Meet, The Chalice

Introducing the first ever new pedestal bowl from The Ohm Store


The Chalice

Originally referred to as “Naga” or “Stand” bowls, Pedestal Bowls are some of the rarest types of modern singing bowls.

In 2023, we released an extremely limited number of one of a kind pedestal bowls that we were lucky to collect from a very small maker in India. After the few lucky enough to claim them offered glowing feedback, we went to work creating one for our own limited release.

To be inspired by our Pedestal Bowl, The Chalice, is to simply listen to the recorded sound samples.

The pedestal bowl will be noted for its pristine and focused clarity of sound, and brilliantly easy playing rim rones.

Made in two pieces, first a traditional hand-hammered Bell Metal bronze singing bowl, second a stand is connected to the base of the bowl. The stand serves as both a handle, and a platform from which your pedestal bowl will sing.

Each pedestal bowl will be accompanied by a striker.

Order Information

Please opt in to be notified as soon as the first limited run of Chalice Bowls becomes available.

Because the production of Chalice Bowls cannot be “scaled up” like most commoditized items in our world, our supply will be limited and will run on “first come” basis.

We are excited to serve you, and our Customer Concierge will be in touch with you at every point in your journey, ensuring that you always know when your bowl will arrive, how it will be packaged and how to benefit from it once you’ve received it.

Singing Bowls and The Ohm Store

Since 2015, The Ohm Store and it’s third generation craftsmen in Kathmandu Nepal have produced handmade bronze singing bowls. Each singing bowl is 100% unique, made by hand and is guaranteed for life.

Using Singing Bowls will calm your mind, improve sleep, increase your energy and focus and will be an inspiring companion instrument alongside similar modalites.