• 0:30 -- What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl
  • 1:09 -- What are Singing Bowl Used For
  • 1:32 -- How To Play A Tibetan Singing Bowl
  • 5:02 - How to Stop Your bowl from playing
  • 5:22 -- A daily practice with your singing bowl

In partnership with Singing Bowl Healer Mindful Luna, we are pleased to offer a 6 minute introductory video on how to begin playing your singing bowl.

The elegantly simple video training includes instruction on: what is a tibetan bowl, how they are used and the best ways that you can get started with a sustainable, daily ritual.

Like disciplines such as yoga and meditation, the usage of a singing bowl is a practice. This means that a simple commitment to this tool, played on a daily basis, will yield the benefits you seek the more you practice!

As you and your bowl become acquainted through practice, your experience will deepen through time.

Choose Your Singing Bowl

If you already have a singing bowl in your possession, we invite you to follow Luna’s guidance -- you can start now!

Should you not yet own one and wish to buy one, these bowls have been customer favorites and we welcome you to buy one! Our bowls are backed by a lifetime “love it” promise; we want you to feel good about the bowl you purchase through the Ohm Store, no matter what!

The Original Ohm
The Buddha Bowl
The Ancient Self Ohm