The Singing Bowls and Sound Master Course is Now Available

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Ambassador Bundle

We need your help, to further our mission of creating mindful moments in the worlds of our fellow human beings. 

It’s an honor that you’d consider becoming an Ambassador for The Ohm Store, and we don’t take it lightly. 

Below, you’ll find options for your Welcome Kit, which you’ll use as you’re taking photos, creating videos and sharing your life and world with people all over the planet. 

Every option that you see here will come with our Tree of Life Notebook Set, Rose Quartz Mala Bracelet, and one of our hand-rolled Incense Sets. 

You’ll just need to choose which singing bowl you’d like to welcome into your life. We’re offering you the notebook, mala bracelet and incense as our free gift to you. The singing bowl is being offered at our cost. 

Wondering why we aren’t giving it away for free? 

That’s a good question. We offer it at cost, rather than free, in order to support the infrastructure we’ve lovingly put into place to support nearly 200 craftsmen who hand make every item we offer. Every dollar helps ensure they are paid on time, and paid fair wages. 

Plus, now we’re truly in this together. As you share these life-giving products with your friends, family and followers – we’ve become business partners and want to add a meaningful source of income to your life, as you share our hand made items with the world. 

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