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May each cup inspire you to appreciate the beautiful and fleeting nature of life. Embrace it with sincerity and the utmost attention. For you never know when one sip will change everything.

The traditional ceremonial tea you will enjoy has been perfected over generations by ancient farming techniques which are now being practiced by third generation family tea makers.

We are filled with gratitude that you have made a choice to purchase your Matcha from The Ohm Store and a thank you, we humbly extend an offer to you of an instantly downloadable guide on all things Matcha - ts storied history, the way our growers and producers marry ancient practices with modern technology and a quick start guide for enjoying your first cup and the at-home ceremony you can practice.

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 Third Generation 
 Family Tea Maker 

 Shizuoka and
 Kagoshima, Japan 

Singing Bowl and History Guide