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The Glow Ohm

At The Ohm Store, we all about bringing handmade products straight to our customers from local artisans around the world. And because our products are handmade, they are perfectly imperfect. But sometimes that means that they don't sing with the ease and grace that we are committed to providing.

We're not ones to waste resources or the hard work of our artisans-so we decided to do something about it. 

Featuring our first repurposed Singing Bowl: The Glow Ohm.

We took the Original Ohm Singing Bowl - that so many of our customers know and love - and turned it into a beautiful, hand-poured candle. 

Today, the true origin and purpose of singing bowls is an unanswered question. Some believe that singing bowls were born with a vast and diverse purpose - but follow the buddhist teaching of perfect harmony in all things. The very first singing bowls were designed to be perfectly harmonious, even when used as a serving bowl. Now this bowl, in perfect harmony, has been transformed into a candle - a vessel for light.

Each Glow Ohm Candle is made with 100% soy wax and scented with lavender essential oil for purity and hint of vanilla for warmth - perfect for setting a peaceful mood in your home, or as a companion for evening reading or tool for a candle meditation or gentle yoga flow.

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