How To: Cleanse and Charge Crystals With Singing Bowls? 8 Ways + 7 Tips!

How To: Cleanse and Charge Crystals With Singing Bowls? 8 Ways + 7 Tips!

Singing bowls create healing energies with sound, and crystals do the same with energies.

Both are useful for the cleansing aura, chakras, moods, places, people, and energies. Hence, combining them amplifies their energies.

How To: Cleanse and Charge Crystals With Singing Bowls? 8 Ways + 7 Tips

We talked about how sound impacts the human body recently.

Now it's time to learn how the sound of a singing bowl impacts healing crystals. 

Singing bowls create healing energies with sound, and crystals do the same with energies. Both are useful for the cleansing aura, chakras, moods, places, people, and energies. Hence, combining them amplifies their energies.

I'll explain the connection between Tibetan bowls and healing crystals with ways to cleanse and charge them together.

Overview: Singing Bowls And Crystals

Singing bowls are historically used throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India, and Tibet, as we learned in its fascinating history.

They're acoustic healing instruments often used for therapeutic effects like relaxation besides spiritual properties such as wisdom, enlightenment, and cosmic consciousness.

Similarly, healing crystals are fruits of Mother Earth. That may be why mystics and psychics use them for emotional healing, chakra cleansing, and spiritual consciousness.

Moreover, crystals show up in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and cultures like Japanese, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, Icelandic, etcetera throughout history.

So, it's sensible to think combining the two increases the healing energies of both.

But do you know mixing singing bowls with crystal therapies is also good for cleansing and charging? In simpler words, you can use the healing vibrations of singing bowls to cleanse and amplify crystals.

Moreover, crystals bring a whole new sense into the mix- touch. 

So, next time you're working with a bowl, add crystals to the mix!

How To Cleanse Healing Crystals With A Singing Bowl?

Do you know some crystals can absorb negativity from other crystals, people, and places? While some crystals can also cleanse (I don't mean cleaning because cleansing refers to removing negativity) themselves and other crystals, most aren't built that way.

That's where cleansing crystals with acoustic healing instruments prove helpful. As I explained in a recent post, sound bowls offer a simple, easy, and thorough technique for cleansing negativity.

There are three ways to cleanse crystals with a singing bowl.

The first way to cleanse crystals is to keep them close to the bowl you're working with. This way, the cleansing vibrations of the bowl will touch the crystals and dispel any negative energy.

The second option is to hold the singing bowl on top of the crystals while you're playing it. Remember to play the bowl with your dominant hand while holding it in the non-dominant hand. But if you ask me, the better option (safety and convenience) is to keep it on a table, so you're hands-free.

Thirdly, you can move the singing bowl around crystals you want to cleanse while striking or playing it from above, under, or around. This is especially good if you're going to cleanse crystals on altars or massive crystal clusters that you don't want to move.

Lastly, I love placing crystals when water charging with your singing bowl.

As @calypso_firewitch shared recently, it’s a great way to cleanse and charge precious gems that are non-toxic in water.

The fun doesn’t end there because the four techniques I just shared are also good for charging crystals. The only difference between cleansing and charging is you should set an intention when charging.

5 Ways To Charge Crystals With a Singing Bowl?

Akin to cleansing that repels negative energies stuck on crystals, you can also program or activate a crystal with the powerful vibrations of Tibetan bowls.

Charging is actually a way of setting an intention to bowls and crystals' sound and energy vibrations to manifest your desires.

I've listed out five different ways to combine the energy of the two for amplifying manifestations.


You can use sacred herbs, essential oils, and smells to amplify the energy of singing bowls with crystals. This can be done using an aroma diffuser or even by gently smudging the crystals with sacred herbs. Our Ohm Oil blend is excellent for this!

I love using essential oils for diffusing and Palo Santo and Sage for smudging or burning mainly because it combines sound, smell, and touch.


You can also set an intention to your singing bowl ritual with crystals by chanting seed syllables (like Ohm) or mantras (like Ohm Mane Padme Hum) to activate them. Affirmations are essentially thought energies that are positive and powerful as they speak directly to the universe.

Repeating these affirmations throughout different times of the day with crystals and sound vibrations to amplify manifestations.


You can also meditate while holding the crystals in one hand and striking the bowl with the other hand for setting intentional energies.

Even water charging in singing bowls is an excellent idea for achieving the meditative state. Visualize your intention while striking a bowl with crystals above, underneath, or around it. Here’s our take on Singing Bowl Meditation.


We discussed the power of mixing yoga with singing bowls recently. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out now.

I love how you can amplify the energies even more by adding healing crystals to the mix.

If you're doing a sitting pose during yoga, try to charge your intention by holding a crystal in one hand and playing the bowl with another.

Water charging or making a gem elixir with crystals and singing bowls

Water is powerful and retains the memory of intentions said to it, as we talked about recently. You can use the healing vibrations of charged water by holding a crystal over the sound bowl while charging.

Another way is to place the crystal atop a coaster set on top of the water to infuse sound and crystal vibrations. This is a safer option as some crystals may release toxins while soaked in water.

7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Crystals With Singing Bowls

When you're using crystals with a singing bowl, it's important to keep a few things in mind to avoid destroying your precious gemstones and bowls.

Always clean the area where you're charging crystals with singing bowls to maintain good vibrations. It must also be clutter-free and ventilated for chi or qi energy flow.

It's not good to place the crystal inside the bowl (without water) as vibrations can chip or crack when they get too deep or intense.

Small bowls are good for cleansing small crystals and big bowls for giant crystals. Also, small bowls make high-pitched sounds while large bowls make deep pitched sounds.

You can use any type of singing bowl, i.e., metal or crystal bowl, for cleansing and charging crystals. There are no limits!

Always place your sound bowl on a cushion and on a flat surface when cleansing or charging to prevent it from falling off.

When you're arranging crystals around the sound bowl, make sure to place them on a cloth to mute any vibrations capable of cracking them.

Start Using Your Singing Bowls With Healing Crystals

Cleansing your crystals with the sound energies of a singing bowl removes negativity stuck on them. That said, it's best not to place any crystals inside the bowl without water while playing it.

But you can always hold it above or underneath the bowl besides circling around it.

When you set an intention to this cleansing ritual, your crystals will get charged with the healing vibrations of the bowl.

The best thing about charging crystals with singing bowls is that you can use them to charge your gemstone jewelry like rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Just keep them around the sound bowl next time you're playing them.

I also love to move the bowl around the crystal jewelry of choice while chanting, meditating, or diffusing sacred herb scents around it.

Wondering how long to cleanse or charge a crystal with a singing bowl?

The rule of thumb is to continue playing the bowl as long as your intuition tells you to. If you ask about my personal ritual, it's anything between 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Feel free to send us any doubts about using Tibetan bowls with crystals if you're still unsure about mixing the two.