How To: Use Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls?

How To: Use Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls?

Do you know there are over four dozen singing bowls in the world? You might already know about the two main varieties- metals and crystals. We’ve extensively talked about metal singing bowls on the Ohm Store, but what about the quartz one? How do you use quartz crystal singing bowls? 

Crystal singing bowls are made from crushed clear quartz crystal. 

Read on to learn how to use quartz crystal singing bowls, from setting up to playing techniques, meditation, Yoga, and more.

What Is A Quartz Singing Bowl? 

Although quartz bowls look like metal singing bowls in shape, they’re larger, white, and sometimes more expensive. But that aside, a quartz bowl is made from quartz crystals. Clear quartz crystals are nearly-crushed and heated to form the bowl shape.

But more importantly, quartz is a high-vibration crystal capable of clearing negativity, relaxing listeners, and healing from the inside. So, playing the crystal bowl quartz cleanses spaces, people, and other crystals or energy sources. 

All that said, sounds emanated by metal singing bowls can also cleanse, charge, and purify like crystal bowls. But as the sounds of both bowls differ, they also impact your body, mind, and soul differently. 

The sound of crystal bowls is louder than crystal bowls. And there aren’t many colored metal bowls as many as those available in the quartz category. 

The sound of crystal bowls ranges between a tenth of a kilohertz and up to megahertz and often seems glassy and sharp. In comparison, metallic singing bowls have a wider range of harmonious and soft sounds.

Both types of (singing) bowls have the spectacular ability to entrain brain waves.” Read more on our article on Metal Singing Bowls Vs. Crystal Singing Bowls. 

How To Use Quartz Singing Bowls? 7 Ways Explained 

Quartz crystals are powerful reservoirs of healing energies.

That’s why you can use quartz bowls in many ways, like metallic singing bowls. I’ll tell you what to do when so that you can get started with your bowl today. 

Setting Up To Play Your Quartz Singing Bowls 

The first thing to do is choose a flat table or surface to place the rubber ring you received with your crystal singing bowl. So, set your table and bowl first. 

As you can’t hold small quartz bowls like metallic Tibetan bowls in your palms, it’s better to keep them safe first. 

Depending on the size and weight of the bowl, fix it in a place so you can start playing it without clashing or clanking it against other things. 

Ways to Play Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls 

The process of playing the crystal singing bowl is akin to the metal ones. 

First, you pick up the mallet you got with the bowl and tap it gently on the crystal bowl’s rim (Gong Beat Technique). You can also glide the mallet over the bowl’s rim by regulating the pressure (Rimming Technique). 

In the first technique, you tap the mallet repeatedly on the walls of the bowl to keep the sound resonating one after the other. In the second technique, you don’t let the sound fade by never letting the mallet off the bowl.

At Ohm Store, we mainly work with metal bowls, so read this post if you want to infuse singing bowl sounds with mantras. This is called the Wah-Wah technique. 

Continue reading about the complete list of techniques for playing a singing bowl.

With Meditation & Yoga 

The sounds produced by crystal singing bowls elevate and enhance your focus, much like their metallic counterparts. You can have a five-minute session with the quartz bowl before meditation or Yoga to reap its full effects. 

In both cases, crystal singing bowls will open your mind to the healing vibrations of your meditation and amplify the results you’re seeking. It’s even better than breaths to focus. Here’s the complete article where I describe meditating with singing bowls

While you can’t do Yoga while playing the quartz singing bowl, you can awaken your mind, body, and spirit by playing the singing bowl a few minutes before Yoga. Read more about using Yoga with singing bowls here.

With Smudge Sticks and for Aromatherapy 

Do you know people and spaces can absorb negativity from their surroundings? According to most religions, aromatherapy with sacred herbs like sage, frankincense, camphor, and Palo Santo is great for clearing bad energy from spaces. 

You can amplify the effects of sacred aromas by playing your quartz bowl for a few minutes before or after lighting the smudge sticks or incenses. Singing bowls are naturally good for clearing negative vibrations


Continuing from the above on clearing negativity from spaces, auras, chakras, and people, you can use quartz crystal bowls for cleansing everything. It’s great for focus, motivation, alertness, concentration, and mindfulness. 

You can add a quartz crystal bowl to your spiritual altar or around the four directions of your home for Feng Shui benefits. Read more on feng shui and singing bowls here. 

Charging and Healing 

Just like cleansing and clearing, charging refers to amplifying healing energies. And quartz crystal bowls amplify energies quite like their metallic cousins. 

You can use crystal singing bowls to charge chakras based on what you want, like physical healing, creative energy, life force energy, balance, wisdom, intuition, etcetera. 

If you use crystals in your jewelry or spiritually, you can use the quartz singing bowl to activate crystal grids. It works much like a clear quartz wand that cleanses anything and everything. 

For Setting Intentions With Positive Affirmations 

Chanting and the power of mantras is a topic we’ve discussed on our page. You can use a quartz singing bowl to send your intentions to the universe’s heart.

Whether you’re trying to manifest luck, love, success, courage, or healing, these quartz bowls can amplify your manifestation energies. So, all it needs is a strong conviction, visual, or positive affirmation to start manifesting.

What Are The Uses Of Quartz Singing Bowls?

The sounds produced by a quartz singing bowl affect the brain differently. 

Big quartz crystal singing bowls typically create deep and sonorous sounds that awaken the lower chakras. They’re believed to ground the listener and awaken the life force energy of kundalini.

On the flip side, small bowls produce a high-pitched sound that opens higher chakras and spiritual awareness. 

In general, quartz singing bowls are excellent for calming the nerves, relaxation, optimism, positivity, and lowering the heart rate and breathing rate.

Singing bells are standing bells or inverted bells. You can learn more about the impacts of singing bowls on behavior, cognition, emotions, body, and spirit in this article. 

Final Thoughts: Metal Singing Bowl Vs. Quartz Singing Bowls 

Crystal bowls may feel like metal bowls but don’t look, sound, weigh, or cost like metal bowls.

Apart from all that we discussed, quartz crystal bowls are also great for adding a new sound to your collection of singing bowls. 

You can also play quartz bowls with metal singing bowls to create new healing sounds and energies. All that said, it’s better to get a small metallic bowl of 3 to 6 inches if you’re a beginner. 

They cost $50 to $100, while quartz bowls cost a few hundred dollars and are heavy. That’s also why you shouldn’t play it like a metal bowl in the palm of your hand. 

Quartz bowls are made from the healing crystal called clear quartz that rules the highest chakra and cleanses everything in its way. If you’re already versed with singing bowls, it’s good to invest in a quartz bowl next. 

Are you a beginner wondering which singing bowl to buy? Here’s our detailed guide on how to pick the right bowl for beginners to help you out.