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How To Use 7 Different Singing Bowls To Balance Your Chakras?

October 21, 2022

How To Use 7 Different Singing Bowls To Balance Your Chakras?

How To Use 7 Different Singing Bowls To Balance Your Chakras? 

So, most of us know there are seven most important chakras in the body.

But do you know singing bowls can balance these chakras? 

  • Tree of Life Bowlfor theRoot Chakra.
  • Yoni and Lingam Bowlsfor theSacral Chakra.
  • Sunset Bowlfor theSolar Plexus Chakra.
  • Inner Space BowlforHeart Chakra.
  • Purity BowlforThroat Chakra.
  • I’ll teach you how to use seven different bowls to awaken seven chakras with different singing bowls with the help of affirmations and different playing techniques.

    Ready? Let’s get started! 

    What’s Chakra Balance? What Does It Do? 

    There are 114 chakras in the human body, but seven are the most important. 

    Here’s a glimpse of the seven major chakras and their properties so you can understand what they do:


    Sanskrit Name






    The base of your spine.




    Four inches below the belly button.

    Solar Plexus 



    Above the belly button. 



    Green/ Pink

    Over the middle of the chest. 




    Over the Throat or voice box. 

    Third Eye 



    In the pineal gland or between brows.



    Purple/ Violet

    On top of the head or forehead.

    The seven chakras in the human body affect us differently. 

    While thelower chakrasare related tocourage, confidence, and hormonal balance,the higher chakrasare responsible for emotional balance and spiritual awareness. 

    How To Use Different Singing Bowls To Balance Chakras? 

    Singing bowls have acoustic bodies that are tapped or rimmed with mallets to create pleasing, positive, and meditative sounds. 

    But do you know these healing sounds can be directed to uplift different chakras? 

    Let me tell you how to use the seven perfect singing bowls for activating your seven primary chakras.

    The Tree Of Life Bowl- Root Chakra

    The root chakra is the first chakra. It’s associated with the healing of the physical body. That’s why meditating out in the open and taking a barefoot walk in the garden are excellent for opening the Root energy center. 

    I suggest playing a singing bowl like the Tree of Life bowl because it’swholesome, grand, and empoweringfor connecting with Mother Earth. This bowl is handmade and hand-hammered by indigenous Nepalese artisans for the best acoustics.

    The best way to open the Root Chakra with the Tree of Life bowl is by playing it while sitting on the ground or meditating in the open air around sunrise. 

    Here’s a glimpse of theTree of Life Bowlbefore we talk about the next one: 

    Yoni Bowl and Lingam Bowl- Sacral Chakra

    Theperfect balance of masculine and feminine energiesin your Sacral Chakra is possible by simultaneously playing a Yoni Bowl and Lingam Bowl. 

    The Lingam bowl represents the masculine and has a protrusion in the middle of the bowl, while the Yoni bowl has its iconic depression instead of a flat bottom.

    Do you know the sacral chakra is located at the same height as our reproductive organs? The second chakra representsinner power, life force, or Kundalini energy.

    You should keep the bowls on your right and left to play them simultaneously using the 2-handed technique. 

    When the sounds of Yoni and Lingam bowls merge, they produce a sound that balances the Chi, Qi, Yin, Yang, and Kundalini energies. 

    Here’s our Balance Bundle withLingam and Yoni Singing Bowls:

    Sunset Bowl- Solar Plexus Chakra

    This pure bronze bowl is a sight to behold but even more exceptional to hear. It’s perfect for brightening your inner sun, just as the Solar Plexus Chakra does. 

    That’s also why thesunrise, sunset, and daylight hoursare best for playing this singing bowl. 

    You can focus on the bright warmth of sunlight to enhance confidence, courage, relaxation, stress relief, and balance by tapping into the Solar Plexus chakra with the Sunset bowl. 

    However, don’t sit directly under the sun, as high heat and light can damage some singing bowls.

    Here’s how the Sunset singing bowlshines like a Sun: 

    Plus, you get a teakwood striker with the bowl too! 

    Inner Space bowl- Heart Chakra

    The Heart chakra is the root ofunconditional loveinside you. It can help you love others and attract love toward you. When the Heart Chakra is open, you’ll feelwarm, happy, confident, energetic, and at peace.

    That’s why I suggest playing the Inner Space singing bowl. It’ll help you realize your latent skills, dreams, and talents. You can play the Inner Space bowl before going to bed or important events.

    Here’s a glimpse of ourInner Space bowl if you want to cleanse your Heart Chakra from negativity:

    It’s a huge healing bowl best for experts. So, don’t go for it unless you’re experienced with the smaller and lightersinging bowls.

    Purity Bowl- Throat Chakra

    The sacred chakra is called Vishuddhi or Sacred in Sanskrit because it’s the seat ofsanctity, word, and holiness. 

    Your inner voice and self-communication skills stem from the fifth chakra of the Throat. When your Throat chakra weakens, you’ll feel disoriented, lost, suspicious, doubtful, or afraid. 

    That’s why a purification singing bowl like the Purity bowl can clear the negativity. 

    Whether you pick the smaller Purity bowl (4.5” to 5.5”) or the large one (5.5” to 6.5”), both are excellent for clearing negative energy and thoughts. 

    I suggestsetting your intention while playing this singing bowl by chantingpositive affirmations, prayers, verses, or your favorite mantras. 

    This is what thePurity Bowl looks like:

    Moon in Sun Bowl- Third Eye Chakra

    The Third Eye chakra is where your inner visionresides. You’ll feelintuitive, wise, insightful, and calm when it’s active and open. 

    The Third Eye, or Ajna chakra, is represented by theelement of Light and indigo color.That’s why meditating with the Moon in Sun Bowl under thenew moon, or full moonlight, is powerful.

    While setting the intention to open the Third Eye chakra, you can also focus on the images on the bowl, such as the sun transitioning into the sun or vice-versa. 

    I feel it’s an excellent reminder of the balance of contrasting events, things, and actions in life. 

    Take a look at theMoon in the Sun bowlbefore we move on to the 7th chakra singing bowl.

     Dharma Wheel Singing Bowl- Crown Chakra 

    Lastly, the Crown Chakraconnects you to the divine, universe, and spiritual realms

    Meditating and playing a singing bowl while focusing on opening your seventh chakra can help you tap intowisdom and knowledge.

    Dharma Wheel is a special singing bowl good for rimming for long periods, especially for the crown chakra. And because meditation works best with the Crown Chakra, it’s best to visualize or focus on the chakra wheel on the singing bowl while playing it.

    When the crown chakra is open, you’ll feelintuitive, insightful, calm, energetic, and spiritually guided. Butparanoia, headaches, hopelessness, and pessimism are common when it’s weak. 

    Here’s how the gorgeousDharma Bowl looks:

    How To Use Singing Bowls To Balance Multiple Chakras at Once? 

    Now that you know how to flush clogged negativity in your seven chakras using singing bowls, what about opening multiple chakras with singing bowls? Is it even possible? 


    You can open multiple chakras from toe to head using multiple singing bowls at once. 

    All you need to do is arrange the seven singing bowls at arm’s length around you and start playing them from Root to Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. 

    Multiple singing bowls can cleanse your chakras and charge them one after another. 

    Try how these singing bowls sound on our Virtual Sound Bath page right away. 

    Start Balancing Chakras With Specific Tibetan Singing BowlsTODAY!

    Singing bowls are great for focus, energy, alertness, relaxation, calm, clarity, and spiritual awareness because they activate different chakras in our body from head to toe. 

    That’s why using different singing bowls by chakras can help you open them one by one.

    I hope this article helped you realize how to open different chakras with singing bowls. Depending on the chakra you want to work on, pick a singing bowl from the list above. 

    But before you go, keep in mind to NEVER keep a vibrating singing bowl on your body.

    Tell us if you already use singing bowls for balancing chakras!

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