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The Galaxy

Your Galaxy set calls for your attention to being a part of an infinite whole. Welcome The Inner Space Bow, The Moon in Sun Bowl, and a Reiki Imbued Sage Bundle of 3 into your corner of the greater world.

Inner Space: The Inner Space Bowl is a reminder of You as the microcosm, the smaller part of humanity, and by learning to heal yourself, you have also learned how to heal humanity. The cosmos and outer space are a large-scale reflection of you. 

This bowl is made of bronze. Your future Inner Space Bowl weighs in at 710 grams (1.6 pounds), and is 6.5 inches in diameter across the top of the bowl and 3.1 inches high. With your bowl, you will receive a suede wrapped wooden mallet made from the Nepali Sisau tree, and a hand sewn, decorative cushion made of Tibetan cotton.

The Moon in Sun: The Moon contained within the Sun is a reminder of the contrast in life; without darkness there cannot be light. 

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