Mindfulness With Your Kiddo

Mindfulness With Your Kiddo

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"Hi, Mom and Son here in son’s room and we are playing with our singing bowl."

Ming-Cee and her sister Ming-Wai are two amazing women on a journey of presence, power and impact. 

Today, Ming-Cee shares with us her journey of working on breath through the practice of singing bowls - with her son!

Enter Ming-Cee:

"Personally i have discovered that I have been a chronic mouth breather and I hold my breath - and as a mom, that doesn’t work for regulating frustrations or parenting. So I’m really having to discover how to use my breath and the best way to learn is to learn with my kiddo.

It’s a great way to teach kids that we all have something to work on and we can all better ourselves. 

With these new singing bowls we’ve got, it’s been helpful to guide us through learning different techniques of breathing, how to breathe, how it makes us feel and it’s something we’ve really been enjoying.

These bowls are something even my little one can play.

This bowl is so amazing to me -- because it’s really hard for me to play and it reminds me that everything is not going to come and that time and patience is what’s going to get us to our goals."

Be sure to watch to the end, as Ming-Cee's son demonstrates persistence and patience as he works to make his bowl sing!

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