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The Ultimate Guide to Sage Healing Properties (And 7 Easy Ways To Use!)

September 23, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Sage Healing Properties (And 7 Easy Ways To Use!)

The Ultimate Guide to Sage Healing Properties (And 7 Easy Ways To Use!)

Most of us get rid of clutter, waste, and garbage on a daily from our homes and offices. We love to "take out the trash."

But what about the negative energy in our minds and spirit? Do you cleanse your mind, body, and spirit regularly too?

Suppose you feel pulled down by negativity at stressful times. In that case, a cleansing ritual with sage, palo santo, Tibetan bowls, or crystals is perfect and holistic.

Together, these sacred herbs can spiritually work on bad vibrations besides cleansing the aura and awakening your own chakra energies.

That’s why today, I’ll decode the complete healing properties of sage so that you can also start using it in your daily life.

Ready? Read on!

Overview: What Is Sage?

Throughout history, sage has been used for several physical, mental, and spiritual disorders.

As it grows in the Mediterranean, sage was first used by the Egyptians for fertility. It has a pleasant, rich, and relaxing aroma.

When it moved further, sage became a wonderful herb in medicine and spirituality throughout the Middle Ages and the New Age.

Native Americans used it to cleanse spaces and people before religious rituals, while Celtic lores say the Holy Herb symbolized immortalityback in the day. It’s used nowadays for smudging (burning and wafting the smokeover spaces, objects, and people).

Sage is quite a famous herb in aromatherapy.

But it’s also used as a liquid, spray, capsule, and spice. It’s one of the few herbs that come with nutrition with its aroma. In fact, a spoon of sage contains many nutrients such as Vitamin K, A, Folate, Potassium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium.

But let’s explore the different types of the sage herb before trying to understand its uses.

What Are The Types Of Sage? What Are Different Sages Used For?

Called Salvia officinalis, there are five main types of sage used around the world.

  • California White Sage
  • Sweetgrass Sage
  • Lavender Sage
  • Blue Sage
  • Black Sage

California White Sage is the most common type of sage. Its silver streaks and sweet smell are commonly used in different religious ceremonies of purification.

When it comes to Sweetgrass Sage, the smell is intensely sweet. It’s a grounding scent that helps to find balance in life.

Lavender Sage is an exceptional sage that’s responsible for elevating your mind. It’s believed to awaken the highest chakra in the energy system. Soaking into the smells of Lavender Sage relaxes you quickly.

Blue sage is a rare type of sage once believed to impart wisdom. It’s sometimes called Grandmother Sage and is used for support and healing. With regular use, this sage can connect you to the guardian angel.

The last type of sage is the Black Sage, popular as Mugwort. It’s also fragrant with dark and thick colors. Smudging with black sage absorbs negativity, evil eye, and curses!

The Many Benefits Of Using Sage In Your Life

Ancient Romans used Sage to resolve problems associated with the digestive system.They believed a sage concoction was essential after a hefty diet of fats and meats.

On the other hand, ancient Greeks used it for the brain. It was voraciously used as herbal remedies for liver ailments, fevers, and even epilepsy throughout the Middle Ages.

In the Native American culture, Shamans used them to clear negativity and purify. Healers say it helps to grow your intuition.

Some people use sage nowadays as an oral rinse for relieving pain after surgical procedures. But the more founded benefits of Sage in science explain the earliest uses of this herb.

For instance, Salvia officinaliscan improve cognitive function and memoryin adults to prevent disorders like Alzheimer’s.

According to the author of this PubMedresearch- “In vitro, animal and preliminary human studies have supported the evidence of Salvia plants to enhance cognitive skills and guard against neurodegenerative disorders.”

It can improve your glucose and cholesterol levels too. The conclusion of this 2013 Study says, “S. Officinalis leaves may be safe and have anti-hyperglycemic and lipid profile improving effects in hyperlipidemic type 2 diabetic patients.”

A 2006 Clinical Research in Neuropharmacopsychologysaid higher doses of safe improved the mood with better alertness, and lower doses reduced anxiety. It’s also anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and anesthetic.

Sage scent can repel mosquitos and is anti-microbial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral. It’s a herb that removes your mind chatter and helps you relax.

Burning a sage bundle can emanate energies of protection and blessing into your space. Doing so regularly can bring back balance to you and your environment.

Do you believe in aura colors? They’re biofields that show up around a person describing their spirit state with colors.

In the world of auric healing, sage can cleanse your aura by ejecting the negative energies muddying the core color. It even cleanses your chakras to flush out toxins like a clear quartz wand or moonlight.

On its own, sage can cleanse crystals from their negativity, just like your room, aura, or chakra.

Many cultures believe the sacred herb improves the mind and makes you more intuitive about your surroundings. In the spiritual sense, the sage helps you make a universal connection to your reality.

How To Use Sage?

Burning sage is a cleansing, and recommended for spiritual purposes as they’ve been doing for hundreds and thousands of years.

So, what is cleansing with sage?

Cleansing with sage needs flame and a  stick or bundle of your favorite, sustainably harvested varietal. All you need to do is light the sage for 15 to 20 seconds and blow it off softly.

This way, the sage bundle will keep burning while you can softly walk around with the waft of smoke to the corners of the room or over you for purification.

Smudging a space involves walking around the space to cleanse the bad vibrations.

The best way of using sage for smudging is with an abalone shell to keep your lit stick so that you can diffuse it around the room without letting it out.

How To Extinguish A Burning Sage?

When you’re done with the purification ritual with sage and need to extinguish it, it’s essential to follow the right method to use the sage again.

It’s recommended to let out the sage stick with dirt or a fireproof container till the smoke is completely out.In any case, you should never use water to put it out. If you do, the sage stick might not light up as quickly the next time you use it.

How To Store Sage?

Ideally, once you’re done burning a bundle of sage, you should bury the rest for the manifestation to realize. So, reuse isn’t good.

But using one sage stick for one cleansing makes a lot of smoke. Moreover, reusing your sage stick after every use is not wrong.

Different people live in different temperatures and with different lifestyles. So, there are many “right ways to store sage.”

But the best way is to keep it in the abalone shell in a place directly out of the sun. You can place it in a cupboard or glass container (without a lid).

Some people also cut out a stick of sage from their bundle for each cleansing ritual. This way, you don’t have to burn the whole bundle.

Start Your Own Sage Journey With A Sage Stick!

Sage is a magical herb for healing the body, mind, and spirit. But its primary use is for cleansing or purifying spaces, auras, and chakras.

Using sage is even easier due to its long history with spirituality. Now we know how to harness its healing properties better.

All you need to do is burn the tip of the sage stick for a few seconds and waft the smoke around different spaces or people.

Moreover, you can cleanse and charge crystals with a stick of sage. The best thing is that Sage works well with palo santo if you’re trying to purify anything. In short, you can burn them together.

But make sure you follow all the fire safety rules when smudging with sacred herbs.

Always remember to hold the sage stick away from you, so you don’t inhale a lot of smoke.

Tell me your experiences with Sage for smudging. I’d love to hear all about it!

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