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3 Palo Santo + 1 Sage Bundle

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3 Palo Santo + 1 Sage Bundle

3 Palo Santo + 1 Sage Bundle

Sale price$26.00

North and South American sustainably harvested plants come together in this bundle - three Peruvian Palo Santo sticks and one Californian white sage bundle.

Our sage growing-partners are a husband-wife team, ethically harvesting the plants from their land in the Cuyamaca Mountains, southeast of San Diego County. The silver-frosted leaf belongs to the Salvia family, and its Latin root is ‘to heal.’

Handcrafted by
Local Artisans
for Life

Sustainably harvested from the Peruvian jungle, your set of 5 Palo Santo sticks have been collected by native people of Peru, and cut-by-hand with an ax to the size and shape you will receive it in.

Palo Santo is well-known as a compound that removes stagnant energies.

Belonging to the same plant family as copal, frankincense and myrrh, “the nose” on it will open up to the scents of lemon, pine and mint.

Beyond the spiritual realm, these plants are used regularly to freshen spaces, and allowed to smolder as effective bug and mosquito repellant

Each bundle is 4 inches in length. 

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