How To: Use Singing Bowls for Your Crown Chakra?

How To: Use Singing Bowls for Your Crown Chakra?

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Do you know there’s a chakra located in your pineal gland? Spiritually, opening the crown chakra leads to universal connection, spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, and wisdom. And singing bowls of certain notes and sizes are perfect for opening it. So, how to use crown chakra singing bowls? 

You can play a singing bowl before yoga or meditate at different times (like sunrise, new moons/full moons) to open the crown chakra. When it comes to the playing technique, it’s best to rim the bowl rather than tap with the Gong Beat technique. 

I’ll share the basics about crown chakra and how to use singing bowls to open it. 

Ready? Read on!

Overview: What Is Crown Chakra? 

Chakras or cakras are the wheels of healing energies and vibrations defined in Vedas. These scriptures outline 114 different chakras in, out, and around the body. 

Out of these, only seven are primary or major chakras. 

The seventh or the highest of this chakra system is the crown chakra. It’s called the ‘Sahasrara chakra’ or the ‘Thousand-Petaled chakra.’ The seventh chakra is so called in thousands of years old Sanskrit scriptures. 

Represented by the color purple, it connects you with other secondary chakras outside the body in higher realms, such as the soul star, moon, and galactic chakras. 

Crown chakra typically opens late in life, around 42 to 49 ages, unless you practice spiritual healing in your life. You’ll feel elevated, wiser, and calmer when it’s open. 

Legends say that the crown chakra opens once you awaken the kundalini energy or life force energy and connect it to the spirit of the angelic realms. By opening this chakra, your spiritual destiny will come to the surface too. 

What Are Crown Chakra Frequencies? 

You might remember chakra frequencies from our past blogs and how it elevates your mind. But do you know crown chakra has the highest natural resonant frequency? 

That’s why singing bowls attuned to the crown chakra frequency are high-vibrational. 

Here’s a quick look at chakra frequencies before we move further ahead:


Frequency (Hz)








Solar Plexus 









Third Eye 






So, 768 Hz is the crown chakra frequency. According to studies, 768 Hz is considered the frequency of mental stimulation, which also aligns with its spiritual meaning. 

Put simply, singing bowls that resonate to the musical note B or vibrate at 768 Hz open your crown chakra. This is the natural resonant frequency of the crown chakra.

According to the scale on solfeggio frequencies, the crown chakra is rated 963 Hz. When you listen to singing bowl sounds at this frequency, your mind opens to higher energies and awareness. 

You can also listen to these on YouTube or Spotify if you don’t have a singing bowl. 

What Are The Benefits Of Crown Chakra? 

As you might’ve already guessed, crown chakra has to do more with spiritual and mystical healing than physical. Interestingly, most of the higher chakras are similar in nature.

Because they connect you to minor chakras above the body or in the auric circle, higher powers such as psychic abilities, telepathy, and astral projection come with the crown energy center.

You can listen to or play the crown chakra singing bowl to open this chakra and find abilities like intuition, clairvision, clairvoyance, karmic therapy, and more. 

Even for beginners, crown chakra singing bowls broaden the mind to introduce enlightenment and spiritual experiences. As the highest chakra in the system, the crown chakra calms down emotions while maintaining harmony, peace, and positivity around you. 

Crown chakra crystals like amethyst, selenite, and clear quartz are often recommended for clearing and cleansing because the crown chakra clears negativity. 

By using crown chakra sound bowls, you can amplify the healing energies of your aura, chakra, and herbs too. 

In the world of spirituality, the crown chakra is also recommended for brain health. Meditating with crown chakra frequencies helps you remove mind chatter and find inner harmony. It also enhances your psychic vision, foresight, and premonitions. 

Another little known benefit of working on the crown chakra with associated singing bowls is it’s good for religious ceremonies. 

How To Use Singing Bowls For Crown Chakra? 

Now that you know what crown chakra can do, how do you use singing bowls to open the crown chakra? 

Firstly, singing bowls’ musical notes and frequencies don’t hold any hard or fast rules. 

So, you don’t need specifically a crown chakra singing bowl to open the crown chakra. Any singing bowl will do because all you need is focus and conviction.

  • All you have to do is, pick the bowl and tap it twice gently. 
  • Now, close your eyes and feel the resonance.
  • Imagine a purple-colored thousand-petaled lotus in your mind.
  • Visualize the purple lotus opening up the depths of your subconscious.
  • Meditate on the thought but pause every once in a while to tap and rim the bowl to come back to the intention whenever you get distracted. 
  • An alternate way to activate your crown chakra with singing bowls is by chanting its seed mantra. 

    As chanting mantras is a powerful way to amplify energies (as we learned in the history of chants and mantras), chant the seed mantra- Ohm. 

    Continue chanting with your eyes closed or open while following the resonance of the singing bowl. 

    But that’s just one way to play a singing bowl to open or charge your crown chakra. Discover the six techniques to use singing bowls in this in-depth post.

    Which Herbs To Use For The Crown Chakra?

    Like singing bowls, you can also use certain herbs to awaken the crown chakra with aromatherapy. Whether you burn dried herbs, eat them, or use them as smudge sticks, they can open and charge your seventh chakra.

    If you use singing bowls with aromatherapy, the energy healing process amplifies and impacts even better. 

    Try using purple herbs like lavender or crown chakra aromas such as jasmine, rosewood, frankincense, rose geranium, sandalwood, blood orange, and chamomile. 

    You can apply them on your forehead or other body parts besides using them in aroma diffusers. These scents are powerful enough to open the seventh chakra and fill you with the wisdom of your ancestors. 

    Open Your Crown Chakra Today

    The Crown chakra is the highest chakra that’s opened after opening your root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra. 

    Crown is where your wisdom, universal connection, intuition, and higher powers rest. You’ll feel confident, creative, calm, composed, and joyful when it’s open. And when it’s blocked with negativity, you feel lost, afraid, paranoid, or hopeless.

    The best way to open your crown chakra is by using a singing bowl and meditating on the thought of opening it. You can also chant the syllable Ohm while playing the bowl to enhance the cleansing energy. 

    Aromatherapy, crystals, meditation, and prayers are all good ways to open the crown chakra energy center located on top of your forehead. 

    So, how will you get started?