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July 2024 60 Day Meditation Challenge

Sale price$49.00
July 2024 60 Day Meditation Challenge

July 2024 60 Day Meditation Challenge

Sale price$49.00

Light Up Your Life: A 60-Day Journey from Fear to Love

If you’ve found yourself here, then consider this your invitation to rewire your brain, connect with the all-knowing of your subconscious mind and celebrate the Summer Sun with a process of experiencing more love.

Doesn’t sound like a typical meditation challenge?

You’re right about that.

In today's constantly-connected, bad news driven headline culture –, fear often dominates our lives, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.

The reaction to most fear and anxiety for people, is to numb, control and suppress it with all the tricks that people have at their disposal.

But what if you could transform those fears into sources of strength and love; not through suppression but through acceptance and curiosity…

“What can this fear-feeling teach me?”

Welcome to "Illuminate Your Life: A 60-Day Journey from Fear to Love," a meditation challenge designed by The Ohm Store. This program will guide you on a transformative path, helping you integrate fears, cultivate a life filled with effortless love, and connect deeply with yourself and the world around you.

We begin on Tuesday, July 16th. Won’t you sign up now and join us?

Transform your fears into love and live a life filled with positivity and purpose. Join "Illuminate Your Life: A 60-Day Journey from Fear to Love" today and take the first step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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