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How To Use Bronze Tibetan Singing Bowls:

October 31, 2022

How To Use Bronze Tibetan Singing Bowls:

Do you know all singing bowls were once made from a collection of seven noble metals?But with time, bronze alloys were used more than other metals.Today most bowls are bronze bowls. So, what are bronze Tibetan singing bowls? How to use them? 

Bronze singing bowls are a mix of copper and tin. You can get antique, handmade, and handmade hammered bronze bowls. They have a wider range of harmonic overtones than singing bowls made from other materials. 

Join me to find out all you need to know  about bronze singing bowls, their sounds, history, and ways to use them.

Bronze Tibetan Singing Bowls: History And Uses 

While Bronze isn’t as costly as gold or silver, it is still a valuable copper and tin alloy. Bronze singing bowls bear a coppery look with the iconic golden color. 

Bronze bowls are composed oftin and copper,making them sturdier and more durable than their counterparts. 

After the seven sacred metals I described in the history of singing bowls, bronze bowls became quite popular. Interestingly, they still are today. 

That’s why most traditional, vintage, antique, and expensive singing bowls are Bronze. 

If you found a real antique bowl, first find a way to find its age. Real antique singing bowls in Bronze are extremely costly and typically may age over 100 years. 

They sound softer, gentler, and mellower than their new-age equivalents. Many experts describe the sound of an antique bronze bowl asextremely relaxing. 

Apart from antique bronze Tibetan singing bowls, there are two varieties-Handmade and Handmade Hammered bronze singing bowls

You can get genuine handmade and handmade hammered bowls at the Ohm Store. 

Handmade bronze bowls from Himalayan regions like Nepal, India, and Tibet are crafted based on traditional methods by indigenous artisans. That’s why they’re considered authentic, unlike those made in the West. 

All our bowls on The Ohm Store come from Nepali artisans. 

Hammered bronzebowls that are handmade look imperfect or odd-shaped. In short, they aren’t symmetrical. The irregular shape comes from manual hammering techniques. 

Apart from the Himalayas, Japanese singing bowls calledRin Gongsare often made from high-quality Bronze. Their range and ethereal range of harmonic overtones sound ethereal too.

How To Use Bronze Singing Bowls? 

With a history dating back to 5,000 years, singing bowls are one of the oldest acoustic healing techniques our ancestors used. But each singing bowl material makes a new sound.

For instance, bronze singing bowls don’t sound like brass or crystal singing bowls. And so, there are different ways to play bronze singing bowls. 

First, the basic way to get acquainted with a singing bowl sound is by gently tapping. You can do so on the sides or rim of the bowl early in the morning. Thegong beat techniqueis the best way to understand how much pressure you should apply to the bowl. 

Once you understand the resonance of your bowl, go ahead and start rimming the bowl’s mouth with the mallet. Gentle pressure is applied here to ensure the sound doesn’t fade off or die. 

To understand more about the techniques of using singing bowls such as Bronze, head over to our article onsinging bowl playing techniques. 

But when is the best time to use a bronze singing bowl?It’s best if you use these bowls early in the morning. That’s because the Goddess of Love Venus rules copper (present in Bronze). 

So, meditating or doing yoga poses like the sun salutation before/after using the bronze bowl willfill you with empathy, care, love, gratitude, compassion, and energy. 

Apart from meditation and yoga, you can also awaken the energy of a bronze singing bowl using aromatherapy. 

If you’re a fan, you may already know diverse ways to draw in on herbal aromas’ healing vibrations.

But my absolute two favorites areessential oils and smudge sticks. 

You can combine the effects of essential oil with bronze singing bowls by using it in an aroma diffuser. Make sure to add the oil into the machine before you start playing the singing bowl. This will elevate your mind so you can enter the meditative state easily. 

Another way to use essential oils is byapplying them to your body or chakra locations to heal the mind, body, and spirit. 

You can also use sage or Palo Santo smudge sticks before you start a Tibetan bronze bowl session. All you need to do is light the smudge stick of your choice for a few seconds and walk around the room or home with the smoking stick. 

As the smoke diffuses around your home, it’ll alsoclear negativity from spaces, chakras, and people. 

Finally, you can charge your favorite crystals with a bronze singing bowl. Because Bronze is a spiritually revered alloy, it’s good forsetting intentions with crystals. 

To do this, take your crystal and place it next to the bronze singing bowl. Then, play the singing bowl for a few minutes whilevisualizingyour intention. That’s it! 

How Do You Clean A Bronze Bowl? Tips To Take Care Of A Bronze Bowl 

Whether you have a handmade or an antique bronze bowl, bronze bowls require thorough care. First off, Bronze can tarnish easily because it contains copper. 

So, if you’re into water-charging, always clean the bowl to removemoistureafter every session. Water-charging isn’t the only thing that can rust bronze singing bowls.

When you touch the bowl, you also leave a long trail ofnatural oils, dirt, grime, and moisture on the singing bowls. So, always pat down the bowl after touching them. 

Alternatively, leaving an absorbent cloth inside the bowl during storage is good if you live in a humid place.

The truth is bronze bowls can last many lifetimes when taken care of. But even with the best care, it’s common for a few patches of black or green tarnish to appear.

If this is your bronze bowl, get a soft cloth and warm water, and clean the bowl. In most cases, the tarnish may remain. The good news is that it won’t damage your bronze bowl’s sound or healing energy.

The rule of thumb is always to keep your bronze bowl dry.Keep a pile of dry clothes to wipe down your bronze bowls after each use. 

Bring The Resonance Of Bronze Singing Bowls To Your Home!

If you ask me to suggest a good singing bowl for beginners and experts, I’d tell you to get a bronze ball of medium or small size. Bronze is always the best option because it’s sturdier, resonant, and easy to handle. 

Its high resonance may lighten your wallet, but they truly last a lifetime with the right care. Bronze singing bowls are great for tapping, but they also haveSweet Spotsyou’ll stumble on while playing them. 

A similar variety of singing bowls bronze bowls may be confused with areCast-Brass bowls.They’re cheaper and very distinct. The sound of a handmade bronze bowl has an extraordinary resonance. Cast-Brass bowls always sound flat and lifeless like stationary bells.

How do you play your bronze singing bowl? Share it with our community!

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