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The Many Benefits Of Reiki Healing

January 29, 2021

The Many Benefits Of Reiki Healing

Reiki is a key to unlock the body’s optimal capabilities & alignment. 

Many energies are easier felt than expressed — like Love, or the sensation of watching a shooting star, the powerful pull of crashing waves, an electric sunset that leaves you feeling…

Some things can not be described with words alone to fully understand the captivating energy that resides within, throughout, and all around.

I will describe Reiki Energy, but it will be better experienced, and understood with the purchase of an organic, Reiki charged, white sage smudge. Each is personally infused with Reiki Healing Energy and charged with the Loving intention of 1. Peace, Progress, & Prosperity 2. Releasing all that is not Love, 3. Manifesting Abundance

Purchase your own sage smudge to feel, discover, and experience for yourself, and also check out this blog post to read more about Reiki Energy.

What is Reiki and How does it work…?

Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy. It originates from Japanese culture and translates as (Rei) “Universal life”, (Ki) “Energy.”

Reiki is all about you (the recipient), and your expectation & openness to allow yourself to merge with your natural state of health and wellness (yes, natural!).

Reiki Energy is channeled by an attuned practitioner who is serving as a conscious conduit with the intention to bring you into a vibrational frequency of ease. 
The Reiki practitioner is fully aware of your natural state of wellbeing, and creates & maintains a space of uninhibited Love in which the recipient feels safe and able to ease into a deep state of relaxation. 

Regeneration, repair, and recovery occur when our bodies enter this deep state of peace. Once in a state of profound relaxation, one can ease into their path of most allowance and merge with a higher-vibrational, healing frequency (Love, joy, wellness, hopefulness, optimism, etc.).

During a Reiki Energy session, the practitioner facilitates a release of physical/emotional/mental blockages that reside across the different levels of the recipient’s being. In this relaxed state, resistance and stagnant energy begin to dissipate as the Reiki practitioner and recipient join in resonance with this flow of Universal Life Force.

It is so with dominant energies, that the less potent energy will assume and merge with the frequency of the energy that is vibrating at a higher/faster rate. When an uninhibited source of Love is present, all other energies cannot persist as they are, because Love literally transforms. Love, joy, devotion, are the highest forms of emotion, energy, (energy in motion).

Energy over Time, Space, and Distance

Just like a computer signal or a cell phone connection — energy is constantly being shared, received, interpreted, absorbed, and transformed. We don’t need to be in a physical location to receive energy, it can easily be transmitted over time, space, and distance. Just as you can be across the world and connect via a Zoom call with a friend and share an emotional, mental, physical, energetic connection — the same can be experienced with Reiki.

Consider this: Have you ever picked up on the energy upon entering a hospital— or an old, historic building or an ancient site like Machu Picchu or StoneHenge… If you have ever experienced something like this, you are aware of  and honing your external & internal energetic environments. We are energetic beings living and creating in an energetic universe. These skills can be practiced, and evolve into mastery. When we master our energy, we control our vibration. When you control your vibration, you become the deliberate creator of your reality.

Find vibrational alignment with your desire (Peace, Progress, Prosperity — Releasing all that is not Love — Abundant Manifestation — etc.) and allow that to become the frequency you calibrate. Enjoy with a grateful heart as you welcome these vibrations to join your internal & external environment. 


***If you are interested in Distance Reiki Sessions or discovering how to utilize your energetic systems to optimally align your body, heart, and mind -- follow @WellnesswithAbi on Instagram or Send an email to

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