The Story of Ohm Blend: Our Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

The Story of Ohm Blend: Our Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

During these times of great change, it's very important to remain grounded because our physical body is an anchor on this planet.

And if we can be present and we can feel sadness, pain, all the various different emotions throughout our physical body, we can process those emotions that are giving us sadness, and we can break through the pain points to get through that expansive place of healing from our heart. 

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You deserve to understand how the products you welcome into your home are made. The Ohm Blend Oil was made in collaboration with Essential Oil Wizardy, and it’s founder, holistic pharmacist Dr. Nick Berry. 

Following is an exploration and explanation of how Ohm Blend came to life. 

How does the specific blend come to life after being only an idea? 

Enter Dr. Nick: 

“Each of the essential oils carry their own qualities, their own energy and their own pharmacological constituents. 

It becomes all about taking these concepts and really being able to tune in with the plants. By knowing and having this relationship with the plants, I'm asking myself: 

  • What are the intentions behind this? What is the experience we want people to have? 
  • How can the different qualities from essential oils bring into these intentions to life, in my physical body or into my emotional body or into my energetic field? 
  • Which of the plants would do the best job of activating and harmonizing along these intentions?

It is a combination of an intuitive process and also a cognitive process. The intuitive process happens first, where I'm intuiting which plants want to collaborate for a particular purpose or blend. 

Typically, this translates into listening and feeling into the different oils, and doing muscle testing. Based upon that information, I generate a concept blend of “what wants to go” into a final product. 

Then I'll tune into my intuition and I'll ask how much of each product wants to go in. At that point, I will mix and blend it. That's usually the point that I tap into my cognitive faculties. Then I begin to ask questions of myself: 

  • What do I like about this blend? 
  • What might I change? 
  • Would I add more of something? 
  • Would I take away something? 
  • Would I remove a particular ingredient from this formulation for any reason?

I find that my intuition, paired with my deep academic understanding of these plant compounds, is powerful 

For The Ohm Store, the ingredients that shine through for harmonizing our intentions together into a final formulation is it's these oils: 

-Himalayan cedar

- Cocoa absolute

- Silver Fir

- CO2 extracted Myrrh

- CO2 extracted Pink Pepper

- Rose Geranium

- Rose Otto

- Ylang-Ylang 

Himalayan Cedar

  • The Himalayan cedar selected here is an oil from India, from the cedarwood. Himalayan cedar is soothing and grounding. It’s soft, smooth and comforting. Emotionally, it helps to relax the nervous system and center an individual, but it's also very physically grounding.

Cocoa Absolute

  • A powerful ingredient for really inviting a deeper level of sweetness and richness. This note really adds to the overall character of the blend, adding a little bit more of an exotic spice and uplifting euphoria - a heart expansion as well. The cocoa beans are heart medicine, bringing activation and stimulation.

Silver Fir

  • Cool. I dig that. So silver fir. Silver fir is, it's a nice uplifting, euphoric, clear note, that's mood elevating and stimulating. I find that it supports cognition and focus, and it's also clarifying to the energy. And so for clearing negative energy and also bringing a person forward into the present moment, silver fir is a nice, bright and crisp ally.

CO2-extracted myrrh

  • CO2-extracted myrrh is a beautiful note that adds some base and some character. Along with the Himalayan Cedar the myrrh acts as “the glue” that sticks the formulation together. It does so in a very high frequency way. Myrrh is very clarifying. It's spoken about in the Bible and it's both grounding, but heavenly as well and the note is very sweet and euphoric. Specifically, the CO2-extracted myrrh is just heavenly. That really combines well with the Himalayan cedar and the cacao and those really bring the Ohm Blend to a strong center and everything else expands from that in various layers.

CO2 extracted pink pepper

  • The Pink Pepper, sometimes known as red berry, is an uncommon extract. It’s used in both the world of perfumery, but also for therapeutic purposes. The Pink Pepper is a potentiator and adds body and expression to anything that it touches. It also adds kind of a soft, spicy, and I would also define this to be a euphoric note as well. Everything is expressed more powerfully through the presence of the pepper

Rose Geranium

  • Rose geranium is really good for settling matters of the heart, especially in transitioning relationships or times of potent change. It’s addition here is to help with letting go of anger associated and potentially in transitioning experiences as well. Times have changed, and this Rose can be helpful for deeper levels of acceptance.

Rose Otto

  • Rose otto is a steam distillation of rose. Our particular rose otto came from an Alchemist in Iran. This rose auto is more euphoric, uplifting, playful, and bright.

Ylang-ylang extract

  • The Ylang-ylang adds a nice sweet, sexy euphoria to the blend. Ylang-ylang plays really nicely with the cacao. Ylang-ylang is a flower that grows in the Philippines and also areas like in Madagascar. The version of the Ylang-ylang that we selected was the Ylang-ylang extra. It is a special type of distillation of Ylang-ylang, which captures the first 1-2 hours of the Ylang-ylang essential oil during the distillation process. And so it captures the lightest and the most fruity aromatic constituents from these precious Ylang-ylang flowers.

How would Dr. Nick Experience This Blend? 

Enter Dr. Nick: 

“I'm going to apply it around my physical body and my auric field. 

I’m already experiencing a slight relaxation. 

Tingling in the bottom of my feet as I'm breathing deeply in. Yeah, this is good. I see that this can be utilized as a botanical perfume for people to wear, to enjoy the beautiful aromatic qualities on their body. 

I’m also perceiving that this is useful for supporting times of change that we are all living in and to really tap into our emotional system and to empower us with the gift of forgiveness, both to ourselves and to those around us.

I'm also getting that this is very bright and uplifting and can be a powerful meditative aid. 

So one way to work with this would be to rub the oil into the bottom of the feet. This is such a gift and an honor, to be able to harmonize our intentions together. Through the language of sound vibration and plant alchemy, we've been able to really capture the intentions of these different plants, express the language of these different plants and really match those intentions that you and Nikki had brought through.

How is this different from the average oil you’d buy and put into a diffuser? 

Enter Dr. Nick:

We've really targeted this oil for the energetic qualities and some of the emotional support and also to help calm and ground a person into their body. 

This was formulated to create a presence for emotional healing. Essential oils work on many levels; the physical, the emotional, the spiritual or energetic. They all carry these components with them. Sensitive individuals can feel that on a very deep level, especially if you're paying attention and or you are going into meditation.

Essential oils, when they're therapeutic grade, unadulterated and with no synthetic chemicals, they actually carry therapeutic and pharmacological activity into the physical body. There's many different ways to incorporate essential oils for therapeutic use. This blend was designed to be supportive, to be therapeutically supportive and we included this into a carrier oil. We use fractionated coconut oil, and the reason that we put our pure essential oil blend into the fractionated coconut oil is, to make it easier for the end user to utilize externally on their physical body and for practical application, as you might use throughout the day.

How To Use? 

The Ohm blend can be a useful tool for giving yourself a break throughout the day.

When you're feeling stressed and, or you want to come back to your heart, you can take a few drops of the blend, you can put them into your hands, you can take three deep inhalations, and then I would massage it into the chest or massage it into the bottom of the feet.

Massaging it into the chest area really helps open it and expand the heart, so great for forgiveness, great for emotional connection, great for softening pain or sadness that we might be experiencing in life. 

Rubbing it into the feet can be very grounding and it can put us into our physical body. 

I perceive that the Ohm blend can be a useful tool applied in those ways before meditation and or at any point throughout the day where it can be helpful to either ground and or give space and connection to our heart.

The Ohm blend can also be used as a botanical perfume. We can massage it into our wrists and onto our necks, and that can be utilized to really keep those energies around us. It can invite that feeling that this combination brings forward, and it can really invite those around us to participate in that energy field as well.

It can be applied, perhaps 2-5 drops into the bathtub, and it can be very calming and nurturing to those who are in heightened levels of stress. 

That could be a great winding down ritual for yourself of self-love at the end of your day. I think that it could also be really interesting to put a few drops into a singing bowl, and as you're playing that crystal bowl, allow the delicate aromatics to waft into the environment.

During these times of great change, it's very important to remain grounded because our physical body is an anchor on this planet. And if we can be present and we can feel sadness, pain, all the various different emotions throughout our physical body, we can process those emotions that are giving us sadness, and we can break through the pain points to get through that expansive place of healing from our heart.