21 Day Mindfulness Experience

Tech has changed the way we live fundamentally. It’s why you need a fresh approach to live well in the 21st century. For example:

  • You don’t have to give up the tech you love, but you can’t allow yourself to be mastered by it.
  • You can embrace social media, but you mustn’t lose yourself to it.

Instead, you need the discipline to disconnect, be present, and focus fully on the moment. It’s why meditation and mindfulness are more important than ever. Your ability to focus influences what you get out of life - and anything you want to do well is assisted by your ability to focus on it.

Don’t worry if you’ve struggled to meditate in the past (you’re not alone). In this hyper-stimulated age it’s hard to be silence. Especially if you’re asked to meditate for 20 minutes or more from day one!

It’s why this 21-Day Mindfulness Experience is different. This challenge is about more than becoming a successful meditator. It’s about more than ‘forcing’ yourself to sit in the silence for a discrete block of time each day.

It’s about learning to live well in the 21st century.

As well as helping you develop a daily meditation practice, you’ll discover how to weave mindfulness intoallareas of your life. It’s why you can expect a wide range of benefits including:

  1. Learn toenjoy meditatingwhere you’ve struggled before
  2. Find a sense ofcalm and tranquility in a sea of chaos
  3. Learn to surrender to the present andexperience life from a place of full flow and ease
  4. Get a sense that something deep inside of you haswoken up
  5. Operate withchildlike awe and see the world around you with fresh, curious eyes
  6. Disconnect from your phone andreconnect with the people who matter
  7. Resist getting sucked into social media and insteadfocus on YOUR life
  8. Deepen your relationships with yourself and others
  9. Sharpen your ability tocommunicate with ‘cosmic Google’ or the wisdom within
  10. Enhance your ability tofocus and concentrate
  11. Reclaim the peace of mind you feltbefore you got addicted to tech
  12. Experience how it feels todo what you sayfor no other reason than you said you’d do it
  13. Unlock profound insights about yourself, your life, and your future
  14. Explore striving over arriving - which is the true meaning of life.

PLUS…develop a mindfulness ritual and a routine thatyou can build on, make your own, and use every day to create more tranquility in your life.

Ready to take back control?

Look at what’s included in the 21-Day Experience

Join the 21-Day Mindfulness Experience and you’ll receive everything you need to embed a powerful mindfulness ritual into your daily life:

  • Access to a private Facebook group - share experiences and network with like-minded people who are all exploring the same journey as you
  • Weekly training from OHM Store co-founder and seasoned mindfulness practitioner, Frank Mocerino LIVE inside your private Facebook group - kick-start each week of the challenge with live training about the week’s theme.
  • Your Daily OHMs. Each day, you’ll receive a simple, yet powerful messagedirect to your inbox. Your Daily OHM contains a mindfulness lesson and a practice for you to explore and reflect on. Get ready to dive deeper into yourself and your life.
  • An Original OM Singing Bowl - this is your introduction to sound healing as well as a tool that will help you enter your meditation practice more deeply.
  • A Lotka Paper Journal - meditation and stillness opens up a deeper dialogue with you. Expect profound insights, transformational ideas, and deep reflections that you’ll want to write down.
  • 20% off any OHM Store purchase for the duration of the experience - from singing bowls to journals, you can save big on additional tools to deepen your mindfulness and meditation practice. 

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