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Guide To Solfeggio Frequencies: How Does It Relate To Your Singing Bowls?

May 23, 2022

Guide To Solfeggio Frequencies: How Does It Relate To Your Singing Bowls?

Guide To Solfeggio Frequencies: How Does It Relate To Your Singing Bowls?

Like Sanskrit chants and mantras from the East have beneficial impacts on our physical body, mind, and spirit, Gregorian Chants from the West do too.

The scientific basis of the powerful impact comes from the concept called solfeggio frequencies.

So, can you use Tibetan bowls for these frequencies? Can you tune singing bowls to solfeggio frequencies? What’s the relation between solfeggio frequencies and singing bowls?

Yes, you can get singing bowls tuned to solfeggio frequencies. They can help in pain relief, cell repair, liberation, courage, healing, detox, enlightenment, etcetera.

Explore with us: what Solfeggio frequencies mean, how they heal based on scientists, and nine healing frequencies to know more about.

Western Origin Of Sound Therapy: What Are Solfeggio Frequencies? Where Did They Come From?

Solfeggio frequency comes from a scale of six notes introduced by a Benedictine monk, Guido d’Arezzo, around the 11th century. It was followed by the Catholic Church via their Gregorian chants.

Even today, Gregorian chants are sung in sacred settings with the same scale of notes. Over 150 Gregorian Chants were based on solfeggio frequencies back in the day.

Each note was believed to encourage physical, mental, and spiritual health. Today, it’s scientifically proven to do the same.

When you listen to Solfeggio tones, it opens your mind, spirit, and body and tune to the heartbeat of the universe.

Solfeggio itself is a singing exercise where six syllables (foundation of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, and Si) are used along with texts. The Western system of chanting is as interesting as the Eastern one, right?

Effects Of Solfeggio Frequencies, Sanskrit Chants, Classical Music, and Rock Music

Although this ancient sense of music remained unknown for centuries, even with Gregorian Chants, the modern exposure to Solfeggio frequencies is mainly attributed to Dr. Joseph Puleo.

He revived the Solfeggio scale around the ‘70s while researching to determine tones that can balance the body using mathematical equations.

The biochemist Dr. Glen Rein in the late ‘80s discovered that ancient Solfeggio tones had a profound impact on the human DNA.

To do so, Dr. Rein tested four different kinds of music against UV light absorption to measure its effects on the DNA.

The results were shocking!

Both the Eastern and Western chants (Gregorian and Sanskrit) increased healing and UV absorption up to 9%, followed by classical music that healed in minute amounts.

On the other hand, rock music decreases UV light absorption and harms our DNA (Better Sleep).

Why Are Solfeggio Frequencies Healing?

Most of the scientific basis of healing for solfeggio frequencies stems from the research of physicist Winfried Otto Schumann.

He also used mathematics like Dr. Puleo, but with even more proofs. He recorded the electromagnetic resonance with mathematical equations and found that charged waves from lightning resonated to 8 Hz.

After exhaustive calculations, he succeeded in proving that 8 Hz is the heartbeat of the Earth.

The successor of Schumann, Herbert Konig, used the Earth’s heartbeat to determine the connections between our brain activity using EEG from Earth’s electromagnetic waves.

Dr. Konig found that the resonances actually corresponded to the five states of brainwaves in the human brain- alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta.

But the exciting discovery was that Solfeggio frequencies had healing effects on the body and mind as they resonated harmoniously with the heartbeat of Earth- 8 Hz.

This 2012 study on mothers with hospitalized children proved that Gregorian chants are capable of reducing anxiety. They also found this ancient chant scale was excellent in healthcare settings like hospitals.

The tones on Gregorian chants created in isolated monasteries are indeed beneficial to trigger different meditative brain states.

The Solfeggio Scales And Their Meanings For Tibetan Bowl Users

From ancient Gregorian chants to new-age healing music, Solfeggio scales are used in various religious and spiritual healing sessions nowadays.

The chants became a norm for Benedictine monks soon after. Why? Because Gregorian chants promotes meditative states and spiritual oneness when sung harmoniously.

While most people know of only six solfeggio frequencies, there are actually nine. Let’s look at their meanings and effects on the mind, body, and soul.

174 Hz: Frequency Of Pain relief

Listening to 174 Hz alleviates pain in your hands, legs, shoulders, head, and lower back. It can also relieve agonies, stress, and tension as music tuned to this frequency can reduce the heartbeat and relax the muscles in our body.

Spiritually, 174 Hz cleanses your aura.

285 Hz: The Cell Repair Frequency

If you’re tuning into 285 Hz, it’ll cleanse and charge your first chakra. Also called root chakra, it’s the center of grounding, safety, and support as it connects you with Mother Earth.

285 Hz repairs your cells and promotes regeneration by healing lower body organs like the spine and legs. It can also boost metabolism to help with fatigue.

396 Hz: Frequency Of Liberation

Another frequency that corresponds to your first chakra, you can heal the root energy center by soaking in 396 Hz. Moreover, the root chakra solfeggio frequency is believed to remove guilt and fear to liberate your spirit.

417 Hz: Frequency Of Courage

Do you know there’s a life force energy inside you called kundalini?It’s the seat of your personal power, and lack of it leads to fear because it’s ruled by the sacral chakra.

Activating the kundalini gives you the power to overcome challenges and heal the reproductive system. That’s why listening to 417 Hz releases you from the clutches of traumatic experiences in the past by awakening your life force to flush out negativity.

528 Hz: The Miracle Tone Frequency

The root of physical healing is in the third chakra or Solar Plexus, where 72,000 nadis meet. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for the pink of health, restoring the body from diseased states. That’s why 528 Hz is known to restore balance and energy.

639 Hz: Frequency Of Universal Love

When you move to a higher Solfeggio frequency of 639 Hz, you’ll find universal love for yourself, other people, and the universe because it’s ruled by the Heart chakra. Hence, it helps you cultivate kindness, compassion, and self-satisfaction.

741 Hz: The Detox Frequency

The fifth chakra located in your neck resonates with the Solfeggio frequency of 741 Hz. It’s responsible for your inner voice and stability. Listening to 741 Hz will stop your negative self-talk, thoughts, speech, and energy to boost self-esteem, confidence, and self-expression.

852 Hz: The Frequency Of Spiritual Awareness

Called the higher consciousness frequency, 852 Hz corresponds to the sixth chakra of the Third Eye. It’s the spiritual eye responsible for intuition and psychic abilities like telepathy. Hence, psychics use this frequency to communicate with guardian angels and spirits.

963 Hz: Enlightenment and oneness

The highest Solfeggio frequency is responsible for enlightenment, broadening the mind, and finding your spiritual destiny. Most of these benefits owe it to the link between 963 and the crown chakra. The latter is responsible for connecting with galactic chakras with deep meditation. Try it today!

How To Use Solfeggio Frequencies With Tibetan Bowls?

Solfeggio Frequencies are a good benchmark for understanding how different frequencies and vibrations heal the physical body. But tuning a singing bowl exactly to Solfeggio frequency is difficult, as we learned in the recent Guide to Tones and Frequencies of Singing Bowls.

That’s why it’s always better to play several bowls to create harmony.

Moreover, you can chant the syllables associated with a scale while using Tibetan bowls to empower the frequency with your own sound too. You can also play the solfeggio frequency tracks with your Tibetan bowls to fuse their frequencies before meditation, yoga, and other energy rituals.

I hope this article helped you understand more about the healing properties of frequencies.

Listen to this track playing all the solfeggio frequencies with singing bowls to experience it yourself.

All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies played with Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls

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