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Achieve real peace.
Real harmony.
Real happiness.

Feel the difference with our singing bowls that are handmade in Nepal and create gorgeous sounds.

Benefits of Using
A Singing Bowl

  • Helps create states of deep peace and calmness
  • Creates an environment in your body receptive to healing
  • Brings one into the awesome nature of the present moment
  • Use in breaking through creative and problem solving
  • Generate hypnotic tones for yourself, family and friends
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What People Are Saying

“The bowl is unique and absolutely beautiful. It has a rare authenticity. The tone is soothing and gently tapering.”


“True magic!💕It is magical. Instant calm, so easy to meditate with.”


“I love my singing bowl!! I use it ALL of the time and have become quite good at it!”


“Your singing bowls are of excellent quality! I purchased 2 and have gotten many to be interested in their importance.”


“It is beautiful and the sound is exquisite and rings for a long time.”


“This Tibetan Singing Bowl is so awesome! Wonderful workmanship and sound.”


“It glows. One of the best gifts I have ever given myself. Worth every penny.”


“The most beautiful singing bowl I have ever seen. We are blessed beyond words to be able to purchase this treasure.”


“The bowl is amazing. It’s a fantastic addition to my morning and evening nembutsu. Especially for the price.”


“This beautiful bowl makes a lovely sound, but when it's just sitting on the shelf, it's equally lovely.”

We Believe in Full Transparency

We believe in full transparency - All of our products have gone through the hands of an individual artisan or farmer, before arriving thousands of miles away to yours.

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Singing Bowl and History Guide