January 2024 60 Day Meditation Challenge

Sale price$39.00
January 2024 60 Day Meditation Challenge

January 2024 60 Day Meditation Challenge

Sale price$39.00

Begin 2024 with The Ohm Store's 60 Day Meditation Meditation Challenge -- Meditation In Action. 

In this 6th challenge from The Ohm Store, the outcome you will experience is having established a regenerative and rejuvenating meditation practice that you will find yourselves glad to practice each day.

For the first time ever, we are taking ourselves Beyond simply a meditation practice, and will be completing a curriculum to make your life pulse with positive energy where meditation is but one key piece. 

As a result of establishing this foundational daily practice and joining the challenge...

- You will experience a slowing-down of your ever anxious mind. Meditation will be a reprieve that you look forward to each day, to become attuned to your body, mind and spirit. The focus is not on "feeling better" but to become "better at feeling." You will simply feel your aliveness, without judgement or fear. 

- You will establish a simple daily gratitude practice, that will raise your personal frequency as you train yourself to love the world around you 

- You will invent an inspirational version of yourself, and will follow a simple process of how to continually live into this version of yourself each day. Every moment is an opportunity for you to be exactly who you've decided to be (and deciding this with certainty is often the missing piece) 

- You will become a part of something; a small group of like-minded people who will become your co-conspirators in the pursuit of this most sacred of things, vibrant aliveness and giving your gifts to the world. 

In addition to the Simple Curriculum and Process that you will follow, each week there will be exclusive virtual events, sound immersions, guided group meditations, and lectures that will be additive to your transformational start to 2024. 

Won't you join us? 


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