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How To Use A Singing Bowl In Group Meditation? 8 Healing Techniques

August 05, 2022

How To Use A Singing Bowl In Group Meditation? 8 Healing Techniques

How To Use A Singing Bowl In Group Meditation? 8 Incredible Techniques

Meditation helps us tap into parts of the subconscious connected to mental health, focus, concentration, and wisdom. Group meditation is even more rewarding for beginners and pros.

How do you use a singing bowl in group meditation? What are its effects and benefits?

You can use singing bowls in a group meditation by listening or playing the bowl. Whether it’s a group of friends, family, or strangers, singing bowls change brainwave states to get into a meditative state quickly.

Read on to discover the meaning of group meditation and how to tap into the powers of singing bowls.

What is Group Meditation?

Different people describe meditation differently. For some, meditation channels positivity; for others, it may be to calm the nerves, concentrate, or simply for a mindful time.

Meditation is a focusing technique with breathwork that’s relaxing, healing, and relieving.

Meditation works even better in a group because it’s more motivating than doing it on your own.

Frankly, it’s not just meditation. Everything is hard on your own, from yoga to soaking the feet daily. But in a group, you commit more.

Joining a group that meets up or works out regularly is a good way to cultivate discipline and order in your life.

If you can find a group that meditates together, that’s even better. Moreover, meditation connects us to everything in the universe. So, you ultimately connect with everything while meditating, whether in a group or not.

8 Ways To Use Singing Bowl In A Group Meditation

Whether you have a badminton club or a book club, singing bowls can you meditate together. Such a session is great for connecting a group of friends or family too.

So, group meditation is possible with any group.

Here are some ways to use singing bowls for group meditation purposes:

Praying With Singing Bowls For Healing

Christian prayer balls are circular or rectangular wooden bowls, unlike singing bowls. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use singing bowls for praying.

As Tibetan bowls help you concentrate and focus, praying to your God (no matter which) with the bowl will strengthen your prayer.

Singing bowls also help you charge your prayer with more dedication, commitment, and passion by opening different chakra centers in the body.

Singing Bowls For Setting Goals With Meditation

Meditation is one of the best uses of singing bowls because of the effect of their healing sounds on our brains. It makes the mind work twice as hard.

You can set goals as a group while meditating with singing bowls to charge your intentions even more. It could be something as simple as getting rid of stress or huge like accelerating the healing of a disease.

To select intentions randomly, add chits to a bowl and pick one intention per session. You can read more about how to meditate by singing bowls or share this postwith your group.

Singing Bowls for Morning Yoga Routine

Do you attend yoga groups?Perhaps you work out in the morning with a group of friends. Then, get a singing bowl and play it for a few minutes with your group next time.

If you’re a yogi, the sound of the singing bowl will open your chakras and fill you with healing vibrations.

Yoga groups would particularly love singing bowls because they’re tied to the Eastern self-healing practice of yoga. You might’ve already heard of a yoga studio or outdoor class playing singing bowls to increase your energy and focus.

Read more about combining sound bowls with yogain this post.

Singing Bowls For Breathwork and Cleansing

Another way to use singing bowls in group meditation is by practicing different breathwork techniques while playing the bowl.

In this method, you try deep breathing exercises together as a group, meditate, and finally add sound to your meditation mix. As a result, negativity, hexes, curses, and evil eye are repelled effectively. Read more about six ways of using singing bowls here.

Do you know there’s an advanced singing bowl playing technique called the wah-wah technique?In this method, users raise their vibrating bowls to their mouths to breathe into the bowl. Read more about six ways to play a singing bowlhere.

As a result, your sound fuses with the sound of the bowl.

Chanting With Singing Bowls For Strength

Our sounds are powerful for communicating with the universe apart from other beings. That’s why positive affirmations, mantras, chants, and spells work so well.

If you’re looking for strength, chanting mantras from your religion or others can help you find it. Do you know the ouija board communicates with spirits by synchronizing the participants’ heartbeats with sound?

Singing bowls are powerful means to empower your mantras and chants to set them as an intention. It adds spiritual strength to your voice to manifest intentions.

Universal Connection By Listening To Others Play Singing Bowls

One of the merits of being part of a group meditation gathering is improving your listening capabilities. When you play the singing bowl in a meditation group, it’s best to listen to others playing the bowl for group meditation silently.

This way, you connect to each person in the group via the sound they play. It’s a strong bond to explore more about meditation in yourself and others in your company.

Regularly listening to others play singing bowls will connect you to them on a universal level. Seers and shamans say doing group rituals like this with communities to unlock dormant abilities.

Enhanced Five-Senses Experience

A group meditation activity that’s fun and interesting, the five-senses experience aims to broaden your mind and perception.

In this activity, you sit as a group and focus on your senses with meditation. Each member lists five things they can see, feel, hear, touch, and smell. It’s an activity to increase mindfulness.

When you do the 5-senses-exercise after a singing bowl session, the ringing sounds of your thoughts become strong, clear, and positively charged.

Try it before and after using a singing bowl and see the difference in group power verses on your own!

Play Together With Other People In A Group

You can also play a singing bowl with specific members of the group. But this works if you have a closely-knit group. Playing multiple singing bowls without guidance ends up in cacophony with strangers.

Members of your group can play the Tibetan bowl in turns while others meditate with shut eyes or create an order for striking, rimming, or doing the Wah Wah technique.

This method will help you connect and explore matters of the mind together. It also enhances the energies of the members of the group.

Add A Small Singing Bowl To Your Group Meditation Sessions!

Group meditation aims to unlock higher steps of meditation by sharing the energies of others with your own. It’s a powerful way to discover your subconscious mind and spirit. But it’s not easy.

That’s where singing bowls can help you quickly shift your brainwave states to alpha and theta states. Singing bowls also relax, cleanse, charge, and empower you by cleansing chakras, which doubles in group meditation.

You can sit together as a group while someone plays the singing bowl or several people do to connect deeply with one another too. It’s a great technique to make more out of family gatherings or friendly hangouts.

Try it next time and write to us all about it. We’d love to know!

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