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Handmade Lokta Paper Greeting Cards - Set of 3

Give people the greatest gift of all - feeling seen and understood.

These handmade, lokta paper greeting cards are the perfect piece to write gratitude to your mindful friends and family.

Lokta paper is one of the oldest Nepali traditions. This paper is hand-crafted from lokta bushes that grow on the southern slopes of Nepal's Himalayan forests. The bark from the lokta bush is dried in the sun, boiled in water and washed with cold water. Once cleaned, the bark is ground into a pulp, poured into trays to dry, pressed into sheets and cut into these cards! Even though it’s handmade, the lokta paper can thousands of years.

Not only is this process sustainable (the bark from the bush regenerates itself!), but each and every piece of paper is totally unique!

Each card is hand-made, hand-cut and the design is applied by hand.

These special cards come in a set of 3.

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