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Cleansing Negativity With Singing Bowls: How To Get Started?

March 10, 2022

Cleansing Negativity With Singing Bowls: How To Get Started?

Cleansing Negativity With Singing Bowls: How To Get Started?

Cleansing isn’t the same as cleaning.

The former (cleansing) relates to a deeper, thorough, and metaphysical cleaning process while cleaning is simply tidying up.

For instance, showering can clean a dirty body, but you need to do penance if you’ve sinned to cleanse away the guilt 😀. This example highlights the distinction between being clean, and cleansing. 

So, how do you cleanse negativity with singing bowls? When should you use singing bowls for cleansing? Where to use sound bowls for cleansing bad vibrations?

Singing bowls are great for purifying spaces and energies. It’s an excellent tool for cleansing new houses, before/after guests visit you and after traumatic incidents. Playing a singing bowl is the easiest way to cleanse your home, office, garden, and chakra points in the body.

Read on to learn the nitty-gritty of using singing bowls in your home, office, garden, and body to eliminate negativity.

Let’s start spring cleansing!

Basics: Singing Bowls For Cleansing

Sound is energy.

Our organs and tissues have a natural frequency when healthy. Dissonant frequencies show up in diseased states. We can aim to restore original stable vibrations by using singing bowl frequencies. (this sort of energy work is the concept that acupuncturists use) 

Check out our recent article series on ‘How sound impacts the body’ to know more about sound for cleansing and charging if you’re still confused.

How To Detect Bad Energies?

Vibes or vibrations in the atmosphere are affected by light, sound, thoughts, disease, pain, anger, fights, love, joy, and even physical clutter.

When these bad vibes get too high up on the scale, the space around can feel suffocating quite quickly.

Some signs of bad energy are discomfort, stress, poor sleep, storming thoughts, uneasiness, loneliness, anxiety, breathing difficulties, constant arguments, passive aggression. Your body and mood are giving you the signals -- if you're paying attention. 

How To Use Singing Bowls To Clear Negativity?

In the history of singing bowls, we learned that sound bowls are a special type of  standing bell, used for everything from storing grains in antiquity, to use in meditative rituals. While most singing bowl users know they’re good for charging (energetically), a good majority is unaware they work for purification purposes too.

Continue on to find tips to clear negativity from different areas with sound bowls.

Cleansing Negativity In Your Home

Your physical grounding in the world is where you feel safest or the home. So, unless you feel comfortable at home, everything else will suffer too. I suggest cleansing the home with a sunrise ritual using singing bowls right after waking up.

You can place the singing bowl on a cushion in your palm and walk towards the corners of every room and strike it once or twice at the bowl’s rim.

I suggest sitting down in the center of your bedroom or prayer room (if you have this). This way, you can play the bowl in a circular motion for a few minutes while meditating on the thought of cleansing bad vibrations.

Easy, right?It’s simpler than what you’re reading!

Instead of restricting to the morning, you can also do the same before bedtime for sound sleep and harmony.

How To Clear Negativity From Your Office With Singing Bowls?

What if you feel there’s unbearable negativity emanating from your office? You can try playing the singing bowl around the office just as you did around the house.

It’s a great solution when there’s overwhelming tension, jealousy, politics, and disharmony in the office. We suggest that it might work for you to cleanse the space with a sound bowl when a new member joins the office or an older one leaves.

Purifying Energies In Your Garden

Plants react to negative vibrations just as your kids or pets respond to fights and arguments. Apart from emotional disturbances, your garden may suffer due to other biological factors. 

Moreover, plants show extremely adverse reactions if you’re not quick enough with solutions. Tibetan bowls are perfect for improving plant health because science says plants already like soothing music.

Being a plant fanatic, I recommend getting a singing bowl and playing around your garden at sunrise or sunset regularly for a month to purify bad vibrations.

Clearing Blocked Chakras In Your Body

We’ve already talked about the  chakra connection of singing bowlsand how sound can cleanse blockages in every one of the seven primary chakras

You can sit down in a comfortable position and play the bowl while visualizing, meditating, Reiki, chanting affirmations, or using crystals for specific points to flush out the negativity.

When To Use Singing Bowls For Cleansing?

Singing bowls are a great tool for resetting the sound vibrations in your place. But when should you mandatorily use these bowls for removing negativity in a space?

As most of us dust, broom, or vacuum to keep our living space clean, cleansing rituals are perfect for performing right after physical cleaning. Otherwise, cleansing is a great ideayou’ve shifted to a new place.

I suggest doing it even after you move or add new furniture too.

Personally, cleansing my office with Tibetan bowls is a norm at the start and end of new projects. You can also do it before new people come into your home and after they leave.

All that said, the best way to use the cleansing vibrations of the Tibetan Bowl is after a medical or emotional incident.

For instance, you can use it if you’re suffering from sleep problems or after a fight to cleanse the air. It will help you cope better with the challenge.

Start Cleansing Negativity With Singing Bowls

Now you know cleansingis easier than cleaning and how one differs from another. Once you learn how to play the singing bowl, your intuition will help you purify whether you do it in your home, office, or even the treehouse!

In short, dis-harmony, dis-connection, dis-ease, and dis-respect are all possibilities where you can use singing bowls to cleanse away the bad vibes.

Put simply, singing bowls can purify and charge people, spaces, and energies!

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