The Sonic Yogi Bowl + Course + 4 Week Private Sound Mastermind


The Sonic Yogi Bowl

From The Ohm Store and The Sonic Yogi, Introducing The Sonic Yogi Experience.

Both Ohm Store and The Sonic Yogi have collaborated to bring you a full sonic awakening – educational, experiential and transformational.

Our offering will be to deliver to you: A 100% handmade, bell metal bronze singing bowl that is approximately 10.5 inches in diameter, the Fully Digital Singing Bowls and Sound Meditation MasterCourse and an interactive 4 week “Sound Mastermind” to ensure that you transition to a period of life, where you are deeply empowered with the knowledge, mindset and tools to benefit from sound meditation in your life.

After securing 1 of only 50 masterpiece bowls available, you will receive access to the Singing Bowl and Sound MasterCourse, and you will be placed into a private FB group where you will have unlimited access to The Sonic Yogi and Ohm Store Co-Founder, Frank Mocerino.

Each week, Sonic Yogi and Frank will co-host a live session, where we will answer questions and share about using your singing bowl, and meditative sounds in your life.

The Singing Bowl

The bowl’s concept was developed entirely by The Sonic Yogi, and The Ohm Store worked with our craftsmen-partners to develop a very special and unique bowl — only 50 will be available in this first offering. 

The Ohm Store asked Jonathan to develop a bowl that was deeply personal to him – based not only on his deep well of experience with singing bowls, but his emotional and meditation journey. 

The bowl made from bell metal bronze, and is hand hammered in Kathmandu Nepal. Has an incredible, rich sound with several audible overtones – each with their own beats and oscillations. Each bowl will be 100% unique, and is curated by the Ohm Store team to select only for the best clarity of sound, beautiful overtones and ease of play. 

  • This bowl could also be called the awakening, or kundalini bowl.
  • The bowl is inspired by Jonathan’s own awakening. 
  • Contained on the bowl, is the symbol of the Kundalini, The Ida and Pingala – The Energy Centers and Patterns, rising through the chakras. 
  • Up to the Pine Cone, symbolizing the 3rd eye and illuminating universal consciousness. 
  • Surrounded by the sun and moon and the cycles of the moon, representig the planetary and universal cycles. 
  • On the side, moon and stars, sun. Center, the symbol of the Chi Ro symbol, the alpha and omega, the one true self – true consciousness that we’re a part of. 
  • Center of the bowl contains the all seeing eye, all seeing consciousness radiating light in each direction.
  • This bowl is approximately 10.5 inches in diameter, and will be accompanied by it’s own cushion and 2 strikers.

The Sound Spectrum Analysis of the Bowl “The Sound Sommelier”

From the analysis on the bowl, from a sound spectrum analyzer, we can chart the overtones of this particular bowl from the 3rd octave to the 7th and on…

Jonathan Adams (a.k.a. Sonic Yogi)

Jonathan Adams (a.k.a. Sonic Yogi) discovered the healing benefits of Sound Therapy after experiencing extreme anxiety. He then began to create and explore the potential of sound and frequency as an aid in relaxation and meditation. He has led talks and workshops on sound therapy at TedX, MindBody software’s national conference and many more.

To date, Jonathan has three courses - The first two: “Heal through the Power of Sound and Frequency” and “Release Stress through Sound and Frequency” have been released via Insight Timer (and have had over 60,000 students, so far). These course explore the intersection of meditation practice and sound healing. The Singing Bowl course which covers the basics of choosing and playing singing bowls was released by the Ohm Store in 2021.

Audio tracks are available on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and meditation apps like Insight Timer, Aura, MindBliss, UrbanYogi and others. Using his sound therapy expertise, Jonathan helps you relax, de-stress and enjoy deeper meditation.

Singing Bowls and The Ohm Store

Since 2015, The Ohm Store and it’s third generation craftsmen in Kathmandu Nepal have produced handmade bronze singing bowls. Each singing bowl is 100% unique, made by hand and is guaranteed for life.

Using Singing Bowls will calm your mind, improve sleep, increase your energy and focus and will be an inspiring companion instrument alongside similar modalites.