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How To Combine The Powers Of Smell And Sound? The Match Made In Heaven

April 21, 2022

How To Combine The Powers Of Smell And Sound? The Match Made In Heaven

How To Combine The Powers Of Smell And Sound? The Match Made In Heaven

Most of us have some associations of events playing soothing music and smelling divine at the same time. Thanks to their fragrant scents and soothing tones, I have a couple of restaurants, spas, clubs, and wellness centers that I love.

You might’ve already guessed the magic behind it- the perfect marriage of soothing sounds and even more soothing smells.

Today we’ll talk about why sound pairs so well with smells and how to enhance the two to take your energy rituals to the next level.

The Perfect Harmony Of Sound And Smell: Why Combine The Energy Of Singing Bowls With Aromatherapy?

Sound and smell go together so well that most places are already experimenting with the duo. That may be why your favorite restaurant has low-fi music while you take a whiff of your favorite foods.

Another unforgettable marriage of the two is clear at weddings. Perhaps your own wedding where you handpicked the flowers and the music to create that perfect ambiance.

Spas, motels, resorts, and events make use of this secret because smell and sound complement each other beautifully when mixed correctly.

Every time you have an aroma diffuser while listening to your favorite music, you’re doing essentially this, marrying the healing properties of sound and smell. And the two senses, in turn, amplify the healing energies. That’s why aromatherapy is a prerequisite at sound bath sessions.

You might already know about several aroma diffusers that can be programmed with soothing sounds to lead you to sound sleep or spread a good vibe.

To me, combining the powers of Smell and Sound is much like marrying two different dimensions that seamlessly go together.

Such a combination exists in nature too. During different seasons, flowers bloom with the wind or rain, setting the fusion of relaxing sound and scents.

Researchers call it cross-modal perception.

“Research has demonstrated that ratings of the perceived pleasantness and quality of odors can be modulated by auditory stimuli presented at around the same time” (Frontiers In Psychology).

Science calls this the “synergistic effects” of the two senses.

I’ll explain it in simpler words.

While a lot of cells respond to smell, a higher number of cells are activated when smells are also accompanied by tones. Moreover, some cells may react differently by increasing or decreasing their activity when the two senses come together.

So imagine what would happen to our cells if you use sounds and smells proven to be soothing and relaxing?

Hence, combining singing bowls with essential oils is like an energy technique worth exploring.

How To Use Essential Oils With Singing Bowls? Benefits And Uses I Absolutely Adore!

Instead of going on a wild goose chase to find the right scents and sounds, I’ll tell you my favorite ways so that you can pick what appeals the most to you.

The first best way to mix the two senses of smell and scent is by using essential oils and singing bowls duringmeditation.

We already learned how the sound of singing bowls can help you switch into a theta state of meditation recently. Remember our post on how smells impact the body?

So, when you meditate with the sound of singing bowls and essential oils together, they can create the perfect setting to help you meditate and set intentions.

Here’s a video from Healing Vibrations that combines singing bowls and peppermint scent to do just that!

The second way I love to bring together smell and sound is playing a bowl while chanting or humming mantras like the seed syllables we recently learned about.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, there are many apps to help you switch into a sound slumber with calming tones. What’s more, you can enhance sleep by mixing these sounds with tranquilizing scents that lead you to deep sleep.

You can set up an aroma diffuser with your favorite essential oil scent to do the same. Another effective way to do this is by using the right scent of incense sticks.

The same holds true for other energy rituals like yoga. Try to use singing bowls with yoga poses while you are soaking into the scents of sacred herbs too.

Do you know shamans use chakra-based frequencies and a mix of herbs that correspond to each primary chakra to flush out chakra blockages? You must’ve seen it already.

The exciting thing is you can also replicate this process by using essential oils at your home.

Aura cleansing works the same way.

Simply walking into fragrant places playing soothing sounds sets an ambiance besides repelling negative vibrations. Plus, you can do the same for cleansing or charging people, spaces, clothes, or things.

Another use of mixing sound and smell is with a sound massage.

Do you know what it is?

Sound massageis a relaxation technique where different singing bowls are placed around you in a specific arrangement. Finally, a sound expert strikes the bowls at varying intervals to create vibrations that massage your body and chakras.

Fuse The Magic Of Sound And Smell For A Powerful Experience!

Sound is a powerful sense, and so is the sense of smell.

That’s we love singing bowls and essential oils so much. But marrying the two into one is even more effective whether you’re using them for relaxation, healing, or spirituality.

Moreover, sound can help with anxiety, transformation, and cosmic awareness when mixed with aromatherapy

Now you know why restaurants have music or why certain spas feel fabulous from the moment you step in.

Try our Tree of Life bowl with the Ohm Oilif you’re looking for the perfect mix.

But it’s not just sound and smell that go so well together because sight is a good addition too. It empowers meditation and focus. So, why not try water charging with singing bowls and slip into the triad of senses next?

What’s a perfect harmony according to you? Write to us about what you think. We’d love to hear all about it!

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