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Why And How To Use Singing Bowls For Sleep? (Easiest Action Plan)

May 10, 2022

Why And How To Use Singing Bowls For Sleep? (Easiest Action Plan)

Why And How To Use Singing Bowls For Sleep? (Easiest Action Plan)

Some people like to read a book to fall asleep, others prefer classical music, and some even try meditation before bed. 

If you're looking for a unique method of readying your brain waves toward sleep mode, and to take yourself right into the sleep state, the singing bowl is an excellent solution.

Singing bowls create sound vibrations that entrain theta and delta brain waves responsible for relaxation and deep sleep.

Let's look at why and how singing bowls help with sleep problems.

Ready? Read on!

Why Use Singing Bowls For Sleep? Does It Work?

Yes, they work! (try it!)

Singing bowls produce deep, sonorous vibrations that can easily put you into a deep sleep.

As we learned recently, soaking in the sound vibrations of bowls can heal the body, its behaviors, cognition, and different chakras.

Let's begin by looking at what happens to our minds and bodies when we slip into sleep.

Here's an outline:

First is the Alpha Wave state, where our bodily process winds down with relaxation.

Second is the Theta Wave state, when the mind undergoes deep relaxation.

Third and last is the Delta Wave state occurring during deep meditation or dreamless sleep.

In simple terms, our brains produce different ways through different stages of sleep.

Moreover, the sound is a proven solution for dealing with sleep problems for a long time. That's why there are sound machines programmed with white noises, classical music playlists on Spotify, or soothing music specifically designed to help you fall asleep.

When it comes to sound bowls, different studies have proven how these bowls can quieten the mind chatter and flip the brain into calmness by changing our brain waves.

According to a 2019 study, "Himalayan Singing Bowls can achieve deep relaxation in just 20 minutes".

"Waves produced during a meditative state created by singing bowls are found to be exactly like those of alpha waves" (Loyola Marymount University).

Another study published on Research Gate says, "singing bowl sound may effectively facilitate meditation and relaxation, considering that the beat frequency belongs to theta waves which increases in the relaxed meditation state."

Sleeping is quite like meditation, brain wave wise. The only difference is that we're alert, aware, and awake during meditation. We are dazed, unaware, and unconscious during this time during sleep.

Technically, Himalayan bowls can produce alpha, theta, and delta brain waves to take us into a deep sleep where our senses wind down and cut us off from the outside world.

Benefits Of Tibetan Bowls For Sleep

The average person sleeps for 26 years throughout their life.

Sleep is so crucial to our well-being because that's when our cells repair, regenerate, and adjust to the stress of waking hours.

It isn't a single process, but a combination of processes. Many of these physical processes sync to slow our minds and bodies to sleep by using Tibetan bowls in a specific way. 

Let's look at one more study before finding out how that works.

A study published in theJournal of Integrative Medicine says an hour of sound therapy using 95% singing bowl sounds reduced anger, tension, fatigue, and tension.

So what does that have to do with sleep?

Suppose you're finding it hard to stop the mind chatter, frustration, and overthinking when heading to bed. You may have counted a thousand sheep or tried relaxation exercises and music that just didn't work. In such a case, an hour of sound vibrations from a singing bowl can flip your mind into tranquility.

Using these bowls before sleep can also slow down your heartbeat and breathing rate to naturally prepare you for sleep.

An added bonus is you'll wake up refreshed instead of groggy or frustrated after having a hectic yesterday.

But that's not all singing bowls can do!

They can also put a stop to sleep problems like nightmares or waking in the middle of the night by leading your brain into the sleep wave state.

Playing a Tibetan bowl regularly can help with stress, anxiety, overthinking, and even pain. That's why it's often used in detox centers to rehabilitate patients dealing with all sorts of problems.

Spiritually, Himalayan bowl music can flush out the negativity in your body.

Most healers say playing singing bowls before bed is an excellent way to cleanse your body and chakras at the end of the day.

Whether you want to wind down at the end of a hectic day or create a healthy sleep routine, a sound bath with singing bowls is a great idea!

How To Use Singing Bowls For A Sound Sleep?

At the beginning of this article, I said there's a "certain way" to play the singing bowl if your end goal is to sleep. Let's walk through the simple tips. 

Remember to pick Tibetan bowls with muted sounds.If you don't have a bowl that fits the description, add water to the bowl to soften it easily.

Make sure you only add water halfway into the bowl to avoid spillage.

Secondly, make sure to strike the bowl softly instead of loudly to avoid stimulating your brain.

Next, when you're playing the bowl by rubbing its rim, the time to be gentle is now. The best way to do this is by pausing every few seconds. That's why sound therapists advise users to practice intermittent striking or to play with long gaps of silence.

Another way to fall asleep quickly with sound bowls is by using smell.

All you need to do is add a few drops of relaxing essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, chamomile, or sandalwood in your aroma diffuser. You can also dab it on your pillow if you don't have a diffuser.

When that's not an option too, simply apply the oil to your sleep chakra (crown) area on the forehead before playing the bowl.

If aromatherapy isn't your preference, combine other energy rituals like bedtime yoga nidra, meditation, chanting, or crystals with your singing bowl sleep routine.

It's easier done than said, promise!

Change Your Brain Waves To Fall Asleep Naturally With Singing Bowls!

The singing bowl can guide your brain through theta and Delta wave states to help you fall asleep. But insomnia isn't its only benefit. These bowls can calm your mind, help you relax, shake off frustrations, and eliminate nightmares too.

The best thing is singing bowls not only helps you sleep but also keep you in deep sleep according to your needs.

Regularly using sound bowls for sleep with essential oil blends like our Ohm Oil teaches your body a healthy routine and rhythm.

Do you know you can even tell Alexa to play singing bowls for sleep if you're not in the mood to play the bowls yourself?

Here's a video of Tibetan bowls for deep sleep to check how it works-

Huge, Deep Singing Bowl Played Softly - No Music - Sounds for Meditation & Sleep

Start using singing bowls for sleeping well. The added bonus is you'll wake up so fresh the next day too! Read more about how sound impacts our bodynext.

Send us any questions you have about using sound bowls for a sound sleep!

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