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How To Use A Singing Bowl 101? Guide To 11 Amazing Uses Of Singing Bowl

August 25, 2022

How To Use A Singing Bowl 101? Guide To 11 Amazing Uses Of Singing Bowl

How To Use A Singing Bowl 101? Guide To 11 Amazing Uses Of Singing Bowls

So, you've got your first singing bowl. Let us help you understand how you can utilize this instrument of sound for your intended purpose - the generation of peace inducing tones.

There are many ways to use Tibetan sound bowls.

You can use a singing bowl by striking, rimming, water-charging, or chanting into the bowl. These bowls are great for meditation, prayer, cleansing, healing, charging, manifestations, yoga, feng shui, and crystal grid activation.

Read on to learn how to use your first Tibetan bowl and their 11 uses to try in your daily life.

How Do I Use A Singing Bowl?

While Tibetan bowls were once used for grain storage, as currency, or even as dowry, it has become a vital part of Buddhist prayers and energy rituals in recent centuries.

Its ancient history may be why there are six main ways to play them. Read more about the fascinating history of Tibetan bowls here.

I’ll summarize the six techniques to play singing bowls from earlier blog posts.

  • Gong Beat or striking is where you gently strike the walls of the singing bowl.
  • Rimmingis when you continuously rub the mallet against the rim of the singing bowl to produce an unstopped sound.
  • Water chargingrequires you to fill the bowl up to half with water. Next, you chant into a playing bowl to combine sound and water waves.
  • Wah Wah Technique is an advanced method where you speak or chant into the mouth of a singing bowl in motion.
  • Multiple bowlsare an excellent way to diffuse healing sounds around you.

Apart from the above, you can also integrate different techniques to bring out new tones from your singing bowl.

11 Top Uses Of Singing Bowls

So you’ve got an idea of how to play singing bowls. But you’re wondering how to do it the right way. Here’s all you need to know:


Prayers are direct forms of communication with God. So, they’re not a passive activity. But to bring your heart and soul to concentrate completely, singing bowls can help.

Playing a singing bowl increases focus and alertness.

Fun Fact: Japanese singing bowls used specifically for prayer are called Rin Gongs (a long and chunky sound bowl).


Sound waves are invisible to the naked eye but are powerful. They repel negative energies.

Hence, playing singing bowls at your home can cleanse rooms, objects, and people.

It’s a great way to clear the negativity in your garden too. You can also play your favorite singing bowl while walking around the garden or the house in the mornings.

Charging or Setting Intentions

The next step after cleansing in spirituality is charging. Charging is a method of setting intentions or manifesting your desires. Playing Tibetan bowls is a way to charge clothes, crystals, rooms, spaces, and chakras.

Working with seven chakra singing bowls can flush out negativity from all your seven primary chakras.

Seven chakras help youclear yourmind (crown chakra), strengthen intuition (third-eye chakra), find the truth (throat chakra), attract love (heart chakra), find physical healing (solar plexus chakra), discover creativity (sacral chakra),andfind balance in life (root chakra).


Singing bowls are excellent for mindfulness and meditation as it helps us switch between different states of brainwaves.

In fact, “waves produced during a meditative state created by singing bowls are found to be exactly like those of alpha waves.” This article discusses how and why to use singing bowls for sleep.

That’s why playing a singing bowl before meditation will help you easily get into a meditative state.

Energy Rituals

Like aromatherapy, singing bowls also work well with energy rituals, such as meditation, crystal healing, chakra cleansing, Reiki, and yoga.

For instance, singing bowls are great for cleansing crystals. They’re also perfect for charging crystal jewelry before wearing them.

Feng Shui

Feng shui uses the power of classic elements like sun, water, fire, earth, wind, and sky to bring balance into spaces.

You can also cleanse rooms and spaces by playing singing bowls. Doing so also invites the benefits of feng shui like wealth, fame, health, harmony, love, and more into your home.

Learn more aboutfeng shui with singing bowls here.


Yoga is an ancient practice of using body movements, meditation, and breathing techniques to control the mind.

Many yogis play Tibetan bowls before starting yoga to fuse the healing energies of mind, body, and spirit with sound.You might’ve heard these sounds as background music at yoga sessions too.

Activating Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are arranged based on sacred geometry to manifest by sending energies into the heart of the universe. Typically a clear quartz wand is used to activate the crystal grid.

But if you have a singing bowl, it’ll do great to activate and amplifyyour grid.

All you need to do is play the bowl around the grid for a few days at dawn or dusk every day until your manifestation is complete.


Mantras, positive affirmations, and chants are powerful ways to convert your sound energies into manifestations.This article taught us about the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of singing bowls.

When you chant these specific prayers while playing your Tibetan bowl, your sound and the sound from the healing bowl combine to set your intentions true.


Singing bowls are great for chakra healing. That’s why they can accelerate physical healing.

For instance, the root chakra helps with problems associated with stability and balance, sacral chakra works on fertility. In contrast, the third eye chakra helps with vision, mood, stress, intuition, and memory.

As we read from all those studies from PudMed, NCBI, etcetera with clinical trials in recent blogs, singing bowls have many therapeutic applications.

Start Using Your Singing BowlDaily!

Tibetan bowls are excellent for focus during meditation as well as sleep. Once you’re familiar with the multiple ways to play these bowls, it’s easy to use them for different things.

You can use small-to-medium-and-large-sized bowls for meditation, cleansing crystals, removing bad energies, opening chakras, and more. Rimming, striking, and water-charging are excellent ways to get started, whether you’re a beginner or a pro getting back to sound bowls.

Singing bowls are excellent because they induce a relaxing, alert, and meditative state. They can amplify the powers of crystals, herbal protection, balance based on feng shui, and energies of qigong, or pranic healing.

No matter your religious beliefs, a session of singing bowls before praying is great for focus and dedication during prayer too.

What’s your favorite way of playing the singing bowl?

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