The Infinity Bowl - Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowl - New Release


The Infinity Bowl is a handmade and handbeaten healing instrument, and a beautiful statement piece in your home, office or studio.

Every one of our Infinity Bowls is 100% handmade, and hand-hammered. This is beyond another thing to have. This has passed through the hands of an individual artisan, and will come 7,000 miles from Kathmandu, Nepal - to you.

When you choose a bowl like this - you own a piece of history. There will never be another exactly like yours.

Each bowl includes a teakwood striker wrapped in suede to ensure ease of generating healing tones.

Product Details:

  • The medium bowl is roughly 5 inches in diameter and the large is roughly 6.5 inches in diameter. Due to the handmade nature of this, size and shape will vary slightly - experience the perfection of a special, imperfect piece
  • These bowls are made of bronze - which creates longer and deeper healing sounds.
  • Each set comes with a bowl, handcarved striker and hand sewn linen cushion
  • These bowls are not tuned to a specific frequency

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