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Your Guide To Charging water with singing bowls: What, How, And Why

April 19, 2022

Your Guide To Charging water with singing bowls: What, How, And Why

Your Guide To Charging water with singing bowls: What, How, And Why

Water is life, whether you refer to science or metaphysics.

So, what if you charge it with healing vibrations?

Does it work? Why does it work? Where does it come from?

When you keep water in or around a singing bowl, the bowl's harmonic resonance infuses and charges the energy of water. The exciting thing is that water charged can be used for many spiritual healing therapies besidesmeditation, reiki,yoga, and sound baths.

Today, we'll be talking about where, why, and how does cleansing and charging effects of water work, including the history. Ready? Let's dive in!

What Is Singing Bowl Water Charging?

Water has been used for purification throughout world history.

From Christian baptism to Jewish Mikvah, water has been used for purification by priests, shamans, healers, and mystics across different religions and cultures!

Do you know both the Earth and humans are made up of 70% water? That may be why charged water is associated with the power of healing and manifestation in new age philosophies.

Here's an interesting video from a Japanese Researcher named Masuro Emoto, who found that sounds can change the molecular structure of water.

Masaru Emoto - Water Experiments

The video showed with simple pictures how positive words and phrases such asloveandthank you can render a beautiful symmetry to water molecules. On the flip side, negative words likehate andkill do the opposite.

Simply put, water can hold the harmonic resonance of sounds that go through it.

Now that you understand the effect of positive sounds imagine how water infused with the energies of sound healing instruments like singing bowls would work.

So, is that what charging the water with a singing bowl means? Yes.

In simple terms, when you fill up a singing bowl with water and play it while setting positive intentions, the water gets cleansed, charged, and activated with the healing energies of the bowl.

Benefits And Effects Of Water Charged In Singing Bowls

When you look into spirituality, charged water is believed to energize, rejuvenate, and revitalize.

But it's physically beautiful to watch as well.

What I love most about it is when you play a water-filled singing bowl, droplets begin to dance. It's stunning. 

Take a look at it in this video from our friend and ambassdor Calypso_firewitch on it!


Hence, the first benefit of water charged in singing bowls is it can lead your brain into a meditative state. This happens as you watch the intricate patterns when water starts dancing in your sound bowl.

Moreover, it can create a 'centering effect' inside your brain to relax you!

When you play the bowl consistently long after droplets begin to dance, it leads to misting that can look even more magical. But when you do this on your own, it’s almost like self-anointing with enhanced water.

Sound-wise, adding water to a singing bowl also softens the deep and sonorous sound of Tibetan bowls. Many sound practitioners use this technique to create muted sounds for a mellow sound bath session.

Go back to the video from Calypso_firewitch to see how muted sounds can safeguard crystals from cracking or chipping when placed inside singing bowls.

We don't recommend drinking the water that you've charged in your bow, but you can use it for several other purposes like, gardening, charging space, crystals, or even people.

I love anointing new places, things, and even my jewelry with water charged in singing bowls. It’s a great tool for programming or setting intentions this way too.

For consumption, you can place a glass of water next to the singing bowl to charge it without any leaching metals or toxins.

Another exciting way to charge water for drinking with the singing bowl is by holding a water bottle over a singing bowl after striking it.

It's clear from the Bio Energy Wellness Care video on the effects of water and the singing bowl on your aura.

Tap Water + Tibetan Singing Bowl | Energy Field Test [4k]

Water charged with singing bowls is also used for flushing out thenegativity blocking the seven primarychakras.

You'll commonly see water charging happening around sound baths, reiki centers. and sound therapy rooms. That’s because charging water can also amplify energies of crystals and other vibrations around it.

How Do You Charge Water With A Singing Bowl?

For starters, charging water in a singing bowl is quite easy. It's not a sophisticated process because people have been charging water in things like wine glasses and glass bowls since a long time.

I'll explain how to do so on your own in a few simple steps. 

  1. Position your singing bowl on a flat surface like a table.
  2. Fill up to half of the bowl with water.
  3. Chant or set your intention (any affirmation will do!).
  4. Rub the rim of the bowl in a circular motion with a mallet.
  5. Striking the rim of the bowl repeatedly is also good for charging water in big singing bowls.

We've always found that bowls 5 inches in diameter, and larger, are the best candidates for making the "water bubble." 

That's it!

Dos and Don'ts When Charging Water In Singing Bowls

When charging water in a metal singing bowl, there are a few things to take care of.

First off, it's better not to consume water filled in a metal bowl as metals from the bowl can leach into the water quickly. This is especially true if the water has been soaking for a long time in metal bowls.

On the contrary, water charged in wine glasses or crystal bowls is non-toxic.

What to remember when charging water in metal bowls?

Do use CLEAN water to fill your bowl. This is because you'll never know how unclean water reacts with the metals of your bowl until the damage is done.

Don't leave water in the bowl after charging, as it can rust or corrode your bowl.

Do dry the bowl dry with a soft cloth so that leftover moisture doesn't add to rust.

Don't touch your metal singing bowl while charging water in it as it interferes with the resonance.

Do fill at least half the bowl with water before charging it. Why? Too little water won't create the dancing effect, and too much water will splash out of the bowl before it's fully charged.

Avoid crowded places and try to sit in a quiet place away from other people when doing this.

Do take a break every once in a while, because charged water will start dancing even faster when you take pauses.

Don't store the charged water for a long time. It's best used within a day or two.

As a side note, if water isn’t bouncing in your sound bowl, it might be too small. That said, dancing droplets aren’t a necessity for charging water in these bowls. The water will be cleansed and charged if you play the bowl for a few minutes.

Use your singing bowl to charge water in the open air to let nature add to the magic!

Start Charging Your Bowls With Water

According to many religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, water is believed to be the secret of life on Earth.

So, meditation and water charging with sound bowls are more fruitful than sinful no matter what religion you're practicing.

The harmonic resonance induced in water by singing bowls is unique. Moreover, charging water in a singing bowl can cleanse your mind, body, and soul. On top of it all, it's an incredible sight to watch.

I particularly love listening to the muted sounds of water in singing bowls, especially when it's raining. But the best time for water charging is during the Full Moon. That said, even New Moon is a good time.

Here's a bonus tip- you can charge water three days before or after the lunar event as nature is naturally filled with healing vibrations at this time.

Have you tried it?

Talk to us about your doubts and concerns, and we'll help you out!

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