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Feng Shui: The Way Of Wind and Water And Your Singing Bowls

June 15, 2022

Feng Shui: The Way Of Wind and Water And Your Singing Bowls

Feng Shui: Where to keep your singing bowls in the house?

The term Feng Shui comes from the Chinese culture, where Fengrefers to wind and Shuito water. Together, wind and water are responsible for bringing health.

Feng shui dictates using the placement of things in homes and spaces to bring good fortune.

And that’s also why everything from our homes to offices, gardens, and even our souls are influenced by feng shui.

Can Tibetan bowls promote good feng shui? Where to keep your singing bowls in the house for this?

Yes, sound bowls can promote good feng shui by setting the flow of good energies in motion.

Continue reading to learn the best areas to keep your singing bowl to bring positivity, good fortune and physicaal health through Feng Shui practices!

Overview: Feng Shui Simplified

Feng shui is based on the universal truth that everything around us is alive, including the space we live in. That’s because Feng (wind) and Shui (water) are building blocks of life.

That’s why it says everything around us is also connected and changing constantly. Sounds quite like the healing vibrationswe talked recently about, right?

It's common to consider Feng Shui as being all about ventilation. However, feng shui combines all the different senses, not just wind and light. It can be explained as a balance or fusion of the classical elements such as wind, water, fire, earth, sky, thought, light, and earth.

By adjusting the flow of these elements in your bedroom, office, garden, and similar places, you can attract positivity.

That’s why the phrase feng shui means ‘the way of the wind and water.’

In short, this 5,000year-old Art of Placement is a great way to cleanse bad vibrations and attract good vibrations.

Let’s look at its meanings before using feng shui with singing bowls.

Feng Shui Directions And Meanings

The different Feng Shui directions are associated with the elements and colors of each direction. Look for your "weakest" direction so you can strenghen it with your placement of items and sound bowls in your home, or space. 


Ruled by the element of water, north is associated with your life path or luck in your career. It’s often represented by the colors black or the season of winter. Powering up your northern feng shui heals kidneys, ears, and blood.


Often showing up in color blue, brown, or yellow, the northeast direction is related to knowledge. It brings luck in education and academics and is ruled by the earth element. Northeast feng shui healing for the physical body affects hands and fingers.


Wood element rules the eastern direction in feng shui. It’s closely linked to physical health and represented by the color green. East may also be associated with harmony in domestic matters. You’ll find healing of the throat and feet when you empower the eastern direction in feng shui.


Represented by the purple color, the southeast direction brings prosperity and abundance into your life. It’s a powerful indicator of the wood element and is known for healing the lower back.


To heal your eyes, blood, and heart, it’s excellent to empower the southern feng shui direction ruled by the fire element. Hence it shows up in the color red. South is an excellent choice for those searching for success, reputation, and fame.


Commonly seen in the color pink, the southwest point is ruled by the element of earth. It brings luck in romance and your love life. When it’s in power, the abdomen and stomach problems are healed.


If you want to power up the feng shui direction, you may decide to work on the western corner. It’s a great choice for securing your future by attracting blessings to your children and other descendants. West is reigned by the metal element and colors white or gold.


Seen in the gray color, the northwest is responsible for beckoning personal blessings and luck into your life. It’s perfect for travelers for protection and finding assistance. Northwest is also ruled by the metal element seen in the western direction.

Using Singing Bowls For Feng Shui

Do you feel some places immediately make you feel scared? Or are just off-putting? Psychics say it accounts for off-kilter feng shui.

The theory of feng shui works for clearing negativity with the help of classical elements, colors, and energy. That’s also why the right mix of metals in singing bowls can eliminate negative energies clogging your home or office.

Some Tibetans also believe sound bowls create vibrations that can immediately push back evil energies of spirits and ghosts as their resonance is intolerable to such spirits.

Playing a Tibetan bowl in a specific feng shui corner of your house can clear blockages to your health, wealth, fame, future, and success.

As a result, people living in your house will feel harmonious and happy.

You can use singing bowls to clear your home or office at the start of a new year, after shifting, or interior decor changes while starting a new business/project.

It may be a good solution to ground yourself when you’re faced with the unending challenges of life day after day too.

How to use singing bowls based on feng shui at your home?

Singing bowls are naturally cleansing, but with the knowledge of feng shui, you can use them for charging specific intentions with the art of placement.

If you want to know more about using singing bowls to cleanse spaces, go ahead and check out this article.

Using a singing bowl like our Jupiter Bowl, place it at the eastern corner of your living room to cleanse energies entering your home. We suggest playing the bowl before placing it in the feng shui direction.

Similarly, pick westfor spreading creativity at your home, northfor brightening the career path, southfor attractive positive reputation, and so on.

When you’re playing the bowl, remember to visualize for meditating on the intention you’re trying to manifest like charging chakras or clearing space.

You can also chant mantras while playing the bowl in specific corners to manifest too.

As a side note, it’s always best to use a metal singing bowl in the west or northwest corners as they’re known for empowering the metal element.

Try A Feng Shui Session With Your Favorite Singing Bowl!

Feng shui is all about the balance of wind and water but using singing bowls, you can amplify feng shui energies. Sound diffuses far into the nooks and crannies. When you use singing bowls in feng shui corners of your house, it can amplify the good vibes all around.

As everything around us is constantly vibrating, the sound vibrations of Tibetan bowls help to disperse negativity and attract positivity. In a way, sound purifies our surroundings besides our own chakras. And clearing negativity from your surroundings makes it lighter and joyous.

And with regular feng shui using singing bowls, you can attract luck, abundance, harmony, health, and much more. A sound bowl balances the wind and water, especially if you mix the art of aromatherapy with it.

Try it right away! Once you do, tell us too because we’d love to know all about it.

Before you go, here’s a bonus tip- while you can clear spaces and people at any time, it’s most effective from sunrise until mid-day, roughly from 7 am to 1 pm.

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