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Using A Singing Bowl To Create Transitions In Your Day

January 15, 2021

Using A Singing Bowl To Create Transitions In Your Day

With the dawn of a new year there is an opportunity to create new practices that serve your goals for the year. There’s no shortage of new tools, techniques, rituals and practices available to us. The most important thing -- beyond picking the “right” thing to do, is to choose something and go with it. And then continue going with it. The juice is in the commitment to something for a certain amount of time. 

Allow yourself the freedom to drop the idea that there’s only one way to achieve what you want. Then choose to surrender to the way you’ve chosen, and commit to it. 

Ming-Wai is a working mom with a mission, and has shared with us how she integrates her singing bowls into her life (a living example of choosing something, and going with it). 

As people seek creative ways to welcome peace and tranquility in their life during a time of external chaos, it’s important not only to share tools and resources, but also to showcase how real people are using them in their life. 

Picture this. 

You’ve just clocked out from work (which is probably just a spare bedroom or kitchen counter right now). The laptop is now closed, and you’re transitioning from “work mode” to “home mode.” 

The kids are yelling and screaming up and down the hall out right outside the door. 

Maybe this sounds like your life right now. The usual separation between work and home might be blended together. Your kitchen is your office. The bathroom is the only place you can experience a quiet moment. It’s all one, big space. 

MIng-Wai shares her own experience of what this has been like for her, and how she’s using singing bowls to make transitions in her day. 

“I just clocked out. I just closed my laptop from work and I'm transitioning to mom life. And so this week I've been using these singing bowls to start my work day and end my work day. And it's been really helpful for me to transition from regular house mom life to work mode.

The singing bowls from The Ohm Store are sourced directly from Nepal and just have amazing energy to them. They have smaller ones and larger ones. 

The Ancient Self Ohm bowl has speaking to me this week. And so I'm going to introduce you to it and it has a beautiful, beautiful, low tone. So I hope you can hear it (watch the video to hear MIng-Wai play).

What I love about these bowls is you can really feel the vibration on your hands and down your arm. 

Sometimes it can feel like it is inside my body.Of course you can focus on the vibration that’s pulling away from the bowl and really meditate on it. 

For me, it helps to focus so that I can declutter what's in my head and transition out of work mode to mom mode. 

And also transition out of the millions of other modes that we are living through -- all without leaving our house.

So, this has been a great tool for me in my meditation toolbox and my self care tool box.” 

The marking of different “modes” in our days is important, because we can bring intentionality and purpose to each different one. We will need to show up differently to be “mom” versus being at work. Each change is an opportunity to reset, re-focus and commit to bringing our best to each of the different personas we take on during the day. 

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