Guide: Understanding The Yoni and Lingam Bowls + 7 Simple Uses

Guide: Understanding The Yoni and Lingam Bowls + 7 Simple Uses

Understanding and using Yoni and Lingam Bowls: The Guide To 7 Simple Uses

Singing bowls are over 5,000 years old, so it’s no wonder there are many different types of them. But two perfect bowls you can use together for balance, physical healing, and spiritual awakening are Yoni and Lingam bowls. But what are yoni and lingam bowls? What do they do?

A yoni bowl represents the feminine energy and the lingam bowl for the masculine energy. Not "male" and "female" but different energetic potentials, that are present in all of us. Yoni bowls are life-giving, while lingam bowls are filled with cosmic fire energy. Both can be used for yoga, meditation, crystals, chanting, and more. The duo is even more powerful when together.

Read on to find the basic differences and uses of yoni and lingam bowls with me today.

Let’s get started!

Basics Of Yoni: What’s A Yoni Singing Bowl?

Yoni means womb, vagina, source, sacred, and creation in Sanskrit.

Yogis call it the sacred space and spirituality as the gateway of creation.

Hinduism equates Yoni to the symbol of Goddess Shakti. Moreover, Shakti is the Mahadevi, the Supreme Goddess that rules all other Gods. Even other Goddesses like Kali are believed to be an avatar of Shakti.

In different scriptures, Yoni is described as life than female sexual energy.

Tantra describes Yoni or the female principle represented with the downward-facing triangle. And Yoni vessels in Hinduism refer to shallow containers with spouts. They’re typically used for offerings to God.

According to Minke de Vos, the founder of Tao Tantric Arts- “Everyone has feminine energy in them.”

When it comes to chakra energies, the Yoni awakens the second energy center of the sacral chakra. Even yoni wands, yoni crystal eggs, and mudras are used exclusively used for awakening the feminine energy in the sacral chakra.

Regarding Tibetan bowls, yoni singing bowls are a type of Thadobati bowl (Check out 9 Types of Singing Bowls here).

Here’s a picture of Ohm Store’s Yoni Bowl:


Source: The Yoni Bowl

Notice the engravings in the center of the Yoni Bowl?

These healing symbols of the eye, spiral, and circle represent creation. This hand-hammered yoni bowl is iconically represented with Yoni symbolisms to help you concentrate on the feminine energy when you use the bowl.

The engravings also increase the resonance of the bowl. In ancient times, yoni bowls were made in the shape of the lens, eye, or Yoni itself.

How To Use A Yoni Bowl?

The meaning of a yoni bowl is life because it’s life-giving and nourishing. So, there are many ways to play a yoni bowl like any other bowl.

  • Yoga

Yoga is an exercise of using the mind, body, and spiritual energy for balance, healing, and stability. Just as we learned about singing bowl yoga, the sounds of a yoni bowl can be used to awaken different parts of the body and mind.

All you need to do is play the yoni bowl for a few minutes before starting yoga. It will help in activating your sacral chakra well in advance.

  • Mudra

Mudras are much like yoga, but instead of using the whole body, as in yoga, only your hands are used to make gestures for mudras.

The yoni mudra is an easy way to connect with your sacral chakra to relieve pains and discomforts associated with your reproductive system. While using Tibetan bowls, you play the yoni bowl in the background to enhance your feminine energies.

Here’s a video that will help you do the Yoni Mudra.

  • Meditation

Another way to empower with the yoni singing bowl is by meditating on your intention. Keep the bowl in front of you and play it for a few minutes or up to an hour. During the time, try to visualize your intention manifesting or realizing.

Read more about using singing bowls during meditation here.

  • Prayer or Prayer

As singing bowls are used for religious purposes, usually chanting, you can also do so from your home. Moreover, chanting is an excellent way to fuse the sounds of the bowl with your own.

A lot of people write down their affirmations to chant while playing the bowl.

Here are a few positive affirmations to get you started with the yoni bowl:

  • I am free.
  • I am filled with life-giving energy.
  • I am part of creation.
  • Charging

Another way to use the yoni singing bowl is for charging spaces, people, things, and crystals. I love using the yoni singing bowl with lower chakra crystals such as carnelian, citrine, lava stones, and amber to set my goals.

What I usually do is set up the bowl in front of me. Keep my favorite sacral chakra feminine crystals around the bowl. Finally, I play the bowl while the crystals absorb the charging energies of the yoni bowl.

Check out my recent post on 5 ways to play the yoni bowl next.

What’s A Lingam Bowl?

The symbol of Hindu God Shiva, a Lingam Bowl is the better half of the yoni bowl. It was made in the 16th century and features a protrusion in the middle of the bowl called Lingam.

Consequently, there’s a depression under the bowl, symbolizing the navel part of the man’s body.

While Lingam singing bowls come in varied weights and sizes, they’re mostly low in height and shallow in depth.

Here’s the picture of a Lingam Singing Bowl:


Source: Lingam Bowl

The soft and smooth Lingam bowls with the phallic object inside represent the power of Siva, the Hindu God of destruction. It stands for generative power.

Much like Manipuri Tibetan bowls in construction, the unique shape of Lingam bowls also gives them an ethereal and authentic sound. It’s recommended for power, creativity, and focus.

You can see the Siva Lingam in private shrines and Siva temples in India. Moreover, Hinduism refers to the “cosmic pillar of fire,” representing the universe’s beginning and end.

God Siva is typically represented as emerging from the tip of the Lingam.

In the ways of ancient Vedic scriptures, there’s no balance of creation without the linga or Lingam. It’s the generator of power and destructor. Interestingly, these scriptures about the powers of the Lingam go all the way back to the 1st Century BCE!

How To Use A Lingam Bowl?

A lingam meditation bowl can be used just like a Yoni bowl with striking and rimming. But there’s more to it than most know about.

  • Cleansing

The best way to use a Lingam singing bowl is for cleansing space, people, objects, and crystals. That’s because playing the lingam bowl in the presence of negativity can diminish and eliminate it.

All you have to do is place your crystals around the Lingam bowl just like you did for charging with the yoni bowl before you start playing it.

  • Yoga

Yoga is another way to harness the healing energies of a Lingam bowl. When you do yoga in the presence of a Lingam bowl, it enhances the masculine energy of power, vigor, and virility inside you.

Moreover, yoga with a Lingam bowl can heal the pain in the joints, muscles, limbs, and head. It’s a great way to bring the energies of mind, body, and spirit together for healing.

  • Crystal Grid

Lingam sound bowls are also a great way to activate every type of crystal grid. Because grids activate the energy of several crystals to send manifestation intentions to the heart of the universe, a Lingam bowl amplifies this manifestation request even more.

  • Chanting

Chanting is another excellent way to fuse the sounds of the bowl with your own. By chanting positive affirmations associated with the power of Lingam bowls, you can energize the air, wind, aura, and chakra energies around you.

Here are a few positive affirmations to try:

  • I am the source of power.
  • I am healed.
  • I am creative.
  • Mindfulness Meditation

The last technique of using a Lingam singing bowl is for mindfulness meditation.

All you need to do is play the Lingam bowl for a few minutes before meditating. Then, the negative thoughts and chatter in your mind will disperse and pave the way for creativity. Interesting, right? Try it once!

The Balance Bundle: How To Use Yoni And Lingam Singing Bowls Together?

You now know about the powers of yoni and lingam bowls separately. But because Yoni and Lingam are two parts of the same God Siva, they also balance the inner masculinity and the inner femininity.

The Ohm Store created a bundle called "The Balance Bundle," which pairs these two complementary bowls together, which you can see here: The Balance Bundle Plus (Rose Quartz and Lava Stones Mala)

While Lingam symbolizes power, Yoni represents the cocoon for this power that results in creation. In simple words, it’s the totality brought about by the union of the man and the woman.

Moreover, the tones of yoni and lingam bowls reflect off each other like dewy mornings in the spring. That’s also why they’re great for focusing your thoughts while meditating.

To be honest, most scriptures show Yoni as the ultimate place for Lingam. Together, they symbolize life and regeneration in the universe.

In Short: Start Using Your Yoni Or Lingam Sound Bowl Together Or Alone!

Yoni bowls are part of creation, and so are lingam bowls. But Yoni gives life and Lingam, fire. Both the bowls are different in their appearance. And Lingam is typically identified with a protrusion in the middle of the bowl.

The best thing is that yoni-lingam singing bowls are great for setting new goals, prayer, and manifestation rituals together. That’s because they balance the masculine and feminine within you.

I suggest you use Lingam and Yoni bowls together to beat stress and find healing within you. Besides their ideal resonance complements each other, these two bowls mean creation and revival.

Which is your favorite bowl? Talk to me about it; I would love to know!