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The Little Ohmies Cushions

Sale price$16.98
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The Little Ohmies Cushions
The Little Ohmies Cushions
The Little Ohmies Cushions

The Little Ohmies Cushions

Sale price$16.98

The Little Ohmies Collection of cushions was designed for those who already own a small-sized singing bowl, but want to add on a special cushion for the little meditator in their life. 

Use a singing bowl you already have, plus your new “character cushion” to create screen-free connection time with the little’s of your life. 

**Our first run of The Little Ohmies collection cushions ships from Nepal on November 4th. You can pre-order your bowl now to be sure there’s one under the tree this Holiday season. Delivery can be expected in the last week of November.

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100% Love it Promise

Each singing bowl that we make is 100% unique and made by the loving hands of one of our craftsmen. Due to the nature of this handmade process, all sizes and weights are approximate and the sound captured on our website may be slightly different than your own special bowl.

Please know we’ve got your back in any situation. We are open and receptive to your questions or concerns and are here to help support you through this unique process the best way we can, with the resources we have available. You will never be left feeling “stuck” with a singing bowl that isn’t the right fit for your needs.

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