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Embodiment: Authentic Power Of The Feminine

November 17, 2020

Embodiment: Authentic Power Of The Feminine

The feminine is power, the power is potent. The power is Shakti, the divine feminine. The fundamental life force that is the root of all creation in the cosmos. The darkness that absorbs the light, our powers of intuition, thought, feeling, and action.

The authentic power of the feminine is grounded and aligned with intuition – the inner knowing; living from moment to moment, connecting to the earth, and feeling into what she really needs the most. She is confident, she is conscious. She connects with the collective – tuned in, lit up ready to work her magic – Shakti.

Her inner life-force is one with all of us. Always there & always existing.

It is her soulful duty to remember that Shakti is there – it is her soulful duty to remember her power exists, and it is her soulful duty to learn how to tap into it and work with it. We are all born with power; sometimes, we forget.

Waking up into her power she will feel like she’s back home; in alignment, flowing with life. She will know why she is here; she will know what medicine to share with the collective. She will reclaim her wild, authentic self.

Her authentic feminine is magnetic and contagious. She leads with her heart & she loves her Yoni – her sacred space, the place where life is formed, her Shakti.

She is a goddess.

Her power is fierce

She is feminine.

She is divine. 

*This is a guest post from our friend and Brand Ambassador, Marizsa. You can find more of her amazing content at her website and her Instagram @realizing.satori

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