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The Mindful Moments Deck – Ohm Store X BestSelf Co. Collaboration

The purpose of The Mindful Moments Deck is to fill the empty spaces in your day with meaningful and magical moments of meditative peace, soul-deep gratitude and snapshots of wonder and awe for yourself and the world you inhabit. 

You might find yourself addicted to,“Being entertained.” 

When that blank space shows up in your calendar, almost as if on auto-pilot, you turn to your phone to see what’s happening in the world — out there. 

Life requires no outside entertainment. 

Our world is a sensory buffet, filled with plants and animals and other human beings yearning for connection and recognition. It’s filled with temperature changes, rain and wind. Mountains and valleys and rivers. The binaural beats of nature have the restorative power of a week long spa vacation. 

The Mindful Moments Deck is an entrance, and reminder, to gorging yourself on the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches and awe that is around you every moment, of every day. 

Life is simply wonderful; experience it fully. 

This Deck carries a promise: use it on a daily basis and transform –from being entertained, to being enthralled and enraptured with the life that is around you.  

People reach for numbing substances, for stimulating substances, for the quick and cheap dopamine hits of likes, favorites and notifications. 

Change your life, by transforming the empty moments into ones filled with meaning and magic.

*There is a special pre-order discount of 25% -- use code MOMENTS25 at checkout.  

**This is valid lasts for 7 days, until July 28th. After that, the price will go to the MSRP of $30. 

***This is a pre-order! Journals will ship starting the first week of August! 


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