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Large Felt Tipped Striker

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Large Felt Tipped Striker

Large Felt Tipped Striker

Sale price$24.98
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Enhance the resonance of your medium to large singing bowls with our Gong Red Felt Tip Mallet. This mallet is designed to accentuate the deeper tones of your 6-12" bronze bowls, providing a rich and immersive sound experience.

Key Features:

  • Our felt tip mallet is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and optimal performance. The red felt tip delivers a focused and resonant strike.

  • Measuring between 11 and 13 inches in length, this mallet is perfectly suited for medium to large bronze singing bowls. The size allows for a controlled hit, allowing you to explore the full spectrum of tones your bowl has to offer.

  • Suitable for a variety of singing bowls, including those in the medium to large (6"-12") size range. Experience the full potential of your bowls by using this specially designed mallet.

  • Strike the outer wall of the bowl with the red felt tip, allowing the sound to resonate and sustain. Immerse yourself in the harmonic vibrations, creating a meditative space free from thoughts and emotions.

  • The wool-padded mallet, offers a controlled and nuanced strike for bowls like our Inner Space, Tree of Life, Tiger, Large Ancient Self Ohm and more.

Elevate your sound therapy sessions, meditation, or mindfulness practices with our Gong Red Felt Tip Mallet. Unleash the full potential of your singing bowls and let the harmonic vibrations guide you on a journey of tranquility and inner peace.

Note: Singing bowl not included. This product is specifically designed for use with medium-large bronze singing bowls.  Because we work with artisans directly, you might find a variation in your striker and mallet sizes. These variations are based on the exact bowl you purchase and can vary from the descriptions by up to an inch in length and .5" in diameter.

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Each singing bowl that we make is 100% unique and made by the loving hands of one of our craftsmen. Due to the nature of this handmade process, all sizes and weights are approximate and the sound captured on our website may be slightly different than your own special bowl.

Please know we’ve got your back in any situation. We are open and receptive to your questions or concerns and are here to help support you through this unique process the best way we can, with the resources we have available. You will never be left feeling “stuck” with a singing bowl that isn’t the right fit for your needs.

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