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This guide will help you find peace with the present through a daily meditation practice. Here’s a quick reminder of what’s inside:

  1. What meditation is and how it helps you live well in the 21st century
  2. How meditation can enhance your life (hint: it’s not for the reasons you think)
  3. How to create a meditation practice that works for you

Recommended tools to empower your meditation and mindfulness practice

The Original OM
Tibetan Singing Bowl

Sound can heal, ground, and inspire your meditation. It’s why more and more people use singing bowls to inspire their daily practice.

The Original OM is handmade by skilled artisans living in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Designed to sit in the palm of your hand, this bowl creates a resonating sound that lingers, heals, and inspires deep meditation and stillness.

Handmade Lokta Paper Journal
Bound in caramel leather

Slow down and tune into your internal monologue and you’ll discover profound insight about yourself and your life.

Our Lokta Paper Journals are the perfect home for these important discoveries.

Hand-stitched and handbound in incredibly soft leather, every page is unique - just like you and your beautiful journey.

Here at The OHM Store, we craft intentional, handmade products that inspire introspection and present moment awareness.

When you stop rushing to the future and sink into the here and now, you can deepen your experience of life. It’s the secret to living well in the 21st century.

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