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How To Use A Himalayan Bowl For Yoga: Tips and Techniques

October 31, 2022

How To Use A Himalayan Bowl For Yoga: Tips and Techniques

Singing bowls produce healing vibrations. And if you know Yoga, it’s a physical exercise that also works on healing centers in the body. That’s why combining the healing sounds of Himalayan bowls with Yoga works magic. But how to use a Himalayan bowl for Yoga? 

You can use a Himalayan bowl for Yoga by playing with the bowl for a few minutes before your yoga session. This activity will switch your brainwave state to open your chakras and reap more benefits no matter what pose you practice. 

I’ll explain how to use Himalayan bowls with seven amazing Yoga poses for charging chakras. 

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Are Himalayan Bowls Good For Yoga? 

Yes, Himalayan bowls are perfect for enhancing yoga sessions as healing sounds can go deep into the mind, body, and spirit. 

Besides building ambiance for yoga sessions, the sound energy of singing bowls canflush out negativity blocking your chakras. That’s becausehandmade bowls from the Himalayan regions ofIndia and Nepalare made in traditional ways with an equal focus on acoustics and healing. 

Do you know Yoga in Sanskrit meansunion? Yoga is the union of the body and mind. That’s why Yoga poses focus more on breathwork and meditation than cardio or calories. 

Yoga is one of the oldest exercises in the world. It’s revered to this day because Yoga relies on simple postures and bodily movements that open your chakra centers in the body. 

Learn more abouthow to get started with Yoga as a singing bowl user here. 

7 Yoga Poses To Try With Himalayan Bowls Today 

Sound or singing bowls feel so calming because they lower the blood pressure and breathing rate. 

Unlike most acoustic instruments, Himalayan bowls are also easy to play. 

If you’re new to playing Himalayan bowls, take a quick look at thesix techniques for playing singing bowls (Psst.. it’s good for both beginners and pros). 

Himalayan Bowl Yoga For Root Chakra 

The first chakra is the root or base chakra. It connects us to Mother Earth. And you’ll feel grounded, strong, confident, and courageous when your root chakra is open. 

The interesting thing is you can open root chakra with the simple yoga pose of Sukhasana or the Easy Pose

Here’s a video that will help you with A to Z about doing the Sukhasana or the Easy pose

Sukhasana is a stress-relieving pose that’s good forrelaxing and calming down. It’s also good for people new to mindfulness and meditation. In such a case, you should use a singing bowl to meditate before starting with this Easy Yoga Pose. 

I suggest a small bowl or one you’re comfortable with to ground easily. If this is your first time, get theOriginal Ohm Bowl (I’ll share a picture of how it looks below).

Yoga With Singing Bowls For The Sacral Chakra 

The second chakra is where your life force energy (Also called Kundalini energy in the Vedas) stays. When this chakra is open, kundalini energy paves the path to creativity, luck, success, health, courage, balance, and confidence. 

One way to open up the sacral chakra is with the Goddess Pose(Utkata Konasana). It’s a beginner-friendly pose for opening and strengthening the pelvic area. 

Here’show to do the Goddess pose in video format,so you don’t miss anything. 

If you play the singing bowl before performing the Goddess Pose, your dormant kundalini energy will awaken faster. 

I suggest getting the Yoni bowl on the Ohm Store to awaken Goddess energies. 

Here’s a glimpse of the bowl:

You can open up the Sacral chakra bygently rimming the yoni singing bowl for a few minutes before performing the Goddess Pose. Meditate on opening, cleansing, charging, or enhancing your sacral chakra during this time.

Singing Bowl Yoga For The Solar Plexus Chakra 

Solar Plexus chakra is where your inner sunresides. Opening the solar plexus chakra is crucial forphysical health, positivity, joy, success, luck, and creativity, much like the sacral chakra. 

So, it’s good to do the sacral chakra yoga we discussed before performing the yoga pose I’ll describe below.

The best way to flush out negativity blocking your Celiac Plexus or Solar Plexus chakra with Yoga is with theCobra pose(Bhujangasana). It’s one of the best poses for a rounded focus on emotional wellness and physical pain. 

Check this video tutorial on how to do the Cobra pose to open your third chakra after playing the singing bowl.

Go for theSunset Bowl before performing the yoga pose, so your brainwaves are fully focused.

Here’s what our handmade Sunset Bowl looks like:

Yoga With Himalayan Bowls For The Heart Chakra 

Unconditional love from the universe comes into life as we do good karma but also when your heart chakra is open. The best thing is you can open the heart chakra with the Cat Pose, a sound bowl you love, and 30 minutes. 

If your heart chakra is open, it not onlyattracts love into your life but alsosupport, kindness, beauty, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and relief. It’s great for moving on after trauma, loss, grief, pain, and heartbreak.

Cat pose(Marjaryasana) is an easy yoga pose for beginners that eliminates fatigue and improves energy. Trythis video tutorial to familiarize yourself with the Cat pose. Most people say it’s a strengthening pose that works well on the lower and upper body. 

Spiritually, it paves the way for kundalini energy from the sacral chakra to flow into the higher chakras. So, I think rimming anInner Space bowlfor a few minutes would easily open the chakra.

Take a look at the Inner Space bowl before we move on to the fourth chakra. 

Himalayan Bowl Yoga Pose For The Throat Chakra 

Your fifth chakra located around the neck is theseat of self-expression and communication skills.And you’ll find your inner truth by listening to or playing healing sounds to open the throat chakra. You can do so easily with a yoga pose, such as the fish pose.

Fish pose(Matsyasana)loosens inhibitions, boosts confidence, and uplifts your outlook on life with the throat chakra. Learn how to do it withthis videoright away. 

Vedas call this chakra the holiest because awakening the throat chakra doesn’t come easy. But once you finally open it, the throat chakra reveals your spiritual destiny. 

I suggest using thePurity Bowl to tap into your innermost truths, darkest secrets, and suppressed memories. It’ll help you find your spiritual purpose in life. 

Try to play the Purity bowl you see above by rimming for long periods without pausing before and after you do the yoga session to open the throat chakra.

Yoga With Singing Bowl For The Third Eye chakra 

Coming to the higher chakras, the sixth chakra is where your inner vision or sixth senseresides. It’s also connected to chakras outside the body (minor or secondary chakras).

That’s why opening the third eye meansactivating your dormant psychic abilities like clairvoyance, empathic skills, intuition, foresight, premonitions, and prophecies

The best Yoga to open the third eye is theChild’s Pose or Balasana. It’s the right one because Balasana focuses on spreading the life force energy from head to toe like a cold breeze. 

Tackle how to do theChild’s Pose using this video tutorial.

As the third eye chakra is ruled by the seed syllable Ohm, it’s good to use theTruth Bowlwith ‘Ohm’ inscribed in Sanskrit. 

My favorite technique for opening the third eye chakra with the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls is bychanting their seed syllables.You can also write your positive affirmations and chant them before performing the Child’s Pose. 

Himalayan Bowl Yoga For The Crown Chakra 

The seventh chakra is how you connect to the Star, Galactic, Soul-Star, and other chakras. 

So, opening your crown chakra is important for cleansing the seven chakra system. You can do it easily with the Tree Pose and a singing bowl likethe Ancient Self Ohm bowl.

When your crown chakra is open, youconnect to your guardian angelto make the best decisions in life. It also bringsenlightenment, wisdom, intuition, luck, and foresight.

TheTree Pose(Vrikshasana) is another easy pose that empowers your core and opens the Crown chakra. It may be overwhelming for beginners, so make sure you have someone around when trying this pose as a beginner. 

Thisvideo on how to do it from an expertwill help you along the way.

All you need to open the crown chakra is to rim a bowl like theTree of Life bowl for a few minutes and meditate. Then, you can perform the pose. 

Here’s a glimpse of the Tree of Life bowl to inspire you:

Try Yoga With Your Favorite Singing Bowl TODAY!

Yoga goes hand in hand with healing sounds and music because Yoga works via energy healing. You can use the Himalayan bowl for opening all seven chakras.

Here’s a quick look at what we learned today: 

  • Open the root chakra with Sukhasana + the Original Ohm bowl.
  • Open the sacral chakra with Utkata Konasana + the Yoni bowl.
  • Open the solar plexus chakra with Bhujangasana + the Sunset bowl.
  • Open the heart chakra with Marjaryasana + Inner Space bowl.
  • Open the throat chakra with Matsyasana + Purity bowl.
  • Open the third eye chakra with Balasana + Truth bowl. 
  • Open the crown chakra with Vrikshasana + Tree of Life bowl. 

So, which chakra will you open first? Don’t forget to share your experience with the community.

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