard and fast rule.

This is mostly because healing sounds can clear all kinds of negativity, including chakra blockage. In short, you can use any singing bowl to open any of your chakras.

Here, you play the bowl while visualizing your chakra of the root or crown opening. Your thoughts and the singing bowl sounds will merge to flush out negativity blocking your chakras.

Note that you shouldneverplace a vibrating bowl on your body unless you’re a certified healer or permitted by one.

  1. For Emotional Wellness

Singing bowls are also excellent for balancing your mind, venting out your woes, and rejuvenating yourself with self-care.

When a singing bowl sound changes the brainwave state, it often switches the mind to a meditative state. So, you’ll find it easy to clear the mind chatter and focus on what’s important.

I suggest making a habit of spending time with your singing bowl on your off-days or leisure hours. It’ll help you enjoy your free hours better too.

  1. For Good Sleep

Just as good scents improve your mood, good sounds can lull you to sleep. It’s especially good in today’s age, where most of us are sleep-deprived by the day’s end.

A 15-minute session at the end of the day with a soft-sounding singing bowl can help your muscles and neurons switch to relaxation mode. As they help lower heart and breath rates, you can set a sleep routine that works.

But when you’re using singing bowls for sleep, remember to stick to bowls with soft sounds.

If you don’t have a lot of options to choose from, there’s an easy trick to mute the sound. Simply, fill water in the bowl up to half and play it to your heart’s fill!

  1. For Stress

Singing bowls relax and calm you down because they can de-stress the body, mind, and spirit.

A PubMed study in Sage Journals proved that sound bowls are a low-cost way to reduce mental stressors such as tension and anxiety for individuals new to them. Another study discussed the positive effects of singing bowls on anger and negative thoughts.

This article discusses the five impacts of singing bowls on the body, cognition, behavior, emotion, and spirit.

So, next time you feel like you’re going to explode with stress, grab your bowl, find a good space, and set to play.

And if you’re at a place you can’t play the bowl, go to YouTube, plug in your Air Pods, and listen to this wonderful sound bath session with Stephanie.

  1. For Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga each relax different parts of you- mind and body.

As singing bowls take you to a state of focus and relaxation, you can enhance meditation and yoga. You’ll find it easier to focus on the bowl’s sound or stretch into the Cobra Pose with its harmony.

Read more about meditating with singing bowls or doing yoga with singing bowls based on what you’re already drawn to.

(Psst..If you love meditation and yoga, kudos and welcome to the club!)

  1. For Chanting and Charging

Besides cleansing and clearing negativity, singing bowl sounds are also good for amplifying energies for charging, manifestation, chanting, or setting intentions.

All you need to do besides what you did during cleansing is chant your intentions, desires, or manifestations while playing the bowl. Try the Wah-Wah technique we learned in Part 2 of the Singing Bowl Guide to take it a notch up.

  1. 10.For Prayers and Worship

Primarily used for prayers in earlier times, singing bowls these days are used widely with prayer beads and ritual prayers. I find this an excellent way to enhance spiritual energies and focus on any God, prayer, or intention.

  1. 11.For Feng Shui Benefits

You can also play your singing bowl in certain corners of your house to attract positive energies and vibrations with feng shui.

As Feng Shui attracts good energies by balancing the elements of your home, you can play the singing bowl in north, northeast, northwest, west, southwest, south, southwest, and southeast directions for different things.

One direction may attract harmony, and another may bring prosperity, health, love, or protection at home.

Read more about using singing bowls for Feng Shui balance in this post.

Start Using Tibetan Singing Bowls For GoodTODAY!

While the above list might seem confusing as there are a lot of choices, the world of spirituality is subjective to every person.

We learned how good singing bowls are for relaxation, anxiety, stress, healing, emotional well-being, opening chakras, cleansing crystals, charging spaces, and enhancing meditation or feng shui today.

Nonetheless, practicing several techniques to find the uses and applications of singing bowls that fit best with you is good.

In the next part, we’ll unravel how to set your intention with singing bowls based on science, spirituality, and sound.

Stay tuned~

And if you'd like to go down the path of Singing Bowl Mastery, there is a 75+ lesson digital course you can choose to enroll in now by going here. 

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